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Another thing I love about TAZ, they have (accidentally or not) turned out an interpretation of elves that matches the traditional Mischievous Unknowable Tricksters much more than the Tolkien elves that DnD usually ends up with. 

Taako is the foremost example because he’s the main character, but he’s this glamorous, prickly, powerful weirdo with his own specific and slightly off-center moral code. He’s rob a corpse but not a bank. He likes doing things purely to spite other people. He refuses to do what he’s told, and will sometimes do things no one expects for seemingly random reasons. Even more than the rest of the Boys, he’s a very chaotic but in a consistent way. And he feeds off of attention, he’s an entertainer at heart. 

Jenkins seems more straight laced, but by the end of his arc he’s a trickster as well. He uses his wits and magic to play a game and that game is called “steal things and kill people”. He makes convoluted plans and even though he has a steady job seems to enjoy the thrill of the “perfect crime”. Like Taako, he’s doing this because he’s bored

Same thing with the possibly elven Sloane. She’s a principled thief in it all for the joy of the chase. She runs illegal races because she enjoys it, and she clearly likes the attention a lot. She’s not high and mighty, she’s a storm of a person who comes in and throws everything off course. She’s unpredictable but does have her own logic- Hurley has a pretty good grasp of her psyche. It’s just not quite the same logic everyone else uses. 

Then you have Lydia and Edward, who might not actually be elves but are definitely playing off of expectations of them. Human twins in the forest running a weird magical death game? Suspicious. Dwarves doing the same thing? Super suspicious. But elves are strange and capricious and live for a very long time. Sometimes they just pull stunts like that. And Lydia and Edward definitely play up their garishness and glamour, they use appearances and bright colours and music and gaudiness to distract from what they’re really doing. Only in the final battle do we see them dressing down, they’ve finally put away the props and costumes and are playing for keeps. 

They’re a lot more involved in their world and as major characters we know them a lot better, but the elves of The Adventure Zone could easily slide into myths about strange and beautiful creatures who do everything for kicks and can’t be contained or understood. 


The Yncarne, Avatar of Ynnead

Went for almost an inverted colorscheme from the studio paint job. Decided (upon some very excellent advice from my sister, @motheatenscarf) to go for a corpse-like pallor for the skin, both because, you know, death god, and for more contrast with the space-themed ectoplasm swirls and hair.

Had one hell of a time putting it together, and its very slightly crooked even now, but green stuff and paint have hidden most of my mistakes.

a short list of uncommon settings i want to run/play a tabletop rpg session in
  • sci-fi, but like, spoof. galaxy quest meets hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy meets the most camp monsters from 1970s doctor who. there are multiple star trek references
  • faction paradox-style intersection of black magic, post-apo, period drama and space opera. actually i’m already writing this one so
  • gravity falls. (that’s written too)
  • night vale. roll to seduce a scientist. eat wheat to transform into a powerful eldritch being and fight a deer. summon a puppy
  • noir/neo noir detective story. on a serious note or a parody.
  • something 100% surreal. what are genres. what are rules. i mean there are rules to combat/magic etc but the world looks like one of these cartoons in the intro credits to a monty python film and it goes borrowing from wildly unrelated franchises like frickin lego batman movie
  • survival horror with all the horror tropes. all of them


Every time I see a confession where someone has been hurt by those the fandom who worship elves to the point of hating and shaming every other race, I feel sad.
I like to play elves myself in general, but I also like the other races. Everyone should be allowed to like whatever race they choose when they play and everyone should be allowed to have equal opportunity to explore the lore behind each race.
It’s sad to see when some people in the fandom have pushed their intense love for elves and hate for other races onto other people.
To those fans and confessors who have been hurt, I’m sorry you had to go through that. Your characters matter too. Your favorite races matter.

MOD NOTE:   Thank you confessor. Your message/confession is going to be appreciated.


to count the stars

seven times james and lily meet on the train, and one time they don’t

ie, this is me skewing the jily week day 1 prompts a bit because i am the trashiest of trash.



It’s a bleak September morning the first time she sets foot on the Hogwarts Express.

Lily sniffles, glancing over her shoulder, not at her parents whose grins were so wide that she feared it would split their faces, but at her sister, her Tuney, who pouted and frowned and whose eyes had a strange sheen over it. She’s only seen it a few times, when they got into fights that lead to broken dolls or hair tugging.

Petunia Evans was a cold type of sadness. She would pout and sulk and her lip would quiver, but she would never, ever cry.

Lily was the opposite. She was an explosion of feeling, a forest fire too big for her body that left its confines in wet, noisy sobs that had the whole house shaking.

A lone tear made it’s way down her sister’s cheek and she was ready to jump off the train and back to her if it meant stopping the impossible.

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High Farseer Alethea, on foot.

Got this awesome mini for my birthday courtesy of the ever-amazing @iratescientist.

I’m very slowly getting better at painting skin; like most things in mini painting the trick is lots of translucent layers and patience.

Probably use this mini as a “counts-as Eldrad Ulthran” in friendly games where my opponent isn’t looking forward to facing a jetbike heavy list.

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Fingolfin wants to be king. Maedhros wants him to be king. You’d think reaching an agreement on the matter would be more simple than it is.

Chess fic? CHESS FIC*

*I still don’t know how to play chess. 

anonymous asked:

This isn't a confession but an apology. The confession from the chronically ill confessor really made me think about my past actions. I primarily play elves and I am guilty of being part of the group that wouldn't be so open and welcoming towards the others who played the other races. I never really took in account that people have valid reasons for playing humans and such. I just wanted to say that confession really hit me hard and that I'm sorry

We received this in response to this confession that was posted yesterday.