Thranduil: vigorous, royal, elven king. Whose story is more than an angry elf who is seeking his beloved whte gems. Appears to be cold blooded, narassist, with deadly mesmerizing looks. However, the creature is a wounded one, with a lot of burden in his heart which his chest cannot bear so instead he shields it with armour and solidarity. 

(the above is not associated with the books or the movies, it is mere thoughts that I have at the moment)

say hello to the Cockatrice sisters

They run a tavern together of the same name and sell the mead they make

and they’re all named after types of mead bc im creative

Saragossa wears a headpiece and bussle made of cockatrice feathers that she’s had for a very long time. They were enchanted long ago and make her dances more mesmerizing, keeping patrons in their seats longer and dropping coins in the tip box more often. She’s a smooth talker and a fantastic dancer, making her a favorite. To her fans she’s Saragossa, but to her friends she just goes by Sara

full of wanderlust and craving adventure, Rhodomel, or Rhodi, set out to make a name for herself when she was young. afew years later after the death of her father and mother, she found she had to return home to help her sisters keep the family bar running. She’s rambunctious and often gets in fights with the more intoxicated patrons but for the most part keeps drinks flowing and things running smoothly on the buisness end of things. She hopes one day to either find a replacement or convince her sisters to just sell the damn place so she can go back to adventuring full time

Melomeli makes the mead for the bar to sell, having picked up tips and tricks from her parents and starting fairly young helping out around the bar. She’s the oldest, and arguably wisest of the trio. She puts little enchantments on the bottles to give them an extra little kick, and keep customers coming back for more. she refuses to export any of her mead, swearing up and down someone’ll find out how she does it and copy her recipe. She’s the least personable of the three, and keeps herself busy doing buisness work while waiting for the mead to brew. only her sisters get to call her Mel.

so yeah I accidently ended up making a mead brewing elf family lmao end me