Beautiful view, clean water from a mountain stream, delicious lembas, that still need the elf for happiness…

Illustrations for unwritten tale about a dwarf. Ill. 20 (tutaad 20).

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Dispute in traditional and digital won digital, just because he’s here, and the traditional is not finished yet. This is how I imagined that here I will draw and have it photographed, and immediately began to paint digital.

The first sketches for this tale appeared in the night from 13 to 14 January 2015, at Old New Year. I maybe will publish the pages from the notebook to the journal. And all this time I was drawing this night. All 20 drawings (in the beginning was 6). And when the sun arose. It was the longest night of my life  On this planet, nowhere else such nights there.

From the very unusual guide on How to Believe in Your Elf.  Dutch reviewer George Struijker Boudier said of this book, “I’m a nut for off beat playfulness that balances between nonsense and seriousness. This book (as well as most book by Prof. Oddfellow) does just that. Obviously the ‘One’s elf/Oneself’ is the running theme here. I can see how you can look at it as lame wordplay. To me it isn’t. Something weird happens if you place your personality traits, ego and whatnot in the elf of your choice. One separates one’s elf from oneself. Distancing yourself from yourself is always a good way to see bigger pictures and wonder about why you’re behaving the way you’re behaving. It opens up new possibilities and ideas.”