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If cartomancy will work for this - How can I keep from feeling overwhelmed by all I have going on these days? (Especially in regards to things requiring a lot of mental processing.) If that doesn't work, a "general reading" will do.

I have never answered a question like this with divination but I will certainly give it a shot. I’m also including some advice as the end that is just from me, so ignore if you like :)


Make sure you have a good secure ‘home space’ to work as a home base. Keep in mind your own personal cycles. If you know you work best on a particular project at midnight, be sure a plan for that. make sure you still get enough sleep, eat and drink, etc. Enlist any help or partners you can. Delegate and make sure you’re communicating your needs to those around you!

My Advice:

Lists are my organizational best friend. HabitRPG’s website and App are great for building habits and a fun to-do list. Make sure to take time for de-stressing, as stress can make you procrastinate more. Being well fed, rested and hydrated will help that brain work at its best. Work on one thing on that to-do list at a time an pointedly ignore everything else. 

Hope some of this is helpful for you!

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I'd like to ask for a tarot reading please! :) My reading I did for myself was rather depressing today.... that always happens when they bring up my insecurities :(

*virtual hug if you want it because I hate when my readings do that >_<*

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For you, it’s… Justice ! Since you were talking about insecurities, I feel like this card, right now, is saying “see everything’ (look at the rays of light from her eyes. It just… jumped at me when I picked the card). Those bad days, those insecurities, they are balanced. it’s hard. It’s really hard to see the good, to see what we are confident in, and to see the different sides of ourselves. When one side is under the light, it just makes the rest disappears.

But it’s still there, in the shadows.

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Can I please have a stitchomancy? I love the idea of poetry....

THiiiiis is kindsa late, because I was deep in my dash and dinner.

Now you’re asleep, and beside you I’m wide awake, still

thinking about that scar, that pale seal

branded across your bely for love of  distant and different man

who long ago drowned in the sea. Lord, how I envy him

who, packing a bag and adding some books and trousers,

suddenly gets a call and goes to answer.

28 by Aharon Shabtai, translated from the Hebrew by Peter Cole