One Top, Two Nights.

Last week was a little nuts for me (lots of social priorities). While sometimes exhausting, those types of booked weeks provide good opportunities to put together new outfits and have feedback given from those close to you.  A big reason for me starting Coniferous was not only to showcase designers and fashions which I adore, but to also watch my own evolution as a fashion-conscious person.  Sometimes I have winning ensembles, and sometimes I don’t. 

While I like both these outfits, and love all the components contained within, upon reflection there were some things I could have tweaked!

I purchased this Ovate Saga Tank from the lovely elvenfawn (check out her excellent tumblr - lots of wonderous fashion highlights), and was so excited upon it’s arrival Friday decided to try it two different ways - on Saturday for a party, and Sunday to a birthday drink get-together for a dear friend.  One top, two looks.

Super versatile, and comfy as well.  Lovely details (simple cut, mesh hem, and enchanting print work).


Being that it’s still winter, I needed over-shirts.  I absolutely despise this about colder weather, because I just have so many damned awesome tank tops that I would love to flaunt in all their proper glory instead of covering up, but it’s not worth freezing over. 

On Saturday, I chose a drapey black cardigan which, while warm, didn’t flatter my shape much and overwhelmed the rest of the outfit.  I chose to wear my much-adored H&M oxblood-colored leather panel leggings - they’re constructed enough for me to break the very-sensible “no leggings as pants rule."  I’m also wearing a cheap necklace from Target, which I bought purely because it has a chainmail-like texture and reminds me of the Eye of the Serpent necklace that Conan gives Valeria, and two Stone and Honey tiny triangle rings.

(From a different outfit, obviously)


On Sunday, I chose my favorite flannel, which is one of the most utilitarian things I have in my wardrobe.  I feel like I can never go wrong with it. 

Where I feel I did go wrong in my Mark Fast (made for TopShop) skirt.  I adore this gorgeous, grey masterpiece, but should have kept it at a lower hip level instead of wearing it high-waisted.  Also donning some more Stone and Honey (smokey quartz ring), a black wooden bangle from Dechirant Couture, and a long necklace I assembled myself from a simple black crystal point tied to a long black leather strip.

Aside from wearing the same tank both nights, I also opted for my Palladium Pampa boots.  I picked these up in a vegan shoe shop in Portland and wear them entirely too much.  They’re modeled after the French Foreign Legion, and just the coolest things.  I adore black - but closely following (and usually complementing) the sea of ebony in my wardrobe are some serious earth tones - rusts, olives, sands, greys, and all manner of browns.  

I also gave myself a quick manicure with LAColors Whipped, a lovely nude color.

Fashion is like any creative process - with every miss, there is a lesson.