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  1. Favorite artistic activity? probably writing, i also love playing the piano
  2. If you could return to one period in your life, which time would it be? despite the fact that teenage years are a nightmare, i don’t think i would like to return to childhood, rather get through teenage years and go on with life i guess
  3. Books or e-books? definetely books, i find e-books psychically harder to read for some reason
  4. Are you synesthetic? yep, and i gotta say it’s pretty amazing
  5. One stereotype you fit… i’m a female and i pretty like makeup, i guess it’s a stereotype
  6. …and one you don’t. pretty much anything else about my personality or looks tbh
  7. What question are you asked most often? not really “most often”, but recently everyone asks if i’m an emo because i wear dark clothes and joke about death a lot. i’m such a dork and a nerd this question is hilarious to me
  8. If you had dress just one color for the rest of your life, what color would it be? probably black: everything fits, you can’t see any stains (i’m extremely clumsy) and it’s probably my favourite colour
  9. Fantasy of science-fiction? bows, elves and woods 5ever
  10. First word that comes to your mind? my mind is a perverted mess full of fandoms, i find those questions hard to answer
  11. Something that made your day today? it was yesterday actually, but it really chered me up: i had a reasonable discussion with another girl on twitter about “first milk then cereal” (me) v. “first cereal than milk” (her). faith in humanity restored a little.

my questions:

  1. your biggest talent?
  2. favourite feature about yourself?
  3. favourite social media?
  4. role model and why?
  5. favourite memory related to a fandom you’re in?
  6. your biggest fear?
  7. your aesthetic?
  8. earliest memory?
  9. emotional or rational?
  10. introvert or extrovert?
  11. real life people/fictional characters you relate to the most?

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