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Helloooo there what are your thoughts on Arwen - I just watched the first two movies in LotR but I don't quite understand the purpose of her character? You seem wonderfully knowledgeable about the fandom so I thought I'd ask if that's alright /)w(\

i think arwen is super, super interesting. she’s the daughter of a great elf lord, and the granddaughter of the lady galadriel (arguably the most powerful elf in the third age). she becomes the elven queen of a mortal kingdom via a monarchy which has been reestablished after a thousand years. and she leaves her own people to live in that foreign kingdom.

and arwen is unbearably tragic. she gives up her mortality for aragorn, like in the great songs of beren and lúthien. she will never see her mother again, she will never see her father again, she will never see her grandmother again. she will, as mortals do, die. 

she forsakes her own people to live in a land of foreigners, and foreigners who have a distaste for elves nonetheless. it’s no coincidence she left immediately after aragorn died; gondor was never her home, exactly. she was never quite welcome there. 

and on arwthere was a piece i read a while back about arwen as the amour courtois of french tradition; he falls in love with her at first sight. he performs chivalrous and heroic duties for her, such as taking back gondor. she promises herself to him and they linger, waiting for each other, barely beyond reach. arwen’s figure in the books is that of the noble lady who loves a man she might never be able to have. it’s disciplined, it’s courtly, it’s incredibly romantic and arthurian. 


I’m really into fantasy, fairytales, mythology and the like, but I feel like women of color are so underrepresented in fantasy. All I see is white “fairy/Elven princesses/warriors” with pale skin and long, flowing, straight/wavy hair. Fuck that, I’m a fairy too. Melanin-rich skin, curly hair, big lips and all.


You are about to become my queen, love.
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Cirilla of Vengerberg

“That name,” the hall rang with the silvery voice of the elven queen, “is pretty in any combination. And each of us here would love to have a daughter like you, Zireael, Swallow with the eyes of a hawk. You are the body and the blood of Lara Dorren. Each of us would give everything, even this Lodge and the fate of the kingdoms around the world, to have such a daughter. However, it is impossible. We know that it is impossible. So we envy Yennefer.”

“Thank you, Lady Philippa,” Ciri said after a few moments, squeezing the head of the sphinxes in her hands. “I also feel honoured with the proposal to take the surname de Tancarville. However, it seems to me that my new last name is the only thing that I can choose for myself, I thank the two mistresses. But I want to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer.”