elven queens

“These women fight with unmatched savagery! I’ve never seen their equal. They are… perfect warriors.” - Grom Hellscream


My last official assignment for my character painting class. Only one more week of class and it’s all over.. Time really does fly by, huh? I’ll see what more personal projects I can squeeze in before I return back home and I’ll keep sharing for sure! 

Background is a combination of painting and photobash, the character and props are based on the model we had posing during class. :)

Sydnee Recommends: FANTASY BOOKS

Young Adult

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (are you shocked?)

  • ragtag group of misfits
  • an impossible heist
  • bi, pan, gay, poc, and disabled mains (amazing)
  • its literally the breakfast club meets ocean’s eleven

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

  • ancient rome inspired
  • gladiator trials
  • a rebellious slave girl
  • an ancient evil spirit

This Savage Song by Victoria Scwab

  • actual monsters vs humans
  • warring families
  • beautiful writing
  • no romance

Adult (ish)

A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab

  • blood magic
  • parallel londons
  • pirates
  • literally no one is hetero

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

  • what if the dark lord won?
  • alchemy magic
  • group of misfits perform a heist (sound familiar)

Graphic Novels

Rat Queens 

  • elven mage, dwarf warrior,  atheist cleric, and halfling theif fight monsters
  • queer
  • the sass
  • its great

[Re]Introducing the Elven Queen, Elithien! Just a bunch of doodles of new designs and variations of dresses, crowns and hairstyles for the queen. I also tweaked her hair colour to be slightly more platinum and silvery. Also AT LAST I have finally given her a name. I’ve spent ages and ages on it, searching far and wide for all sorts of Sindarin names and coming up with my own. Elithien comes from the derivative of ‘Elia’ - meaning to bless and ‘calithil’ - meaning moonlight. It was originally Elithileth but it didn’t roll on the tongue nicely so feminineelf helped me rename it to Elithien to smoothen it out. Personally I love the name (because I worked so damn hard on it gdi) but I understand if it’s not your cup of tea. I just felt I should give my own Queen a name. Also thanks to everyone who suggested me names for her! I really appreciate the effort <333 Although you can always let me know about your opinion on the name I gave her?

Arya Dröttning From “The Inheritance Series”.
My Queen. Warrior.

@sncinder: you gotta get your gears into motion! ;) Im eagerly awaiting some Dragon rider artwork from you. :P

Guys, my people are getting so good. I have to thank my sister for being my reference. Shes perfect. <3

Dwarvish Council

Pairing: Thranduil x wife / Thranduil x reader 

Summary: You join your husband to see King Thror, as he wants you to read the mind of the dwarf. You get a little more than you bargained for.

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The woodland realm had begun to fall into darkness. Creatures of evil had begun residing in the woods, but the elves withheld their kingdom. Dwarves had moved into Erebor, taking with them their arrogance and dangerously greedy ways.

The elven king had decided to pay a visit to King Thror the second, his elven queen not far behind him. They brought with them a small group of guards, all dressed in the lavish elven amour.

You were to stay silent during the encounter. there to only observe, to listen to words which would go unspoken. They strode along the thin paths which stood over empty stone, and approached the dwarven king. He sat atop his throne, with his grandson standing below him.

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