elven inspired

She was soft, but also wild.

She was the Elven Queen.

Imagine comforting Thranduil because he is worried about his son

Slowly, you let your nightgown fall to the ground as you were tiptoeing in Thranduil’s direction. The silver-haired Elvenking was standing in the middle of the room, half naked, only wearing a cloth of red silk tied around his waist, his muscles clearly visible under his light, soft skin, they seemed to be moving in the flickering light of the candles he had placed on your bedtable before, but actually he was standing still, as though he was made of stone. You had not gotten undressed for no reason, and his stunning body was getting you weak as always, but something in the way he was standing there staring out of the window made you stop. Slowly, you stepped closer and slightly touched his arm.
“Thranduil? Is something wrong?”
He did not respond at once. You glanced at his perfect face, and there was something in his eyes that made you really sad. “There is nothing wrong”, he said, but you had known him long enough to know he was not quite telling the truth. His voice was not as strong and powerful as usual, but weak and fulfilled with bitter sorrow. Besides, if he was fine, he would have noticed your nakedness before you had even been fully undressed. You wrapped your arms around one of his and placed your head above his elbow where it fitted as though your bodies had been made for one another.
“I can tell there is”, you whispered, softly kissing his arm where your head lay. “You know that I will always listen to you, anor nîn.”
“What a lovely nickname”, he smiled, but that was all he said.
“Thranduil, please. It hurts me to see you looking so troubled, not willing to talk. Can you not trust me?”
“I can”, he assured you quickly, placing his large hand on your hands. He sighed quietly, then started to talk eventually. “Legolas. He is out there in the cold, winter is coming. And compared to the other dangers he might get into, the cold is nothing. I sent him. It would be my fault if he- if something-”
His voice broke. You swallowed, petting his arm to gain yourself one second to think about what to answer.
“What dangers?”, you asked, unable to figure out what else to say.
“I am not really thinking about him being slayed by orcs or anything. He is a great warrior, undoubtedly. But he will forget to eat, to sleep, and he is hardly more than a mere elfling. He will climb mountains recklessly, jump over rocks and gorges without thinking and maybe after having had a little drinking competition with some random dwarf. He is simply too young, to immature, too thoughtless…”
You bit your lip, thinking about how to respond. You knew Legolas, and yes, he might be a bit careless sometimes, but he would never be silly enough to get himself killed by something so dumb.
“Listen, my love, I am sure that he is clever enough to know the difference between determination and thoughtlessness, bravery and danger, ambition and mere stupidity. You raised him to be an independent and yet loyal young Elf, and this is something you can really take pride in, you know, just like it is making me proud to call myself your wife.”
He turned his face to you, and there was a little, tired smile on his lips, barely visible but still fulfilling your heart with joy.
“So the way I raised him is making you think he can take care of himself? Or is it because he is my son? Is that what you are trying to explain?”, he smirked.
You just had to grin.
“Not exactly”, you continued smilingly. “In fact, I am under the impression that Legolas’ personality is extremely similar to yours. He is almost as stubborn as you are, and if you managed to live almost seven millennia, my dear, do you not think your son will be able to survive a few years out there?”
Now he had to chuckle. “Well, meleth nîn, I hope that I will live a bit longer than seven millennia.” He poked your side, making you giggle, kissed you lovingly, then threw you on the bed and knelt over you, his face close enough for his nosetip to touch yours. He was still gently smiling.
“For I am planning to spend eternity with you, you know.”

Lily Collins to Co-Star Opposite Nicholas Hoult in Biopic ‘Tolkien’
Lily Collins is set to star opposite Nicholas Hoult in Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment’s J.R.R. Tolkien biopic “Tolkien.” Collins will play Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s great …
By Justin Kroll

Lily Collins is set to star opposite Nicholas Hoult in Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment’s J.R.R. Tolkien biopic “Tolkien.” 

Collins will play Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s great love, and eventual wife who inspired the elven princess characters in the Lord of the Rings” saga. Finnish director Dome Karukoski will helm the movie. 

 The film’s script by David Gleeson and Stephen Beresford focuses on the author as he finds friendship, love, and artistic inspiration among a group of classmates prior to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. He served in the British armed forces from 1916 to 1920, then wrote the three “Lord of the Rings” novels while working at Pembroke College. Tolkien died in 1973. 

Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment have been developing the project since 2013. Tolkien’s epic novels served as the basis for the film trilogies “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” 

“The Hobbit” was first published in 1937. Tolkien then wrote “The Lord of the Rings” between 1937 and 1949 as what was initially intended to be a sequel, but the story became much larger — and ultimately one of the best-selling novels of all time with more than 150 million copies sold.  

Collins is coming off the Sundance pic “To the Bone,” which earned her some of the reviews of her career. Netflix acquired the distribution rights for that film and recently released it this past July. 

She was also seen in the Netflix movie “Okja” and has a starring role on the Amazon drama series “The Last Tycoon.” She is repped by CAA, LBI Entertainment, and Definition Entertainment.


Got really down about my tabletop (well… sorta… they had a table in San Diego and I was a talking head on their TV thanks to google hangouts and chromecast) game falling apart due to Life Stuff, so what did I do? Whipped up a 5-member D&D Adventuring Party in Hero Forge for shits and giggles. Came up with 4th edition roles/classes for them since that’s the last edition of D&D I played.

Leader: Elven Warlord, clearly Samurai-inspired with naginata and paired wakizashi. Neutral Good. She runs the party as sort of a mercenary company (usually agreeing to help the villages they pass through for free/whatever loot they can take from the baddies). Imposing badass whose voice carries the weight of command. Absolutely cannot hold her liquor worth a damn.

Leader (Backup): Gnomish Bard with rapier and main-gauche, lute, and adorable beret. Chaotic Good (was Neutral Good but Adventuring For a Living is a Bad Influence). The party’s default ‘face’ because everyone likes her almost immediately, and those who don’t can usually be won over with a charm offensive, and those who can’t, can usually be won over with a Charm Person offensive.

Defender: Dwarven Paladin with spear & shield. Lawful Good. The party’s ‘face’ when they need to deal with honest folks or want to make a good impression with Authority. Selfless and reckless brave to the point where the Warlord’s combat orders are the only thing keeping her from running off and getting herself into trouble mid-combat. Loves an evening at the Inn with warm hearth, savory and filling foods, and a book of trashy romance poetry.

Controller: Half-Elven Wizard, with the staff and the kitty familiar. Chaotic Good. Kind of a smug smarmy guy with a bad habit of letting his smart mouth get him into trouble. Can serve as the party ‘face’ when they’re dealing with mage-type folks. Goggles of True Seeing. The cat is sometimes standoffish to her own Wizard but loves the shit out of the Paladin and cuddles with her all the time. 

Striker: Halfling Rogue with paired daggers and feathered cap. Chaotic Good (was Chaotic Neutral but the rest of the party is a Good Influence). Widdle and stabby. Can put away the ale like no other (where does she put it?!). Falls into the role of party ‘face’ when there’s dealings with the Criminal Underworld. Big crush on the Bard that ends up with them happily ever after.

Feel free to use these as NPCs, together or separately, or hell, as the basis for your PCs if you’re so inclined and/or stuck for ideas. Even if I can only play by proxy in that regard, it’s better than nothin’. 


We Are the Blood of Arlathan by abderianaeolist on 8tracks:

(it’s technically 03 hrs 6 minutes now.  I added a song, whoops.)

A playlist for elves in Thedas throughout history.

Ancient/new age/tribal influenced sounds for Arlathan, a blend of vocals and drums for the Dales, a few latin chant influenced tunes for when the Dales fell to the Exalted March, folk and celtic influenced music for the Dalish, branching into slightly more contemporary music for the elven paupers, servants, alienage residents and city-dwellers of Thedas. Includes a few tunes for the devious elven rogues of Orlais and elsewhere.

3 hours of material for writers or when you need something to hang out to and inspire you.

“We are the last elvhen, never again shall we submit.”



Having been in the bjd hobby since 2008, I owed my inspiration to two OCs shelled both as the SOOM classics, MechaAngels Sabik and Meisa. Their oldschool beauty still enamors me, but I wanted to downsize (try to find props and clothes for an 80cm giant!), literally, reshelling my Yaret and Anna as smaller, SD-sized dolls. Since Soom has released a SG Sabik, Yaret wasn’t an issue, but finding a doll for Anna was tricky. In truth, Soom Meisa is “too pretty” for the character, whose beauty I always saw as unconventional and soulful in the way of Jennifer Connelly. When I saw Dollshe Aramis, I felt it could be reshaped just right for the character.

So, here she is, my new Anna Reilly, a Dollshe femAramis on Dollstown 18 y.o., modified by me.


Tolkien Elves Nyo!RusLiet and Lietbel

(DA requests)

Nyo!Russia as Sindar Queen of Woodlands and Nyo!Lithuania as Silvan elf Captain of her guard.
(Costumes inspired by Elven reference costume and Tauriel’s)

Lithuania as Mirkwood Silvan Elf and Belarus as half Teleri half Sindar Elf

Lithuania’s clothes based on Feren’s and Belarus’ based on a design that wasn’t used for Galadriel’s gowns.