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You are about to become my queen, love.
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Elven Eye Colors

Elven eyes for Tolkien either had specific colors for a character (Maeglin’s dark eyes or Olwe’s blue eyes), or, if their eyes were described at all, were typically noted as grey eyes.  Grey is apparently the default eye color for Elves, but is it the grey we think of today?

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Glowy Elven eyes

Holy shit, can you guys imagine the type of bullshit all the elves at Skyhold can pull at night? 
+Solas reading in the dark, someone trying to sneak past in the rotunda and just Blue eyes peering into the darkness 
+Your Lavellan scaring the shit out of the SO the first time that they wake up and see their eyes glow
+Sera probably pranking blackwall or something in the middle of night because no human can see her 
+All the elven servants running around at night and the nightwatch getting super edgy because they just see two orbs running around in the shadows

I understand why it wasn’t featured much in the game, as it would only be applicable in a very select set of circumstances…

But consider for a moment what an intense political statement it is for the Inquisition to bring freakin’ elves to the Winter Palace. 

For a human Inquisitor, choosing to take Solas and/or Sera with you would be scandalous. This is Orlais, this is Halamshiral, this is the city where Celene not-so-long-ago was gleefully burning the elves alive in their slums (though her hand was forced, they don't necessarily know that.) This is the nation whose universities have declared that elves are little more than animals, that lying with them is akin to bestiality, that the Maker himself gave them the ears of rabbits because he intended for them to be seen as nothing more than prey.

And the Inquisitor comes waltzing in, announcing to everyone in attendance that not only are there elves within the Inquisition, but they are part of his/her personal entourage of closest trusted associates. By bringing them there, they are demanding that they be treated with the same level of honor and respect as the rest of the organization - and doing so in front of the Empress herself.

But that’s only with a human Inquisitor - someone who they wouldn’t automatically dismiss. It gets even messier if you have an elven Herald.

Not only an elf, but Dalish - a member of the heathen rebels of the Dales, those who are feared in Halamshiral and seen as a regular day-to-day threat rather than some floating rumor off in the distance. The Orlesians would likely see the Dalish Inquisitor as a prop - that clearly the real power behind the organization is Leliana and/or Cassandra because obviously they would not give the full reins of the Inquisition to an elf. He/She must just be a figurehead, a puppet, selected only because of the glowing mark in his/her hand (that cannot have been from the Maker or his bride because they would not bestow such a blessing on such an inferior being).

And then that knife-eared “prop” is the one solely responsible for ending your civil war.

“Ar lath, ma vhenan.” So why does Solas look so upset?

While replaying the balcony scene, I used the flycam to follow Solas and see what, if any, reaction he has to starting up with Lavellan as he walks away. 

I mean, this is a big moment of personal growth for Solas, right? He’s decided to allow himself some modicum of happiness. Usually, when people confess their love for somebody and find that love returned, they are happy. 

When the scene plays, the Inquisitor cannot see Solas’ expression and neither can the player (unless they have flycam). So all I was expecting was, at most, Solas’ neutral expression that he wears when nothing is happening. And for the record, this is what Solas looks like when there’s nothing going on:

(Note to self: send thank you card to Bioware for another game with all that elven eye candy. And human eye candy. And Qunari eye candy if you’re into that sort of thing. But I won’t thank Bioware for dwarven eye candy because there isn’t any–again–and I cannot romance Varric–again. Actually, I’m not going to send Bioware a goddamn thing.)

Anywhore, whatever I was expecting, it was not this: 

He looks like he’s about to cry. 

That’s how fucked up it is for those of us in Solavellan hell. Our Inquisitor has chosen a man who, from the very beginning of the affair, is already grieving its loss. 


Having been in the bjd hobby since 2008, I owed my inspiration to two OCs shelled both as the SOOM classics, MechaAngels Sabik and Meisa. Their oldschool beauty still enamors me, but I wanted to downsize (try to find props and clothes for an 80cm giant!), literally, reshelling my Yaret and Anna as smaller, SD-sized dolls. Since Soom has released a SG Sabik, Yaret wasn’t an issue, but finding a doll for Anna was tricky. In truth, Soom Meisa is “too pretty” for the character, whose beauty I always saw as unconventional and soulful in the way of Jennifer Connelly. When I saw Dollshe Aramis, I felt it could be reshaped just right for the character.

So, here she is, my new Anna Reilly, a Dollshe femAramis on Dollstown 18 y.o., modified by me.

who’s willing to spend the next couple of hours talking about a little baby Montilyet with me

because. because babies. tiny little Montilyet babies.

Josephine catching dignitaries off guard by greeting them with a little girl sleeping in a sling across her chest.

Josephine reading long bedtime stories to her little girl about heroes and dragons and the Inquisitor (that’s your daddy/mommy) and calling her baby Topolina and Carissima and Passerotta in-passing (whereas her spouse refers to them as Da’len or Asala or friggin’ Pumpkin, darling why must you name our child after food)

Josephine twisting her daughter’s long, dark, wavy hair -just like Mommy’s- into delicate updos, only for them to come apart within the next hour.


but most importantly

Josephine and her Inquisitor having long, in-depth discussions about the potential of having children- and deciding that it’s not for them, or that it’s not the right time just yet, or that they can’t wait to become parents.

Josephine and her Inquisitor finding themselves in an unexpected pregnancy or with a child they weren’t prepared for and feeling lost, anxious, terrified, but somehow elated, or finally, after long and careful planning, finally finding themselves with a dream come true cradled in their arms.

Josephine and her Inquisitor dealing with all the changes in themselves and their relationship, Josephine and her Inquisitor looking for that intimacy they seem to have lost on the way, or on the contrary, Josephine and her Inquisitor being each other’s pillars of strength and the two of them being closer and more stupidly in love than ever before.

Josephine working long and hard hours to ensure her family’s safety and happiness while her spouse cares for their child, or Josephine so entranced by the little life in her arms that she almost forgets the Duke of Kellington for a second.


Josehine and her Inquisitor living their happy and completely average, long lives however the fuck they want in the post-Inquisition years.

Physical Features I Associate with the Signs
  • Aries: Strong, angular noses and jaw lines. Sunburns and wavy hair. Laughing eyes.
  • Taurus: Round cheeks. Freckles and broad shoulders. Moves their eyebrows a lot when emoting.
  • Gemini: Round, childish eyes. A full lower lip and a serene smile. Long necks.
  • Cancer: Long lashes and round faces. Soft hands and defined calves.
  • Leo: Deep set eyes, bright with intense emotion. Lopsided smirks, fantastic posture, and rosy cheeks.
  • Virgo: Thick, dark hair. Narrow, prominent eyes that have a knowing expression. Long fingers.
  • Libra: Small mouths with full lips. Pointy noses and sharp, elven cheekbones. Lowers their eyes when greeting someone, as if to bow.
  • Scorpio: Long, neat nails. An indifferent expression that masks something else. Eyes sit at a slight angle, like a cat. Prominent Cupid's bow.
  • Sagittarius: Wide feet and bony wrists. Avoids eye contact, except to challenge someone. Rare, but brilliant smiles.
  • Capricorn: Heart shaped faces with broad noses. Suntans and curls. Lithe builds.
  • Aquarius: Big eyes with bags under them. Thin lips and freckles. Very prominent veins.
  • Pisces: Mischievous smiles. Oval faces and laughter that bares teeth. Young-looking eyes and straight eyebrows.