Take a bite, boogie, boogie

Zebra Katz & London producer Leila strikes again with hypnotizing visuals and sounds caring important message. Watch BLK DIAMOND from Nu Renegade EP following You Tell Me. Concentrate, absorb and let this new aesthetics and consciousness take you somewhere. Directed by Icelandic Elvar Gunnarsson, Art direction by Anni Ólafsdótti.


Roewyn was a character of mine from a few years ago. In the LARP I used to play, she was an elf. She trained to be a skilled archer, and dawned her father’s armor in to battle. She died by the hands of a trusted friend, which lead to the damnation of his soul. Roewyn was a hard worker and strived to bring her people back to their formal glory. She followed the traditions of her people and hunted the white stag. I asked the amazing artists from Eminence to use Roewyn as inspiration for my card. I chose Ixion as her faction, because their culture speaks to me as raw and attuned to nature. I asked for a bow as her weapon, as well as a wolf companion.

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