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Roewyn was a character of mine from a few years ago. In the LARP I used to play, she was an elf. She trained to be a skilled archer, and dawned her father’s armor in to battle. She died by the hands of a trusted friend, which lead to the damnation of his soul. Roewyn was a hard worker and strived to bring her people back to their formal glory. She followed the traditions of her people and hunted the white stag. I asked the amazing artists from Eminence to use Roewyn as inspiration for my card. I chose Ixion as her faction, because their culture speaks to me as raw and attuned to nature. I asked for a bow as her weapon, as well as a wolf companion.

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Glima Medal Winners by Richard Findlay@FotoFlingScotland
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Reykjavik International Games 2016 Adolescents + 80k Category 1. Jón Gunnþór- HSK/Ísland 2. Halldór Matthías -UMFN/Ísland 3. Guðni Elvar -HSK/Ísland

newyorker: The Civilian Saviors of Iceland Iceland’s volunteer… |

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A volunteer from the Hella rescue team during a drill.

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Elvar, a banker, swims through snowmelt in the mountains of Landmannalaugar to rescue a family of tourists.

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On patrol in Landmannalaugar.


The Civilian Saviors of Iceland

Iceland’s volunteer rescue squad saves missing hikers, stranded sheep, and helpless tourists. The group’s members are well equipped, self-funded, and enjoy a near-mythical reputation among their countrymen. Nick Paumgarten joins the search, in this week’s issue.

Photograph by Benjamin Lowy / Getty Images Reportage for The New Yorker

Wayward travelers are again in the news in Iceland, after an American tourist, fresh off a plane and driving to Reykjavik, mistyped the address of his hotel in his GPS. He realized his error six hours later, when he arrived in a remote fishing village 270 miles from the capital.

This mishap reminded us of Benjamin Lowy’s photos on Iceland’s volunteer rescue squads, ICE-SAR, for the New Yorker last year. While some visitors to Iceland take a wrong turn into Internet fame, others are less lucky, becoming stranded in remote, frigid landscapes. That’s when ICE-SAR teams jump into action.

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