A Father.

 I owe some people here a drawing of Papa Solas ( @raynnromantica & @warsonghold I’m lookin at chu 👀) and here he is, with a special appearance of his and Athelas’ baby daughter, Elvathiel, or short, Elva. I’m still developing the little pup, but I think I have roughly finished her design.

Looking at this drawing myself, makes my own heart swell and almost teary eyed. ;_____; Solas you deserve happiness.

Mello masterpost Swedish translated

With Melodifestivalen 2017 coming up, less than a month left now, what is more suiting than a vocabulary list regarding Mello? Here are some good to know words that might be in the shows:

Melodifestivalen - Melody festival
Nummer - Number   (As in Melodi nummer x - Melody number x)
Ett, två, tre, fyra, fem, sex, sju, åtta, nio, tio, elva, tolv - One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Nu kör vi - Here we go
Musiktävling - Music competition
Europa - Europe
Vinnare - Winner
Deltävling - Part competition (directly translated, think like semi final except there are four of them)
Andra chansen - Second chance
Bidrag - Contribution (directly translated, but in this context Bidrag is more like contestant. Bidrag is the song competing)
Artist - Artist/performer/singer
Låtskrivare - Songwriter
Telefonrösta - Telephone-vote
Underhållning - Entertainment
Populär - Popular
Poäng - Point/points
Karriär - Career
Upptempo - Upbeat
Stjärna - Star
Energisk - Energic
Fantastisk - Amazing
Genombrott - Breakthrough
Seger - Victory
Turné - Tour
Hjärta - Heart
Framgång - Success, luck, prosperity
Succé - Success
Startfält - Starting field
Genre - Genre (But genre in Swedish is pronounced more like Shanger. Listen to google translate or something pronounce it, it’s one of the most illogical words we have)

Feel free to make Swe-Eng requests!

Amikor a sulibol hazaersz es a szuleid elott is kell jatszanod hogy jol vagy happy nevetes minden....es este a furdoszobaba keszulsz furdeni,viszel be titokban penget ,gyogyszert, telefont,fullhalgatot es becsukod az ajtot kulcsra zarva es leveszed az alarcod.Osszeomalsz.Sirsz.Majd beveszed a gyogyszereket.Majd eret vagsz.Es zenet hallgatsz.Aztan megfurdesz.Alarcodat felveszed,feloltozol.A ver cseppeket letorlod.Az alarc fel es kimesz a furdobol.A szuleid azt hiszik minden rendben.Boldogank furodtel...lefekszel aludni...de elvas elott meg azt remeled hogy reggel nem kelsz fel...becsukod a szemed...es az agyad kozbe azon jar hogy hogy olhetned meg magad..majd elalszol es azt almodod hogy halott vagy...es felkelsz reggel es annyit veszel magadon eszre hogy konny folyik arcodon....aztan letorlod..Es szomoru vagy hogy meg mindog eletbe vagy...Bemesz a furdobe reggel megmosakodsz..feloltozol...az alarcod megigazitod hogy veletlenul se lassak a depresszios fekete lelked.Elmesz az iskolaba..Megalaznak.Megbantanak.Kicsufolnal.De te erosnek akarsz tunni es nyelsz egy nagyot...es csak annyi a valasz hogy rendben..nem erdekel...a barataid elott eljatszod hogy kinden oke.Minden jo.Es hogy boldog vagy...Pedig legszivesebben azonnal megolned magad...oran,szunetben azon gondolkodsz hogy milyen jo lesz otthon vegre a penge elet erezni az ereiden..es oran azt tervezgeted egy fuzetbe hogy hogyan leszel ongyilkos....Ezek a dolgol vannak velem..A legrosszabb az hogy errol nem tudhatnak a tobbiek.A szuleimnek annyira elmondanam...de nem..nem szabad...magammal kell hordoznom..(sajat)
Fears :: Aries Elva


the dark. fire. open water. deep water. being alone. crowded spaces. confined spaces. change. failure. war. loss of control. powerlessness. prison. blood. drowning. suffocation. public speaking. natural animals. the supernatural. heights. death. dying. intimacy. rejection. abandonment. loss. the unknown. the future. not being good enough. scary stories. speaking to new people. poverty. loud noises. being touched.

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According to County Deputy Public Defender Hank Hall, who initially represented Richard Ramirez, a court-appointed psychologist in 1985 had found him to be “borderline competent” after a 10- to 15-minute discussion that was abruptly terminated by Ramirez.

That session had to be delayed a day because, Hall told Los Angeles Municipal Judge Elva R. Soper, Ramirez was “acting up in the lockup.”

During that same 1985 court proceeding, Soper observed: 

“Up to this point, the questions I have asked Mr. Ramirez, he has answered in a logical, intelligent fashion.”

Ramirez replied: “I am sane.”

He added that he has had 11 years of education, plus one year of studies in the electrical trade. Then he volunteered: 

“I have a psychologist in Los Angeles who has qualified me sane… . I don’t want to go to no hospital, ma'am.” He did not elaborate.

Hi there! I’m sorry I’ve being inactive here for a while, I’m finishing some school projects (I have all the deadlines in march and I’m becoming crazy HAHAHA, cof) and searching for a job for the next months so I’m very busy right now :c Anyway, welcome to all my new followers!!!!! AAAAH It always gets me when people like my work, I feel so grateful that I just collapse and cry in the floor- ok enough awkward haha. Thank you so much for supporting and following me, guys!! ♥

This drawing is about some of my original characters, mostly related to roleplay, even though they have their own background stories. I have some ToG art on the way too (maybe related to the modern rock au ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and also some from Acotar! (I love both series <33)