hello, it’s me kyra :] okay soooo, i’ve been meaning to do that for a long time, a mutual appreciation post, but i guess now i finally have a real reason to do it: i’m gonna leave jimintensify behind me soon and move to @jjeonguk honestly there is not big reason behind it, just me wanting my bts/kpop blog to be my main blog instead of my side, like jimintensify is/was. with this i am leaving behind 45k+ posts 3.5k+ of beautiful and sweet followers which almost makes my heart ache because.. you are the sweetest? not really talkative but when, then you always made me smile. other than that i hope i will gain some of you back on my new blog @jjeonguk :]

but anyways, with this post i just wanna .. kinda thank my mutuals for sticking around with me? even though i didn’t talk to all of you, you are all in my heart and honestly at some point i might thought about approaching you but i just didn’t build up the courage because i’m a whole shy. :/ of course, i also want to thank all of my non-mutual followers!! i love you all lots n lots, thanks for being with me through these two years :)

anyways, let’s get this on with:
bolded - lovliest bubs
💌 - my inspiration

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