elusive appeal

Zodiac signs and Khiphop songs (2)

Aries : Keith ape - It G ma. A song pointing on the aries unforgettable personality. A energic and fierce song.

Taurus : Kid ash x G2 - On my grind. Calm and sensual, and yet fierce, like the Taurus.

Gemini : Okasian - fly girl, matching the air sign gemini, elusive and appealing sign.

Cancer : Kid Ash x G2 - First Cypher, a clear and cool song but with a strong beat, matching the contrast of personality of the cancer, calm but able of a great anger.

Leo : Beenzino - I get lifted. A song matching the optimism and charisma of the Leo. 

Virgo : Okasian - So many girl, a song emphazing the flirting and fierce side of the virgo that we don’t talk enough of.

Libra : Beenzino - Nike shoes. A song matching the sparkling libras, a beat reminiscent of the lights in a city at night, when the libras are going out at night having fun.

Scorpio : Yankie - Prometheus. A song matching the powerful and magnetic scorpios, appealing but a bit scary at the same time, along with a sexy vibe

Sagittarius : The cohort - Spread the word. A fierce and bright song, with a “brat” side, matching the reckless and free character of the sagittarius.

Capricorn : Bts - Cypher pt.3. Powerful song, matching the ambitious character of the capricorn.

Aquarius : i11evn - Siwi. A original song for a special character like an aquarius.

Pisces : The cohort - pluto. A song coming from the space, matching the dreamy and different personality of the pisces.