elua and his companions

I’ve been thinking a lot about Elua & his Companions lately. I’m thinking I may do a series of posts about each of them, talking about what we know from canon & then getting into my own headcanon about their worship. I wish we had as much info on all the Companions as we’ve got on Kushiel, Naamah, & Cassiel.

We used to have a running joke on kushielsorting about what priests of Azza do. Do they just go around acting proud at people??

So due to somethings I’ve been reading on here, I think I may start working on a religion based around Elua and his Companions from Jacquiline Carey’s books.

Its been something I’ve thought of and toyed with for awhile, but didn’t realize it was something I could actually do.

I’ll probably end up posting stuff about it, but how much will depend on how interested you guys are in it. So let me know.

Eisheth Feels

[tw: tokophobia, transphobia]

Currently I’m writing Eisheth’s post in the Companions Project, and I ran into an issue.

Eisheth is very much connected with pregnancy, D'Angeline women cannot conceive until they light a candle to her, and there is usually a room in her temple where they do this, but men are not permitted to enter.

However, my reasoning is that I don’t think the goddess (who is after all, known for gentleness and compassion above all other traits) would turn aside anyone who could become pregnant (woman or otherwise) who is obviously in need of her gifts, it’s not official canon (JC herself says she hasn’t done enough research on trans people to be able to address it in the series) but I think it makes sense. I mean it’s not like Elua was just like “only love cis people”.

Basically my opinion is that the Companions aren’t jerks Kushiel is sometimes a jerk.

See this is why headcanons are good. All the wonderful headcanons.

There’s a phrase from Kushiel’s Legacy that I am reminded of at this time, it’s repeated all throughout the series:

“Blessed Elua cared naught for crowns and thrones.”

In other words, Blessed Elua gives no shits about your petty politics he only cares that you “Love as thou wilt,” that is legit the only thing resembling a commandment that he ever gave his people. The idea is that politics are human things, we make shit complicated.

Now, Kushiel on the other hand, Kushiel is a bit different, but even here, he seems way more concerned with restoring balance than actually meddling with politics, it’s just that sometimes “restoring balance” means “ok Phedre you’re going to enter a kingdom controlled by a madman ‘cause shit needs to be done”.