Scorpio Kardia (蠍座のカルディア)
His name means “heart” in Greek (καρδία) and is the only other known Saint apart from Libra Dohko and Aquarius Krest to receive Misopethamenos. He had a heart condition that only gave him one more year of life. He ran away from the hospital and met Aquarius Krest, who offered him first Athena’s blood and then Misopethamenos to extend his life and allow him more time to live the way he wanted.

Kardia’s goal was always to live and die to the fullest and was able to do so when he battled Wyvern Radamanthys in Atlantis. His unique version of both Scarlet Needle and Antares (Katakeo - to incinerate) infuses heat into the wounds and heart of the enemy.

Teshirogi Shiori mentioned in an interview he likes apples and eats them frequently (shown also in his Gaiden) because Degel told him it was healthy. This is a direct reference to Scorpio Milo, who’s name can be translated to “apple” in Greek.


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