Y'know, one thing often forgotten about in the debate over “Was Eltoshan stupid or what?” is the context.

Everyone in Gen 1 was SOL by design.

Seriously. Let’s say Eldigan fails to save Chagall at the end of Chapter 2 and gets declared King of Agustria. Think Grannvale is just going to back off and let him be king? Yeah, no.

Best-case scenario is, Eldigan stays king for a couple of years until Arvis takes over and then he goes down around the same time Leonster and Silesse fall. Worst-case scenario is that King Eldy very quickly grows tires of Grannvale being all up in his business, has a falling-out with Sigurd, and either dies in battle or gets executed. So, pretty much what happened anyway.

All his options were bad ones. Agreeing to have Chagall deposed would have compromised his own high-flown ideals and not left him any better off in a practical sense, because really the best he could hope for was a few years of being Grannvale’s puppet. No thanks.

gomez-alonzo-addams  asked:

Okay, got a Jugdral question for you, specifically about Agustria. In the fan translation of Genealogy, in the beginning cutscene of chapter 2 Eldigan is referred to as "King Eltshan" by one of the knights with Raquesis. Is the line the same in the original? In short, is Agustria really ruled by a bunch of kings (with Shagall presumably being the kingiest of them all) or is this simply a translation error?

【イーヴ】 Eve
ラケシス様! エルトシャン王が Lachesis-sama! [There’s a report that] King Eltoshan
アグスティでとらわれたとの報告が!has been taken prisoner at Agusty!

Yup, literally King Eltoshan.

Regarding the rulership of Agustria… I think it’s something like a coalition of states, but I don’t know off the top of my head. fe-planet-kaga and bookofholsety might be able to provide a more thorough explanation.

tattedmariposa said: I have to agree that after playing through both 4 and 5 (well, roughly 2/3 of FE5 anyway) while I was baffled by his actions at first they seem more sensical once things play out. But I think the way it’s presented at first doesn’t do him any favors.

I’ve probably beaten this point to death on DW and such over the years, but I still have to say that actual original Camus is the unfathomable noble enemy. His king is a piece of shit who’s destroyed Grust, harmed its people, and horribly neglected his own two kids (about whom Camus allegedly cares). Camus has no reason other than his ideals to keep loyal to Ludwik, especially not when the invading force is led by the chick that a) Camus loves and b) is pleading with Camus to not throw his life away.

Eldigan makes perfect sense to me by comparison. I think Camus is the greater, er, Camus for being so god-damned frustrating, but I can sympathize with Eldigan.