Monday delight!

Carpool karaoke with Mr Elton John (and James out-singing him in the last song!)

Elton John on his love of Blur (BBC6):


“They’ve been together 30 years and I think is the best album they ever made. And I told them so, and I told Damon. Graham Coxon is probably the world’s best guitarist. The space between the drum and the bass player, Alex and Dave, the way they play together. Damon’s voice is like an instrument. He is not really a vocalist but he uses his voice like an instrument, there’s not other singer like him. My Terracotta Heart is just…my god. What an amazing achievement 30 years on to make something which is the best thing you ever done, with that amount of energy and passion, but the musicianship and the space in the production, and I say that because I’m a musician and I listen to it, and I think, ‘that’s exquisite’. The things Coxon plays on every track is just breathtakingly beautiful and simple. When you have four musicians playing in sync like that, so well, is just fantastic.”

Elton John to Write for The Killers’ Fifth Studio Album

In a recent interview with Shazam, Elton John states that he is getting ready to travel to Las Vegas to write with Brandon Flowers for The Killers’ fifth studio album.

You can watch the video interview at the link above or in the embed below.

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JANUARY 13: Elton John performed songs from his new album Wonderful Crazy Night out February 5, as well as classic hits, on January 13th at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. Surprise duets included “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with Demi Lovato, “Tiny Dancer” with Shawn Mendes, and “Saturday” with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. (HQ)