eltham palace and gardens


A visit to Eltham Palace and Gardens was a lovely start to the week. Importantly, the weather behaved itself, but the palace itself was also a nice surprise. The interior of the house was amazing, with this beautiful fusion of Art Deco and Tudor England. You have to wear blue plastic bags over your shoes to protect the floors inside. English Heritage take this shit seriously. They give you an audio guide to take with you as you meander through the rooms, explaining the history of the building and the owners, the Courtauld family. 

I paid a visit to the tea rooms for a cuppa and a piece of coffee and walnut cake. The tea was average but the cake was great. Next time I would definitely bring a picnic and eat outside, which would be more scenic and cheaper.

The gardens are beautiful, glowing with intrigue and their rich history. The mix of new and old is everywhere, juxtaposing the ancient architecture with more modern concepts. You have to pay to gain entry to the building and gardens, but if you make a day of it, it’s definitely worth it. I could easily spend hours on a bench in the garden, surrounded by the trees and long grass, overlooking the palace, reading a book in the sunshine.