headcanon that steve watches soap operas with El

  • the two of them eating popcorn in the cabin
  • them having to remind the other of which character it is (“no Jillen cheated on Richard with Roman not Rod”)
  • Steve doesn’t mind at all when El quotes the show, or asks him what words mean
  • If Steve is ever too lazy to grab a drink, she uses her powers to grab one for him
  • They always speculate on who will end up with who and getting very invested

idk i just think they’d be a chill, soap opera-invested pairing and it’d be adorable


Hey so this was written for @stonermurphy it was their prompt, I just wrote it. Enjoy, there is totally cursing. Lots of cursing.

“Tho thith will make me cool?” Rich sat in front of… Some guy? He heard about this, some drug from Japan. This dude was selling it. He wanted to be chill. “Yeah, get rid of the lisp too. You want it?” “YETH!” Rich said, almost jumping in the air. He had a reason for this, he promises. See, there was this kid who had headphones and a red hoodie. His name was Michael, he was really really cool. He didn’t care what people thought of him, he had a PT Cruiser! He didn’t drive it yet, but he had it! Oh that Cruiser. The things that Cruiser did to Rich was incredible. It’s just that Rich couldn’t talk to Michael without the lisp he had. He’d get flustered and embarrassed and he couldn’t do it.He tried.

“Hey Michael what wath the thience homework?” Rich asked that day. “I’m sorry what?” Michael took off his headphones, smiling at the shorter boy that day. “I-I athked–” “A lisp? Ha! Gay!” Rich heard some girl say, he was unsure who. No he wasn’t, it was Madeline. Rich hasn’t spoken to Michael since that day. “Well where’s the money kid?” Rich dug into his pocket, pulling out a small wallet, handing the guy over four hundred bucks. It was terrible, he saved that to buy Michael prom tickets when they were juniors.

They were freshman.

“Thanks kid, take it with Mountain Dew. Green, okay? No other kind will work.” The dealer said, handing him a pill. “What elthe would I uthe? Red? That'th been dithcontinued thince the 90'th!” Rich joked, seeing the guy tense. “Wait doeth that thut it off?” “Yes. Now leave.” Rich hopped to the nearest 711 he could find, walking to the fridges with Mountain Dew.

“Green is good but red is better.” Rich heard behind him. He turned around to see the boy of his affection behind him with a huge slushie.

“M-Michael!” God did he just stutter?! “Hey, what'th up?”

“Not much, junk food run for the aftermath of pot. You should join me and Jeremy sometime.” Michael smiled– Rich loved that damn smile– and left. Maybe he didn’t have to take the pill, he could just get high with Michael right now right? No. He paid for this pill. He would do it.

He paid for the Dew, walked outside, and took the pill. Nothing happened.“Rip off.” He hissed until he felt pain in his head, grabbing it he heard a voice and all of sudden the pain was over.

Why was Kermit the Frog in front of him?

I’m not Kermit Richard.

“What the hell–”

Don’t talk aloud, I can hear your thoughts just think. 

‘Okay, what are you?

I’m your SQUIP, the pill you just swallowed. My job is to make you popular. Starting with that lisp. Actually first your name, you’re Rich now. Not Richard, now to the lisp. Rich felt an electric shock ripple through his body, he yelped and grabbed his arms.“Richard?” Michael? Why was Michael in front of him?! “You okay?“ 

"Yeth–” another shock sent him wincing. “Y-yes.” Holy shit.The SQUIP is curing his lisp.

This is the boy you want? 


No, he’s a loser. Tell him you think his car is shit.

'I like his car!’ Another shock.“What kind of car is that? That looks hideous.” Rich lied, faking a laugh.

“Oh… It’s a PT Cruiser. I like it, is it not cool enough?” Michael did an eyebrow wiggle, making Rich laugh silently. Another shock.

“No. It makes you a gay loser.”

Good, now leave. Rich turned and left.

~ ~ ~

The SQUIP turned out to be less than perfect. Here he was in the hospital, SQUIPless.

He was rooming Jeremy Heere and who else would visit except Michael Mell himself. God how much did Rich make Michael want to kill himself?

“Hi Jeremy, hey Rich.” Michael said, walking in the room with crystal Pepsi and a bag of cheese puffs.

“Hey Michael.” Jeremy said. “I-I am so sorry about the whole SQUIP thing, you’re not a loser! You saved us and I– I just– I’m doing this for Christine. God I’d be lucky if she still wanted to talk to me–”

“You’re fine, tall ath.” Rich mumbled, eyes closed. “Thhe would be thuper happy if you athked her out.” His stupid lisp he hated it.

“Do I not get a hello Rich? I’m hurt. Very hurt, I thought you appreciated my company!” Michael mocked a pout, which was adorable, and sat in between their beds.

“No I like theeing you. Hello Michael, how are you?” Rich asked, looking at the 'riends’ on his bag.

“Still driving my gay loser car so all is well.” Michael joked, but stopped smiling when Rich winced.


That was the SQUIP.

“Hey you were right though, I’m a loser. Never a better time to be a loser! Did I tell you that I told Jeremy about how humans stopped evolving?”

“Tho there'th no reathon to get thronger right? I heard about that!”

“Jeremy?” All three boys turned when they heard a voice. It was Christine.

“Hi Christine!” Jeremy said, voice lacking confidence.

“Wanna walk to the cafeteria with me?” She asked, smiling.Jeremy nodded and left with her, leaving Michael and Rich on their own.

“Michael? I’m… I’m really thorry. About everything I did I mean. I wath a dick.”

“Yeah, you were, but hey you won’t be anymore right?”

Rich nodded, looking at his bed sheets.

Michael frowned. He walked over and put the Crystal Pepsi to Rich’s mouth. “Take a sip.” Rich did as he was told. 

“Oh my god thith is good why don’t they make it anymore?!”

“Because god is dead.” Michael said in a solemn voice. He cracked a smile and touched Rich’s faded red streak. “In honor of it I think you should die this white.”

“Nah, purple blue and a reddith pink.”

“That’s the bisexual flag–”

“I’m bi.” Rich blurted. “I’m totally bi.”

Michael stared him dead in the eyes. Rich became worried Michael would walk out. “Hi totally bi, I’m Michael.”

“Get out. Leave. Never come back.” Rich laughed, snorting in between giggles. He looked at Michael who was now smirking.

“And I’m gay, so there’s that.” Michael walked closer. “Not for Jeremy, so I will have to get rid of that beautiful 'riends’ if you don’t mind.”

Rich snorted again, smiling. “I worked hard on that, but fine.”

“Did you… Work 'tho’ hard on it?”

“Thtop!!” Rich groaned, hitting his head on the pillow.

“Well I’m gonna go. Jeremy is getting let out today and I’m his ride so I’ll wrestle him away from Christine.” With that, Michael made an exit and went to find Jeremy.

Rich was sure he’d never see Michael until he came to school, but he was wrong.O

h how wrong was he.

“Michael makes am entrance!” Rich heard while he was laying down, daydreaming of his crush.

“Are you gonna do that each time you enter a room?” Rich sat up, faking a scowl. He thought it was cute, if he was honest.

“Yes–I mean yeth. But for real, in all seriousness, how are we today? I brought a present~” Michael sat down next to Rich and pulled out a red Dew.

“The THQUIP is gone Michael.” Rich deadpanned.

“Yeah but you never got a taste and when we were freshman I said it was better than regular so here you go!” Michael pushed it towards the shorter boy, smiling. Rich stared at it, debating whether or not to drink. His curiosity got the better of him and drank a sip, then a gulp. He ended up chugging the whole bottle. It was great.

“WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE?!” Rich cried, throwing the bottle to the ground and grabbing Michael’s arms.

“Cmon dude that was my drink–”


“I know Rich, that’s why I gave it to you.”

Rich smiled, jumping in his seat. “I need ten gallonth of that. I really need it.”

“Oh god I turned you into a Dew junkie, didn’t I?” Michael frowned, making a praying gesture with his hands as a joke. “Oh why did he have to get addicted so young?”

“Thut up.” Rich laughed, punching his shoulder lightly.

“I’m sorry I don’t know how to 'thut up’ but I can shut up.” Michael teased, touching Rich’s hair.

“Boo. Bad joke!” Rich batted at Michael’s hand, but somehow ended up leaning into the touch more (who knows how).

“Well, if you’re gonna be friends with Jeremy without the SQUIP you’re gonna have to deal with bad jokes because I’m gonna hang out with him.”

“Great, that thounds fun.” Rich said, his voice sounded awkward and scrambled.

“Unless he leaves me again. At least you didn’t outright leave me after years of knowing me, it hurts you know? He’d much rather be with Christine or-or Jake or you!” Michael was shaking, it made Rich’s heart ache slightly.

He couldn’t say that he left Michael for the super computer too, even if it was the truth.

“Michael, why don’t we hang out when I get out of here?” Rich’s voice cracked at every other word. He was nervous, very nervous. “We can play games or something?” That wasn’t supposed to be a question, but it came out like one.

“… Dude, have you ever played apocalypse of the damned?” Rich quietly listened to every word Michael said about the game, it seemed to be a game full of zombie and place puns but it would be fun to test out.“—and I still haven’t beat level ten and I need a new player two because Jeremy isn’t going to play anymore!” Michael finished, taking gulps of air into his mouth.

“I’ll be your 'player two’ if you want.” Rich said, smiling. Since when did his smile come unnaturally?

“Aw, I’m honored. Now I guess you won’t be… Bi yourself?” Michael smiled.

“That wathn’t horrible, I’m proud.”

“I’m glad.” Michael said, leaning on his hands, fluttering his eyelashes. Rich blushed, much to his dismay.

“Well then get ready for bad oneth, I tell loadth!”

“Tell me one.”

“I didn’t pan thith out well!” Rich emphasized the “pan” and smiled a lot.

“A replacement of plan?” Michael asked. “Classy.”

“Very!” Rich confirmed.

“Very what?”

“Very clathy– you jutht wanted to hear the lithp didn’t you?” Rich’s eyes widened in horror.

“Yes. It’s cute.” Michael grinned, winking at the shorter boy.How many times was Rich going to be confirmed short?

“O-oh really?” Rich leaned on his arm, tripping as he missed the bed and fell face first to the floor. Michael howled with laughter, trying to lean down and help him up only to laugh harder and fall next to him. Rich smiled and began to laugh too, ignoring the pain.

“I’m sorry you just fell! That was amazing!” Michael looked at Rich, noticing how close they were. It would be a lie to say Michael didn’t like Rich. He always appreciated the way he bullied him (was Michael a masochist? Probably), he loved the way Rich would joke in the hallways, how he’d gossip about Jake’s “latest conquest”. But Michael also liked– no loved– Richard. The nerdier version of Rich. He used to stalk him, if he was honest. He followed him in a 711 once in freshman year and judged his choice of Mountain Dew! He pretended to get food for his high! No he loved Richard and his lisp and his bad jokes. He loved the way he’d trip in the hallways and mess up. He also loved bisexual Richard, not straight Rich. So yeah, Michael was blushing insanely.

Rich was still doing his little giggle snort laugh, ignoring the obvious tension and passion there was. Michael moved closer and closer and–

“Why is Rich on the floor?” Both boys looked up.Jake was standing there, grinning. “So you finally made out? Good, because Rich will–”

“No! Hey, thup Jakey-D?” Rich sat up. “Came to vithit me?”

“Yeah, I did. But I see Michael is already making moves, should I leave or stay?”

“Nah man, you can see your buddy. I’m leaving anyway. See you tomorrow Richard!” Michael left, ignoring Rich’s “it'th Rich”, and getting to his PT Cruiser (would he ever change his car?) and drove all the way to Jeremy’s. He needed to talk about this. It’s too bad Jenna was on the phone with Jeremy when Michael busted down his door screaming “I ALMOST KISSED RICHARD JEREMY MY BUDDY ASK HOW IT IS HANGING BECAUSE IT IS NOT BANGING! IM FREAKING OUT!”

It was silent until Jenna squealed. 

“DONT TELL ANYONE JENNA!” Michael grabbed the phone, practically crying. Jeremy uttered a quick “Jenna don’t, got to go” and hung up. He turned to Michael and asked him to explain.

“Do you think he’d actually be interethted in me?” Rich asked Jake, moving back onto the bed. “I jutht don’t think he liketh me!”

“He offered for you to be his player two, didn’t he?” Jake said, smiling. “I forgot how awkward you where pre-SQUIP. Did you really fall trying to lean like you were cool?”

“Yeah, I did.” Rich avoided the word 'yes’ and looked away.

“That’s amazing.” Jake snickered, punching Rich’s arm lightly.

“I’m thorry about your houthe.” Rich mumbled. “You can thtay with me if you want.”

“Nah I’m staying with Chloe, her parents are cool with it.” Jake waggled his eyebrows. “Speaking of, I got to go. I’ll see you at school right?”

“Yeah, you will.” Rich said, knowing Monday would be his doom. Then everyone would know he was still a nerd.

~ ~ ~

“So Jenna says that Michael said he almost kissed Rich.” Chloe said to Brooke and Jenna (even though Jenna was the first to know).

“Jenna?! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone!” Jeremy walked up, eyes wide. “Michael is going to be so pissed!”

“We won’t tell anyone Jeremy.” Brooke smiled. “Except Christine, we told her. We also told Jake, but he promised not to tell Rich.”

Michael walked up, some weird hipster drink in his hand, smiling. “What’s the beeswax friends?”

Jeremy laughed. “Nothing Michael, just something Madeline did.”

“Oh my gosh, so Madeline–” Jenna went on this huge rant on what the poor girl did recently. Michael pretended to be interested but looked at the clock. It was Friday, he would visit Rich after school. He knew it was almost a matter of time until that clock showed he could leave.

“–Michael?” Brooke’s voice brought him back to reality.


“Are you wearing crocs?” Brooke looked at his feet in disgust.

“…. Yes?”

“Oh my gosh you poor boy. We need to buy you actual shoes!” Chloe gasped, shaking her head.

“Never. Crocs five-ever.“ Michael said, walking away.

”… He’s wearing socks with them!“ Jenna cried, hitting Jeremy’s arm. "Help him!”

“Nah, he won’t listen to me. Only if I insult him which I’m not doing again.”

“Fine.” Jenna huffed, going back into her story.

~ ~ ~

“You’re wearing crocth? Really Michael?” Rich raised an eyebrow.

“Oh don’t be a Jenna! You know you love my crocs!”

“I do.” Rich said, meaning every word.

“Okay, don’t lie they’re hideous.” Michael said sitting on his bed.

“Okay firtht of all, they’re not. Thecond of all, why do you wear them then?!” Rich moved to sit next to Michael.

“Someone has to like this stuff, and they’re comfortable. One day, my little Rich, I’ll get you crocs and make you wear them to school!”

To prom! We’re wearing crocs to prom. That’s final!

“I’m not little!” Rich said, instead.“You’re shorter than me. Remind me when I get you in crocs I should give you my hoodie.” Michael said, smiling.

“I thould take your glatheth too. Become a thmaller Michael.” Rich hated saying “glasses”. Michael wasn’t smiling anymore. “Michael? Are you upthet?”

“N-no. Not all.” Michael was picturing Rich in all his clothes. It was really cute.

“You thtopped thmiling.” Rich frowned.

“Sorry, I was thinking I can’t see without my glasses so you’d have to take a picture.” This was a lie, Michael would be able to see Rich clearly. He just wanted a picture.

“Okay, I’m fine with that.” Rich smiled again, he began to bounce. “Gueth what! I’m getting out Monday! I can’t wait to hear all the drama from Jenna and Chloe and Brooke! Jake wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“Oh, oh drama yeah! Yeah there’s been a lot.” Of my drama. “Madeline has been crazy.”

“I’m really looking forward to her drama.” Rich admitted.

“Yeah, well prom is coming up too. Lots of drama there, Jake is probably going with Chloe. Brooke has no date, Jeremy will ask Christine. Hey if you’re into Brooke you could take her.”

“Nah, I-I have my eye thet on thomeone.” Rich admitted, hoping Michael got the hint. He didn’t, and he was upset. 

“That’s good! I bet they’ll say yes.”

“Are you going with anyone?” Rich asked, hoping the answer was–

“No.” Michael said. “I’m not a prom person, I wouldn’t get a date. I’d probably go and be in the corner eating all the food. No, probably getting high out back.”

“Ah, I thee.” Rich felt no courage, shrinking into his bed.

“Shit what time is it? I have to go home, I’m sorry Richard. I’ll see you, okay? Here’s my number, text me!” Michael left.Rich, for some reason, liked it when Michael called him Richard. That wasn’t his biggest concern though. He had Michael’s number! Wait, that wasn’t the biggest concern! He texted Jake.

Rich: Hey Jakey-D, how do I ask Michael to prom?

Wait.Shit that was the SQUIP group chat.

He was screwed.

Jenna Cakes: OMG you want to ask him?!

Brooking it to class: Rich, you have to be fancy with it.

Valentine’s Day: Can we help?!

He’s Heere: I can tell you for a fact Michael would say yes if you just gave him a slushie. Better hurry, he’s been talking about some JD he met at 711.

Jakey-D: yo, I gotchu I’ll message him!


Rich was hiding under his blanket, mostly because of the pun names but also because he was nervous; that’s what he did when he was nervous.

Brooking it to class: why not flowers?

He’s Heere: he loves chocolates, get him weed brownies. Do it, I dare you to.

Jakey-D: I double dog dare you.

Valentine’s Day: triple dog dare you. Can’t not do it now.

He’s Heere: write 'prom?’ with icing! Make it Mountain Dew Red icing!

Rich laughed. That would be amusing.

Brooking it to class: I’ll help you pick out flowers. NOT WEED JEREMY!

He’s Heere: boo.

Brooking it to class: this’ll be a fun project.

Rich: cool, I get out Sunday so we can do it then.

Rich opened the calendar and made his plans with Brooke. Sunday would be fun.

~ ~ ~

Sunday was not fun, because Rich had to text Michael saying he was busy with Brooke. Michael said it was fine, but Rich thought he was lying.

“So I suggest we get yellow acacia. It signifies a true friendship but a secret love. We’ll get him a couple of those and also some white dittany! Those show passion and love.” Brooke was saying, pulling Rich through some weird flower shop. Some guy with curly hair and glasses was at the counter with a blonde girl. The name tags read 'Seymour’ and 'Audrey’.

“Okay, tho thethe two?” Rich grabbed the bouquets. He smiled a bit.Perfect.

“Oh, are those for your girlfriend? How lovely! I wish my boyfriend did that! He’s a dentist, you may know him!” Audrey, the female flower seller, smiled. Seymour frowned at the mention, staring at a bruise on the woman’s arm that Rich noticed.

“No. He’s asking someone to prom though!” Brooke answered excitedly.

“Y-yeah. I am.” Rich mumbled, paying for the flowers.

“Okay, so you put those in water and you’ll give them to Michael. Let’s find pot brownies for him.”

“Ah, Jeremy thaid he’d get them, tho it'th okay!” Rich smiled. “I thould go home." 

"Alright, if you say so.” Brooke smiled sweetly before leaving. Rich sighed, heading home. He was just sneaking to his room when he heard his dad walk in the hallway.

“Flowers? Asking a girl out?”

“Yeah, I am.” Rich lied.

“Put them in a vase at least.” His dad smirked.Rich nodded and went to the kitchen, putting them in separate vases. He brought them to his room and texted Michael.

Rich: I’ll see you tomorrow right?

RMD: of course! You’d willingly talk to me in public? I’m honored.

Rich was about to say yes when he saw his username changed.

Richard: Michael.

RMD: yes?

Richard: why

RMD: because I can Richard, fight me. 

Richard: How’d you even do that?

RMD: I’m a beautiful hacker fight me.

Richard: change it back!

RMD: never.

Rich sighed and put his phone down. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

“Richard, hey–” Jenna snickered, before being cut off.

“Don’t call me Richard. I’m Rich.” Rich mumbled, leaning against his locker. “Michael changed my thtupid uthername thomehow." 

"Do you have the flowers?” Brooke asked.

“Yeth. Where'th Michael?”

“Wait! Here!” Jeremy gave him tupperware with brownies in it. “He’s at his locker.”

“Thankth.” Rich walked over as cooly as he could to Michael’s locker.

“Hey Richard!” Michael smirked. His eyes fell upon the flowers. “Are those for the prom person?”

“Yeah, here.” Rich placed the flowers in Michael’s hands. He carefully opened the tupperware where the message was written. It just said “prom?” but there was only five brownies. Rich wasn’t complaining.

“That’s cool I bet they’ll love it!” Michael said, giving a thumbs up (as best as one could while holding flowers).

“Do you?” Rich asked.

“Well yeah, I’m jealous of the person– oh these are for me? Oh… OH!” Michael’s eyes widened as he looked at the brownies, then flowers. “OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT!”

Rich let out a nervous laugh. “Ith that a no?”

“ITS A MCFRICKEN YES!” Michael screamed.

“Never thay "mcfricken again”.“ Rich deadpanned.

"No promises, but yes! Of course yes! Totally yes!” Michael was gonna cry, he really was. “This is amazing!”

“I’m glad, I got nervouth.” Rich admitted.

“I’d be too, I’m pretty awesome I’ll be honest.” Michael teased, slinging his free arm around Rich. “Now, Richard, is this an invitation to date?”


“Okay good now I can do this.” Michael said.Before Rich could ask what “this” was Michael swooped down and kissed him.

It was going to be a great prom.

I do accept notes (GET IT! HA!). Thanks for reading. I may write one for their prom.

What the FUCK went down at Bakka. Why is Yousef so SAD. What elthe hell? What? What.
Also anyone else hope Yousef would get that ‘send a message to the last person you befriended on Facebook’ because… sansef

god-124  asked:

Could you do a smutty thing where my baby, Rich has a lowkey Daddy kink?

Fuck me up i need dom rich please and thank you -🎃👉👉


- Rich was always the dom. He may be short but he knows how to dick you down

- You found out about the daddy kink one day because Jake was play flirting with you and Rich nearly lost this shit

- “You belong to Daddy baby girl. No one fucking elthe.”

- honestly you nearly came right then and there.

- He made you cum six times that night

- it’s kinda your ultimate move. Like when you want him to pound you, you’ll sit on his lap and whisper how you want your daddy to fuck you

- his hand IMMEDIATELY goes to your ass and he murmurs “oh yeah? You want your daddy that much kitten? You’re jutht tho horny for your daddy?”

- Spanking and hickies happen ever single time

- wear one of his tank tops and I swear he’ll ravage you with his face buried against your chest

- tease this boy about his height or anything and he’ll fuck you ruthlessly until you pass out

- Aftercare wise he always treats you like a porcelain doll and gets super embarrassed about the whole daddy thing

- “thanks daddy.”
“Dear god y/n, baby noooooo.”

- total embarrassed dork afterwards. Bit you best believe he’ll do it again


How Smallville used The Legion and how it could be used similarly in Supergirl

The Legion of Superheroes showed up in one episode of Smallville. 

The Legionnaires

They bring: 

Cosmic Boy (Magnetic Powers)

Lightning Lad (Electricity Powers)

Saturn Girl (Telepathy)

The Episode

Structurally it works like this. 

Villain from the future

They are pursuing a villain from their timeline (an anti alien activist) who has gone back in time to change history. They defeat him and send him back, but not till after he manages to destroy a MacGuffin. 

As so often in those Legion/current time stories, one of the main dynamics is that the Legion knows the future. They are excited to meet Clark, tell him a bit about the huge influence he will have on history, they squabble about how much they are allowed to tell him. 

They stress that their badguy came to town to disrupt a historically important battle and how imperative it is for all further history that Clark fights this battle and wins. They can’t return till this battle is won. 

Killing Chloe

The battle is against Brainiac who has possessed Clark’s close friend Chloe. The MacGuffin was supposed to free Chloe from the possession, with it being gone The Legion is convinced that killing Chloe is the only option to defeat Brainiac which in turn is important for the future of the world. 

Clark >>> Legion

This is the core conflict of the episode, the Legion trying to talk Clark into killing Chloe, Clark wondering if they are right, The Legion deciding maybe they should kill Chloe. Clark stops them just as they are about to stab her and gives an inspiring “Do not kill” speech/reads them the riot act (which is a good mirror to an earlier conversation the Legion had where they got the impression that Clark kinda sucks). He convinces them to all use their powers to help extract Brainiac. 

They do some chitchat praising Clark, give Lana a pep talk and drop an ominous warning. 

What did the Legion do for Clark/Smallville? 

  • Fanservice!
  • In jokes!
  • Power variety.
  • Giving more explicit motivation why a villain has to be defeated and has to be defeated on a schedule. 
  • Giving characters like Clark and Lana a moral dilemma to struggle with. 
  • Giving Clark a chance to inspire people.
  • Showing off what effect Clark will have on the world. Having people who fanboy/fangirl Clark. 
  • Giving the characters a reason to talk philosophically about destiny and whether your future is set in stone. Something that I’d argue had somewhat of a double meaning in Smallville since Smallville was also to a large part about the shipper question of whether Clark is destined to be with Lois or whether the writers would say “fuck that” and go with Lana.  

Would that work for Kara/Supergirl too?


Glimpse into the heroic future

Clark on Smallville and Kara on Supergirl are very different characters with very different arcs. Throughout Smallville Clark was still moving towards being a hero, discovering new powers, still living “underground” in his superheroing. Since he wasn’t a full blown superhero yet, I think the Legion was more meaningful in giving a glimpse into his future. Also, due to how Clark did his heroing, he also didn’t get as much public recognition for it, the way Kara does. So I would argue him meeting fans from the future was more impactful, compared to Kara who is a very public figure and gets tons of emotional support from the people around her. 

Impact on the Legion

The Smallville episode talks a lot about Clark’s influence of the Legion, that it wouldn’t exist without him, that because of him humans are okay with aliens and aliens come together to form the Legion. The episodes also *shows* us Clark influencing the Legion by getting them to add a new rule 1 to their code, by showing them that you have to put preserving lives over just winning. 

On one hand that would fit really well with Supergirl’s themes of her inspiring other and on anti-alien prejudice/conflicts. On the other, I’m not sure whether that role really fits as well for me as it fits with Superman. (though I think they could just change the origins of the Legion a bit in this universe, to maybe that Kara even started the Legion due to her friendship with aliens from other planets). 


The Legion, especially if used in such a limited capacity like in the Smallville episode, is always good to add some gravitas. Like “okay, you fight a lot of badguys, but this is the only badguy who is so important that we actually showed up from the future just to ensure that you beat them“. They are also really good for dropping ominous hints (”your biggest battle is still ahead of you, but we can’t tell you what it is, toodles!” or “you will be betrayed by somebody you trust, but we can’t tell you who it is, toodles, bye!”), good for a cliffhanger that sends fans speculating.  

Hints and Secrets

A lot of the legion dynamics hinge on people having knowledge about the future but not being allowed to say it. One approach could be if Mon-El really was picked up by the Legion at the end of s2, and is sent back by them in s3 to protect Kara, but he isn’t allowed to share any future knowledge he might have. 

Or they could do the reverse, let’s say Kara met the future Legion, or maybe even the Legion of earth prime and gained knowledge about Mon-El’s future. For example, she could see active legionnaire Mon-El from the Earth Prime universe and that could give her the idea that she should give him the Legion ring when he comes back to earth. Or it could give her an idea where “her” Mon-El might end up, but she doesn’t tell him because after all, different universe, it might go differently. 

=> Generally the obligation to have some future knowledge dumped on them, but they can’t share it could be done with pretty much any character (even let’s say Alex, James, J’onn, Lena, etc) and it can be used to create some dramatic tension or give a different feel to the scenes they have, because they now have something they are hiding from others. 


Future of a non-superhero/non-comic book character

I think an interesting way to do it would be to do a similar story as an Alex/Kara centric one. Especially since Alex isn’t a character in the comic books. They could essentially put Alex into the Lana (or Chloe) role where she helps them, but wonders whether her name will be lost to history. 


The Legion

As noted by many other places, Mon-El is fairly tightly tied to the Legion in the comics. They are the one who save him from the Phantom Zone, they are the one who provide his cure, both in the current time and in the Legion future, he fights with them, he is even their leader for a while, he considers them his home and his family after being effectively banished from earth/the current timeline. 

So the Legion would be in a position to drop slightly more personalized hints about the future (rather than telling Superman how is the biggest, most epic, most important mofo ever and we look up to you as adoring fans, the hints could be more “you might not know now, but in the future we’ll be friends”). 

Heroic Future

As noted above, for Kara knowing about her heroic future is less interesting, because she already is a fully fledged and mostly respected hero, which is why the Legion assuring her that she’s important and revered probably wouldn’t have the same impact as it did on Clark in Smallville. On Supergirl, Mon-El is the one who is the “work in progress” hero, so him being told that would have a bit more meaning. 

Personal Future

One of the more interesting scenes of the Smallville episode was Lana kind of shyly asking about the future of her relationship with Clark (and not getting a straight answer) and her at the end affirming “fuck destiny”. 

A story like this could fit into Supergirl, for example if it comes at a low point for Mon-El where he for example wonders whether he’ll ever be a good hero or whether he’ll ever be more than just Supergirl’s sidekick. Or of course asking whether he’ll still be with Kara in the future/whether he’ll be with Kara for a long time, or whether their relationship will just be a footnote in history at the most. 

And of course it could work as fan assurance that Mon-El likely won’t die if the Legion drops hints that he’ll be playing an important role for the Legion far in the future. 

BTW, Lana Lang created ISIS :p 

Day 13: The Familiar Spirit Cometh.


The familiar spirit is within as well as without. Some say it begins from the without, and draws to your very heart as you walk down the paths, and become whole within yourself.

Some say the spirit blossoms forth from within you, out of your union of your most innermost self, the root of your spirit, with the otherworld. 

For some it could be one, for others it could be the other, and for many it could be a bit of both. 

In my practice, the Familiar Spirit becomes my supernatural assistant and Holy Guardian Angel when practicing Evocation and Grimoire Magic, showing that sometimes one spirit can encompass various roles. The Familiar Spirit is my ultimate guide, teacher, and companion on my crooked path.

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In most forms of Superman canon (which is to say, the only ones I care about, please do not try to correct me because I don’t care about your inferior preferred canon), it is established that:

  • Superman’s Fortress of Solitude was actually built using fancy Kryptonian fortress building technology, sent to earth with Clark by Jor El
  • The Fortress of Solitude contains a zoo full of aliens that Superman has managed to collect, some from when they came to Earth to wreak havoc, and others taken from The Preserver after Clark escaped

Which would mean, logically, that the Fortress of Solitude at one point contained an empty zoo.

Here is my headcanon:

Jor El did not just send his only son to Earth (a planet which I firmly believe he called ‘a Krypton-like planet’). He also sent the genetic sequences of most animals and plants, like a crystalline test tube ark. Maybe he even sent along DNA from other Kryptonians, so his son could one day clone them and revive the Kryptonian people. I have no idea. Jor El was so sure of himself he launched a baby into space, I don’t think he’d hesitate to set a high fucking bar for his future rocket baby.

Thus, the zoo.

Except Clark got a degree in journalism.

Can you just imagine Clark Kent trying to explain to the artificial intelligence cloned from Jor El that he got a degree in journalism?

I firmly believe that Clark Kent sincerely tried to become a biologist. He studied really hard in high school, probably. He learned everything he could get his hands on when it comes to cloning. But being descended from a family of geniuses from genius planet doesn’t really change the fact that he grew up on Earth going to a rural public school. Also, cloning is hard. I’m not convinced Jor El was aware of the difficulty in cloning. They probably had machines for that on Krypton. He just kind of assumed it couldn’t be that hard. Jor El wasn’t a biologist, he was a rocket scientist. His primary concern was problems with rocket-based solutions, like having an extra baby.

So anyway. Just imagine teenage Clark going on school trips and meeting with scientists and writing letters and just fucking grilling people about cloning. Anyone who knew anything about cloning learned to dread getting mail from Clark Kent. He knew how to ask all the most awkward questions, poking and prodding at all the weak points in everyone’s research, it was a goddamn nightmare.

And eventually Clark was forced to confront the reality that he knew jack fucking shit about cloning. Everyone knew jack shit about cloning. The DNA he had so many samples of might not even have been DNA, some of it was just this weird muddy alien soup not recognizable as anything, what the hell was he supposed to do with that? The only thing he’d managed to get any good at was poking his nose into other people’s business and irritating the shit out of them.

As he looked out at the empty zoo that contained nothing but the failed hopes and dreams of his dead father, he said: “Fuck it, I’m going to Columbia.”


Wanna play a little guessing game with me?
Can you figure out which Master is which?

idk who translated this but clam? CLAM?

Believe it or not, the game has already given us a lot of clues

Okay, I obviously don’t have 100% correct answer, but I do have a lot of evidence to back my claim

Look closely at the one in the middle. You might think that’s Solace, because, come on, Solace? He should be in the middle, right?

Well that’s what most of us theorists thought…

but he’s definitely shorter than the one on the right…


Here is height difference between our three well known Masters:

Solace is.. a tiny bit taller than Ebalon… so is the one in the middle, not Solace? Not convinced enough? They look about the same height?

Hey… have you ever thought… maybe they made those costumes up off the top of their heads and not be consistent with the game…?

NOPE. They are 100% consistent with the game.

These are statues found on House of Solace’s garden, also found throughout the mansion:

Look closely at the shoulder pads…

Noticed the similarity?

Here are the rest of Masters and their shoulder pads:

They don’t match any of the ones on the statue.

The second one from the right is Solace!

Now to figure out the rest…

Well I think it’s obvious that Ebalon is the one in the middle. The chibi ones are harder to tell. We know Denif is definitely short, but… There are TWO shorties…



But that also means… The statue in Solace’s garden has a symbol of the El on the face, so it might be a… element-neutral Master @_@ that has nothing to do with Solace???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I NEED BETTER PIC OF THE 6 MASTERS

Press Play
Enjoy the show...

Due to the unexpected explosion of the El, my mission has lost its course,
and I sustained damage from the explosion to such a great degree that I did not have enough strength to maintain even my own existence.

That’s when I faced the deep chaos one should never feel.

When I was wandering within the chaos, I felt a faint energy of the El somewhere, and instinctively, I chased after that energy. As the El’s energy grew stronger as I got closer, I thought to myself:

It’s not too late. With this much energy, I might be able to complete my unfulfilled mission.

Then I… When I fulfill my mission, I will be forgotten by the humans. For now, I only need to pretend; just enough to blend in…

Did you guys see that?

It’s something we’ve never seen before…

No? Missed it? Scroll up and look closely this time…
Found it? You knew it the whole time? Or still confused? 

Let me give you the answer:

Guys these are images never before seen in the game… This is not Hamel, this is not Elysion, this is not the old Elianod, capital of Elrios 500 years ago that we know of…

The “city” on the top… looks like Elianod before the Nasod War, before the first El was ever rampant. Before Goddess Ishmael ever “helped” (cough) the first Lady of El to calm it. I’m judging this by the fact that it’s more perfect in shape, and that it’s not covered, which means it is not of Harnier and Solace’s time, 500 years ago. 

We all know what the Giant El looked like 500 years ago, before its destruction:

Exterior of Tower of El

Interior of Tower of El

The capital Elianod, before the Nasod War, was the peak, the zenith, the epitome of Elian culture it EVER was. Notice the size of the “buildings” and the grandeur of the city. We were amazed at the intricacy of Solace’s manor and the appearance of Tower of El, and that was with an imperfect Giant El. Imagine a culture where there was the original, the first perfect Giant El, complete and whole. Is this a glimpse of what El used to be like, before humans and Elians abused it and lead themselves to the Nasod War and subsequently the imperfect rampant El? Will our heroes visit there? Perhaps as a vision? Or time travel?

The bottom picture… is not so cut and clear…

Is it still a city? Or is the “El” inside a building? I can’t be too sure. What I can tell is that the El in the previous picture and this one are of the same size (I just checked). The same beam of light is coming out of it (or into it). The “buildings” arround it has changed drastically, but that’s easily explainable if we, for the sake of argument, assume that it’s been hundreds of years since the city in the previous picture to this.

Why is it so dark and ominous looking, you ask?

Friend told me the coloring reminds them of Henir, and I thought it was because these are fragments from Henir’s Space Time so maybe the coloring reflected off of the light inside Henir… 

but… then I remembered… Denif.

  • Luckily nothing big happened to the Lady of El today, but several hundreds of years ago, Zealots of Henir attacked the Lady of El and the Giant El went rampant. The entire continent was on the brink of extinction…
  • Zealots of Henir? Who are they to do such reckless…!
  • They are… fanatics who follow the ancient God Henir, with the belief that everything except the ones by the will of Henir must be destroyed to cleanse the universe.
    So they’ve been attempting to destroy the creations of ancient God Elia and the Goddess Ismael, and over the countless years, they have targeted the El crystal and the Lady of El…

It could be of the original El when it was first attacked by the infamous Zealots of Henir, just like how Denif was telling us during his Zealots of Henir 101 lecture to Solace, 500 years ago.

Guys. This is in Henir’s Space Time. These fragments are visions seen inside the Henir when Ain was in there.

Is it really strange for us to think that the city on the bottom is of Elianod when it was attacked by the Zealots of Henir, hundreds of years + 500 years ago?

The scale of the plot is getting bigger and bigger… Prepared to be excited!