So I was reading the Wikipedia article on our Moon yesterday to try and find its distance from the Earth for the purposes of a throwaway line about how long(ish) distance teleportation drains Gavi’s native reserves pretty badly, and I saw this image of a lunar eclipse and I was like WAIT WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE GAVI’S HAIR. But only sort of.

And then I was looking up stuff about hair again, this time texture, and I remembered that image I linked but it wasn’t quite right so I went looking for another pic and I found this one, also from Wikipedia, on the lunar eclipse page.

So. Basically. Basically Gavi and Jennika have hair like the moon during a lunar eclipse, and it took me months to realize this. God damn.

okay so Garnet has informed me that she stims and has sensory sensitivities and people problems and the worst handwriting in the history of the universe but pretty awesome gross motor control and she curls up in a little ball of catatonia and goes nonverbal sometimes and paces other times and and and

and basically

the most powerful mage on the planet is an autistic, socially awkward lesbian who wants everybody to get along because hostility feels like steel wool on her skin and occasionally she mutes all her senses when it gets to be way too fucking much and plays with her magic instead

‘K. I'mma siddown and tell the tag what Eltagaia is about in as few words as poshible.

It’s about a socially awkward mageborn lesbian obsessed with traveling to the stars, whose abusive mother can’t stop her from running away, finding some friends– and learning a few things about her past that her mother never wanted her to know.

Oh, and she gets a girlfriend and finds out she’s the most powerful mage on the planet, but, y'know, broad strokes here. And the being stupidly powerful totally falls under the heading of “Marilda doesn’t want her to know that”, because it’s hard to keep something with you because they’re totally dependent on you and think they wouldn’t last a second out in the “real world” if they can just nope their way out of anywhere that doesn’t have a set of enchantments a team of mages would need to put in place. Or unless they’re wearing a magic-suppressing amulet, like the one Marilda made when Garnet’s growing magic started giving her a headache…

ANYWAY. Inneresting?

It’s really interesting having Gavrielle as a character, because she’s challenging my ideas of intelligence. I didn’t realize how linked speaking ability and intelligence were for me until I went “hmm maybe she doesn’t use noise-words at all, just (hah) signs and writes and paints and draws and makes illusions” and something deep inside of me went “but–!”

And I’m not changing her. I’m taking that visceral internal disagreement and I’m pinning it to the wall and I’m making it watch me flesh out a character whose vocalizations are purely for her own enjoyment (she sings, a lot, just not words in any vocal language), and every time the disagreement (really it’s internalized ableism) twitches and goes “but that’s– but then she’s not–” I cut off whatever ableist shit it’s about to say by showing it a mental middle finger and a grin.

And this is a neat thing too, because this firmly-held bit of characterization also resulted in me figuring out that Izarti’s mother and father ensured Izarti and her siblings were taught sign language so they could communicate with as many people as possible, because that’s What Good Royalty Do To Be Good Leaders For Their Country. That’ll make Izarti bilingual at least, possibly sign language being her first language. (Like teaching hearing babies to sign before they can properly use vocal language, only she and her sibs kept it.)

Hmm. Maybe that’s a Thing Ivadii-Rothdans culturally do, teaching sign language as a mother tongue right alongside their vocal language and then using it a lot. According to my Wikipedia research that often comes into practice because of a high occurrence of deaf people in the population… hmmm…

(Gavrielle’s not deaf, by the way. Now that I’ve mentioned this whole thing it’s occured to me that it would be right to have some deaf characters; it seems kinda skeevy to have sign language play such a major part in the story but not have any deaf characters…

Anyway. Gavi’s got pretty entertainingly godawful auditory processing, so language picking-up is hard as heckie for her, but her ability to pick up that there is a sound is actually hypersensitive. Aah, good ol’ sensory wonkiness, where would autistic people be without you? [less aggravated by things allistic people don’t even notice, that’s for sure.])

And I should r e a l l y send out a call for personal experiences of auditory processing disorders. My issues with AP are pretty mild, so I’m not even sure if issues to the extent I’m imagining are even realistic.

… hahaaaaaaaahahahahaha oh yes why not have alithea (that’s gavi’s mom) be deaf or hard-of-hearing, that’d be neat, that’d be super neat, hehehehehe

-scurries off to research ALL THE THINGS-

okay so

this is officially a multiple-book thing

because there are too many Things to cram into one

the family ‼fun‼ is book one, with the unresolved issue of “okay so why is garnet this stupidly powerful???”

and book two introduces the “you’re the freaking reincarnation of the woman who made the not!stargates work????” thing and suddenly garnet is the object of INTENSE INTEREST

and considering i can write an average of 5k a day when my brain is on fire and have it come out wonderfully, and my highest daily wordcount was 7,530 in ‘11, i can probably manage book 1 in the first week or two (shooting for 80k-ish) and then poke #2 with a stick until plot falls out

I know that at some point the worldgate is going to work again, although I don’t feel like pointing it at the AltEarth because booooriiiiiing, but hmm… hmm… OOH

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Calm thyself, I can only type and think so fast

Okay, first off, anything tagged #eltagaia is babbling about my NaNovel.

Garnet is the protagonist, and the 5xgreat-granddaughter (aka, 7 generations down) of the most powerful mage in Eltagaian history, Azurine Shilai. Due to shenanigans involving copious usage of the number 7 that are as follows, she’s really ridic powerful.

Said shenanigans: If two seventh children (already preeetty magically powerful) have kids together, and their firstborn has kids with another firstborn, and their firstborn etc etc etc, and so on for 7 total generations after the 7th/7th pairing, then the 7th firstborn in this line of firstborns will be basically a physical-appearance xerox of the more magically powerful line progenitor, genetics be damned, and have significantly more raw power because all that build-up goes somewhere, dammit.

and Azurine was a 7th daughter, not just a 7th child, so she’s by far the more powerful of the Azurine/Ozalin pair, so here’s Ms. Garnet the Ridic Powerful

and Garnet’s also an autistic socially awkward dork so some days the planet is too noisy or too itchy or too emotional or too everything, and she can just casually tell her brain unless i’m in imminent danger of being hurt or killed i don’t give a fuck and mutes all her senses except the bits she needs to play with her magic

and sometimes things aren’t that bad but she still wants to play with tangible light and that’s usually one of the more finicky things to make because it’s making shit out of thin air. shit that doesn’t appear ANYWHERE but in the hands of mages. and it’s really really intricate to get all the feelings right– but she has enough power to just be like “i want that thing to happen”

luckily actually making other people fall into place with your whins requires a lot more finicky crap that simply cannot be brute-forced without permanent damage, and whatever shittery marilda inflicted upon garnet she remembered her ethics classes well enough (no matter how little she actually uses what she learned) to impress upon her “daughter” the importance of not using her power to fuck with the laypeople


after the first half-dozen people who were way too freaking loud in garnet’s bby presence got a bit mind-blasted, anyway

can’t be leaving a trail of coma patients around, makes it way too easy to track the movements of the person who stole the magic baby

ALTHOUGH. I went and wrote all that and now I’m going “neaaaaaaaaah this is all so incoherent and a really annoying magic system and I’m definitely keeping the convoluted ‘7s make everything interesting’ system and the facts that garnet is ridic powerful and stims with her magic and can instinctively tell her senses to sit down and shut up, but how that power manifests itself and what the mechanicals workings are i think i need to think on more” so yeah. have a semi-coherent ramble that is probably 90% noncanon by now.

but what should i call the ocean that’s most of the water on eltagaia

“new pacific”?

because it’s actually larger than the pacific, i think, soooooo

hahaha oh god

i wonder how many meterological sins i’ve commited with the scribbles i’ve made following this climate cookbook thing


oh my god.

i just realized.

the character who specializes in transforming and (re)constructing the human body, anywhere from cosmetic changes to reconstruction after serious injuries to helping trans people get the body they want, to even creating embryos out of whole cloth

is probably infertile because of a physical defect in her reproductive system

i didn’t. i don’t even. i. pffffffffffffffffffffffff

and she’s the best in her field but lemme tell you how hard it is to do an already finicky and finesse-requiring spell on yourself it is hella fucking hard (read: kind of impossible) oh alithea i am so sorry

I have no idea how canonical this will be relative to the final product of Eltagaia (nearly typoed that as Elragaia, hmmm), but it’s pretty!

They’re not identical twins, fyi. Wellllllllllllll. Kinda are. Sorta. Not really. They’re not the same age, is the thing; leftie/shorthair, Jennika, is the many-times-great-grandmother of rightie/longhair, Gavrielle. (formerly Garnet, formerly Genevieve, formerly…) And because of Shenanigans that I currently haven’t bothered to work out the mechanics of (IT’S MAGIC IT RUNS ON HANDWAVIUM) they are, for all intents and purposes, the same person. Souls are involved, I think. Their magic feels the same, for one thing, and magic is the friggin’ fingerprint of the Eltagaian world. And of course they look friggin’ identical. Gavi’s taller, though, a smidgeon, because of better nutrition.

But they’re genetically identical and if they were ever alive at the same time (which isn’t gonna happen because time travel aten’t in this verse) they could pass for each other no freakin’ problem. Not just physically, either; they do have the same soul. Kinda… like… this. (spoilers for Gunnerkrigg Court chapter 31) Well okay pretty exactly like that except the Jennika-Gavrielle soul hasn’t been p… y'know what I’m gonna move this to a text post so I can put all the spoilery shit under a cut

nokama  asked:

bounce plot ideas off me and i'll try and string them together if it helps? or paragraphs or something




garnet -> obsessed with the stars/going to space

garnet/izarti -> a thing

many years in the past (but not too many) -> eltagaia was discovered when the flailing end of a worldgate wormhole garnet’s 40x(ish. it’s been 1k years) great-grandmother (jennika) hooked onto a magically powerful spot and this allowed some creator-mages to go through the just-stable-enough wormhole to make a ring for the wormhole to latch onto

garnet -> the reincarnation of said 40x great-grandmother

me -> abruptly bored of pseudo-medieval fantasy world

me -> suspecting her new meds of doing more harm than good and at the worst possible time

plot idea -> garnet gets drawn into helping with figuring out that bloody worldgate because it hasn’t worked for a thousand years or so and she’s the reincarnation of the mage who had enough power to manage a wormhole for long enough for it to latch onto a magically charged spot on a planet surely she can help (spoilers: maybe???? look everything’s been pitched into turmoil with this lately BLAR and i don’t even)

plot idea -> rocks fall everyone dies because BLARGH

… so i copied several paragraphs of characterization babbling to move them to a different place

and then i checked tumblr and i had new crap in my inbox so i checked it out and i copied something and then i remembered about the characterization babbling several minutes too late ugh stupid distractable brain

Eh, the gist of it is that Marilda is narcissistic and a narcissistic parent and when the universe finally gets through to her that she’s actually an asshole she can’t cope, and decides that if she can’t win ‘em kill 'em and plays the starring role as a human bomb because you can do that if you’re a mage. Luckily for our heroes, shields made of NOPE are also a thing you can make.

A couple things from the outline i’m writing of the climax

A climactic confrontation, after Garnet’s 18th; she knows her family history now, at least some of why Marilda/Alithia is the worst ship

BLAH BLAH BLAH SPEECH BLAH and then marilda is crying, and furious and crying, and tries to get off a few more attacks to make her stop, and garnet just no-sells the whole damn thing because FUCK YOU I’M BASICALLY AZURINE REBORN AND SHE WAS ONLY THE MOST POWERFUL FUCKING MAGE ON THE FUCKING PLANET

and then izati bodychecks garnet the hell away because she recognizes the power buildup, she’s actually personally witnessed a mage expending all their power, even their life, just to get one thing done and that thing is called “explosion centered on me”

so she’s the one to say GET THE HELL AWAY AND SHIELDS UP


end chapter

Just the more wtf-entertaining lines. :D