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Hey, i hope this isn't too much to ask for, but would it be possible to make some tagyourself meme with the Elgang? Perhaps also with all the job classes (the second ones at least), or would that be way too much work at once?

what is god?

god is bile rushing up your throat. god is hot and nauseating and god hurts. god is a knife stabbed in your back after telling you to trust. and you’ve been blind enough to do so/

god is a prayer, a chant repeated over and over until your tongue bleeds. god is scalding tears and hollow feeling in your chest when your voice goes hoarse and sobs replace words. and you’ve been hurt enough to repent/

god is a broken promise, eons spent chasing after something that decided you aren’t worthy. an eternity of pain and solitude is what you get for offering yourself. and you’ve been stupid enough to be devoted/

god is a fraud, a liar and deceiver
god left me to suffer and i intend to do the same