Sea of Monsters, Mother of Kraken, Charybdis.     Kraken Lore:    In a time when the gods still walked the earth a child was born to Tethys and Poseidon.
This was the Kraken - guardian of all the world’s oceans and terror to all who traveled upon them. The Kraken was once mated to his half-sister after Zeus’ anger had changed her
into a monster in the form of a whirlpool with a gaping maw of teeth.
   Her name was Kharybdis, a beautiful naiad and daughter of Gæa and Poseidon. Charybdis would be forever carrying the Kraken`s offspring within her.
She releases her brood at the height of each full moon.
Casting them forth onto all the world’s oceans and giving rise to the legends and lore among early mariners.    These mysterious hatch lings inhabit the deep oceanic trenches and perpetually turbulent waters of the world. 
Thankfully, they are born without the ability to breed and take centuries to mature into smaller versions of their father.
On the longest of years, Mother Kharbydis has daughters (who take after her). The legends tell us that they are fearsome and appear with little warning out of the deep,
voraciously devouring the most seaworthy vessels with ease. Occasionally, leaving a rare survivor to tell the tale.
   by Stevie Pagano. © copyright Stevie Pagano / Elstwhen 2013   https://www.etsy.com/shop/Elstwhen

The Sea Queen  is a one of a kind handmade head piece, 
this stunning crown features all of the water colors of our oceans
and was made using real Mother of Pearl and Abalone shells.
Made to last with heavy gauge wire, it is safe to submerge for under water photo shoots,
there is a tiny air hole in the top and bottom of the Abalone centerpiece
to evacuate air and water (so the crown wont float off). 


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Just Listed in the Elstwhen Shoppe on Etsy,  The Hemotakoan Kraken (Hemo=Blood, Tako=Octopus, an=of the),     At 30,000 feet below sea level,  just off the coast of Japan lies one of the deepest oceanic trenches on earth. This is where the Hemotakoan was brought up from it sleep by the eruption of sea floor vents  and the melting of a massive deposit of frozen methane. He was stunned and an easy capture.   https://www.etsy.com/listing/124359136/the-hemotakoan-kraken-kraken-decanter


This Siberian Silky Kraken was caught by biologists while investigating an unusual whale carcase.
The whale popped up near their ship and all tho it looked freshly killed,
it all ready appeared to be half eaten, (from the inside out).
The absence of scavengers, even sea birds, was suspicious, so they pulled up close to have a better look.
You can imagine their surprise to find this little monster, napping just inside the blow hole.
It was so full, he hardly moved as the scientist slipped a container over him.

This large Cobalt blue glass vase features a Seafire Pearl Kraken
with Limpets and Barnacles.
Hand sculpted onto its sturdy glass vase this stunning Octopus sculpture
makes an interesting conversation piece.
Fill it with beach grass and flowers or place it to catch the light from a nearby window
and bring some of the seas wonder into your home.
You wont find another one like it anywhere.

Seafires are the most troublesome of all the Kraken.
It is quite possible that the original Norse legend of the Kraken, began with an encounter involving one of these Seafires, as they seam to have a fondness for storm riding as a mode of fast transport.
This makes them unique among their spices traveling far from their brood waters
and some times beaching the very young ones on some unlucky coastline. https://www.etsy.com/listing/115068774/the-seafire-pearl-kraken-cobalt-blue

The Auckland Silky Kraken,
This cantankerous hatch ling was captured just off shore Disappointment Island,
after it attacked and killed a grate white shark that researchers were in the process of tracking.
There was less than a minute go by from the transponder going out, to the sharks half eaten carcase bobbing up by the boat.
‘Fishing the ditch, is an adventure in itself,
even without having to deal with a baby Kraken" stated first mate Kewli Loatch.
“The nasty lil booger almost took my hand off  when I slipped the can over him.
We just got lucky no one was hurt, except for the poor shark.