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How much canon info is there about Highever? I haven't been able to find much apart from: It has an alienage, is by the coast and makes a signature kind of cloth (wool industry?). How big is the city? Is it near/around Castle Cousland? Does it have a harbour? How big is the alienage and what is it like?

(Alright, for you I’m going to make this into an official lore post, because this is actually small and specific).

Disclaimer: All of this is completely canonical knowledge. Nothing headcanoned, there are sources for it and I’ve gathered from every source that I could. This includes: Codice (Highever, Construction Report: Brickmarks, ), Dragon Age Origins Ultimate/Collector’s Edition Prima Guide, Dragon AGE Core Rulebook. Nothing is headcanon and nothing is taken from an unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia).



Highever is a Teyrnir in northern Thedas, one of the few that set on the Coastlands. It sets on the coast of the Waking Sea, west of Amaranthine, across the sea from Kirkwall and the Vimmark Mountains, and North of The Bannorn.

In the very center of the Highever Teyrnir, is Harper’s Ford, this area used to belong to the Howes of Amaranthine. However, during the Orlesian Occupation, Tarleton Howe sided with the Orlesians, Harper’s Ford was marched upon by the Couslands and Howe hung.

Highever is the name of a village in the Teyrnir along the coast, as well as being the name of the Teyrnir (all lands, holdings, and bannorns within in area).

Castle Cousland is located in the Highever Teyrnir, the exact location is unknown.

Highever possesses an Alienage, though the location of it is unknown.

There was a Silver Temple in Highever where Andraste’s Ashes were first held, before being moved to a secret location. Whether the Temple still stands in unknown.


In -165 Ancient, Andraste’s “sons” (Maferath’s sons were adopted by Andraste, though many tried to claim to be her birth son in order to earn leadership of the Alamarri tribes) sought to steal Andraste’s ashes from Highever’s Silver Temple and strengthen their claim to Chief of the Alamarri. The ashes were moved to Haven, but the location was never revealed and eventually lost.

Castle Highever, eventually known as Castle Cousland, was built in the Divine Age and was considered no more than an outpost to the Amaranthine Bannorn. The oupost was held by the cousins of the Howes, the Elstans until the Tower Age.

In the Age of Towers, Bann Conobar Elstan was murdered by his wife, Flemeth, leaving no heir behind. Cononbar’s Captain, Sarim Cousland, stepped up and took the land instead.

The Couslands would declare themselves an independent Bannorn from Amaranthine and start a 30 year war, until Highever was freed and owned southwest Amaranthine as well.

It wasn’t until the Black Age that Highever would be named a Teynir under Haelia Cousland, who would unite the nearby lords against the werewolves and earn herself the title along with their fealty.

4:80 Black, Orlais tried to take Highever in hopes to conquer Ferelden, in the first Orlesian Invasion. They would use Highever to supply their troops by sea. However, Redcliffe stood strong against the Invasion and Orlesian was forced to retreat, unable to pass into Highever.

 During the Exalted Age, Eletha Cousland would fight Ferelden’s future king, Calenhad, to remain independent. She would lose, but Highever would remain one of two Teynirs and Eletha would remain their teyrna.

However, in the Dragon  Age, the Couslands would be betrayed and Castle Cousland would be stormed by Arl Howes forces, the Cousland family almost completely wiped out. The only to survive would Fergus Cousland, who would be lost in the Korcari Wilds until after the Fifth Blight ended. 

(Conditional: The youngest Cousland would also survive the attack and go on to become a Grey Warden, swearing vengeance on Howe.)

Highever would be relinquished after Howe’s death by the Warden and returned to the Couslands.

Fergus Cousland is the current Teyrn of Highever.


Highever has two major Heraldry, The Cousland Heraldry (Left) and The Highever Heraldy (Right).

Known People from Highever

  • Ardal Cousland (A knight/soldier to King Vanedrin Theirin)
  • Bryce Cousland
  • Calenhad Theirin
  • Duncan
  • Fergus Cousland
  • Flemeth
  • Helena (Jory’s Wife)
  • Oren Cousland
  • Riordan
  • Roderick Gilmore
  • Ser Eryhn (A Templar woman with unmatched grace with a sword and shield)
  • Warden Cousland


  • Highever has a population of 20,000.
  • Highever has given Ferelden the most famous Alamarri Legends so far (Calenhad, and Flemeth)
  • Nelaros’ Wedding Ring was forged in Highever, it is also where Tabris’ bride/groom comes from.
  • Sarethia is the Hahren of Highever’s Alienage.
  • Warpaint of the Tempest, is the traditional kaddis for mabari in Highever.
  • Highever Weave is most likely a cloth originating from Highever and may be an export.
  • Skyhold has bricks stolen from Highever, apparently before the First Orlesian Invasion.

ultitmate dragon age meme: five mages | flemeth | shapeshifter

“We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment… and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.”

Flemeth was once an Alamarri noble, the wife to Bann Conobar Elstan of Highever.

   Ages ago, legend says Bann Conobar took to wife a beautiful young woman who harbored a secret talent for magic: Flemeth of Highever. And for a time they lived happily, until the arrival of a young poet, Osen, who captured the lady’s heart with his verse.

   They turned to the Chasind tribes for help and hid from Conobar’s wrath in the Wilds, until word came to them that Conobar lay dying: His last wish was to see Flemeth’s face one final time.

   The lovers returned, but it was a trap. Conobar killed Osen, and imprisoned Flemeth in the highest tower of the castle. In grief and rage, Flemeth worked a spell to summon a spirit into this world to wreak vengeance upon her husband. Vengeance, she received, but not as she planned. The spirit took possession of her, turning Flemeth into an abomination. A twisted, maddened creature, she slaughtered Conobar and all his men, and fled back into the Wilds.
   For a hundred years, Flemeth plotted, stealing men from the Chasind to sire monstrous daughters: Horrific things that could kill a man with fear. These Korcari witches led an army of Chasind from the Wilds to strike at the Alamarri tribes. They were defeated by the hero Cormac, and all the witches burned, so they say, but even now the Wilders whisper that Flemeth lives on in the marsh, and she and her daughters steal those men who come too near.
   —Excerpt from Codex entry: Flemeth

Many legends shroud the mystery of how she became the Witch of the Wilds, a fearsome personage that walked the Wilds for centuries. Her title is, however, not a true one, but rather a superstitious name the locals of the Korcari Wilds gave to her.

Although Morrigan at first believed Flemeth to be an abomination, she later realized that Flemeth is not truly human. Flemeth herself reveals to The Inquisitor that the Fereldan legends of the Witch of the Wilds share one aspect that is true: Flemeth fled the Alamarri and asked spirits for help. Flemeth then admits that Mythal answered, and in exchange for fulfillment of Flemeth’s request, she possessed her.

Flemeth has given birth to multiple daughters, with whom she swaps bodies to prolong her own life. Morrigan is one of those daughters.

Flemeth has an almost unsettling tendency to be involved in the lives of a number of Ferelden’s most noted citizens. Although she is most associated with the Korcari Wilds to the south of that nation, tales of her have reached much farther afield: stories of her are sung as far north as Antiva, and the Seekers of Truth know she is more than just a legend.