elspeth van der hole

And that’s a wrap…

Until 11am tomorrow when I start all over again with a new shoot.

Tomorrow’s one is in the Tropical House in Nottingham and it’s based on Frida Kahlo’s paintings!

Keep your eyes peeled.

This is an image I didn’t think I would be happy with when I took it. But it’s turned out to be one of my favourites from the shoot. The more I look at it, the more I like it!

Photographer: Elspeth Van Der Hole

I love the back of my new snapback :)

Oh and my extensions are still looking pretty healthy after being in for a year! Yay!

Updating the website and sorting out some commission estimates this evening.

Determined to keep my career afloat…

Bethany Townsend, a successful model and good friend of mine, 
has been struggling with Crohns disease her
entire life. It has become much more apparent in the last two 
years bringing her modelling career to an 
abrupt end. Due to Beth's treatments she lost her hair, and at 
the young age of 21 has to deal with extreme 
weight loss, a permanent colostomy bag and ongoing stem cell treatment. 

The average person wouldn't comprehend the idea of living life 
this way let alone the terrifying prospect of a 
transplant this coming summer. I photographed Beth to highlight 
the fact that we simply see beauty, yet 
rarely question the lives of these figures when the scarring is not 
obvious. This is a distinct boundary in life 
between what we want to know, and what we should know as 
our level of comprehension is often only that 
of outward appearance. 

Another beautiful shot from todays shoot!

Last shoot of the week tomorrow and then one more meeting on Thursday and I will have an early start to the weekend! Hooray!