Is it supposed to be realistic? No. Can it be funny all the time? No. Should it be depressing? No. But it should say something important; that being young can be so fantastic, and such a disaster at the same time. And that you are not alone. Somewhere, there is a person experiencing the same things as you; whether they are stupidly hilarious or just terrible. Finally: That the way adults see you is not all you are. That is Skins.
—  Bryan Elsley

The Faithful Guardian (1911). Arthur John Elsley (British, 1861-1952). Oil on canvas.

Elsley had perfected his canine portraiture by the time he entered the studio of Fred Morgan in 1889. Here he discovered the successful formula of combining pets with children. Elsley painted the animals in conjunction with Morgan who undertook the children until 1900 when Elsley started to execute works on a grander scale successfully by himself.

CW Summer Schedule: DATES

The British series DATES, in which each episode focuses on a first date between two people who have met on an online dating service, debuts with back-to-back episodes Thursday, July 9 (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET and 9:30-10:00 p.m. ET). The series explores the issues, intricacies, romance, and danger of modern relationships and the thrills, calamities, lies, and truths of first dates.  Featuring a cast that largely changes with each episode, DATES includes such stars as Oona Chaplin (“Game of Thrones”), Ben Chaplin (“Thin Red Line”), Andrew Scott (“Sherlock”), Katie McGrath (“Dracula”), Amanda Hale (“The White Queen”) and Gemma Chan (“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”).  
Bryan Elsley created the series that aired on Channel 4 in Great Britain. (x)

anonymous asked:

how did kaya get the role of effy?

I think I read that she bummed a light from Bryan Elsley, which is how she got the part of Effy.  About her audition, she has said:

“Yes, I was walking past a huge queue outside the National Youth Theatre in London. The minimum age to audition was 16 – but I was only 14 at the time so I didn’t think I had a chance. But the show’s co-creator Bryan Elsley was outside having a smoke, then he spotted me and asked me to audition. That cigarette changed my life – it made my career!”

But I think I’ve read elsewhere that the way they might was that during that smoke, she asked him to light her cigarette.

The Story of making a Promotional Video: ‘Bollox the Movie‘

Towards the end of the summer Ginger Multimedia shot a Promotional Video for a new and upcoming brand called Bollox. It’s a fantastic product, and a great company and we had such great fun filming this video, with a brilliant team: film crew and actors, so we decided to write about it and share it!

Neil initially met the Director of Bollox, Daren Elsley, at a networking event, loved the story behind his brand and also the fact that some of the proceeds of each sale are donated to charity.

This is what Daren, Director of Bollox said:

The Bollox idea has been rattling around for three years or so, then after cycling the London to Brighton for the ‘British Heart Foundation’ in 2012 and raising £500, I got a real buzz out of raising money for a charity. So that was it – I loved the name and it fits so well with cancers that hit plenty of guys – Testicular, Prostate and Penile. The rest seemed quite a natural thing to do… it’s got to be a product that every guy would love to wear, and raises money for a cause that affects us guys. So, with the help of my wife and family the Bollox concept started. The aim of the brand is to not only be recognised as a Charity raising brand but also be a ‘must have’ item, a product which you want to show off to your friends, family and strangers in the street – showing them you’re a bit of a trendy guy and you look after your bollocks.

Planning the video

After the networking event, I was  keen to catch up with Daren to talk about his brand, and in doing so discovered that Daren was looking for a way to promote the brand to a wide audience and build awareness about his company. He had already considered using video to promote Bollox, so we sat and had a coffee, or two, and discussed how the brand could use video. I really liked the idea of this product raising money and awareness for such a worthy cause. Cancer effects so many people and we wanted to be part of an organisation that was so concerned about helping charities that help people affected by cancer.

So, Daren decided to commission Ginger Multimedia to create a video that would suit the brand and that would  help him with his aims, and we stated planning the video.

So, what next?

We met up to discuss and produce a storyboard that would meet Daren’s brief and the Bollox Video began…

We agreed that a fun, engaging and exciting video was what was needed to promote the brand. The next step was to find the actors needed. Daren had links with a local gym and so this was decided as the venue, and actors from a Zumba fitness class. The Bollox video was filmed over two video shoots, the first shoot was half a day and was filmed in fitness centre, using the gym and swimming facilities. The second video shoot made the most of the studio at Ginger Multimedia where a Talking Heads video was produced.

What Daren said about the video…

The filming and editing were completed and Daren was blown away by the video.

“Ginger Multimedia were fantastic! They totally supported our brand, and helped us throughout the process of having a video produced. From concept, storyboarding and production, right through to helping to search engine optimise (SEO) the video to ensure it gets found in the search engines. They also helped us distribute it to get organic views. We were delighted with the video and Neil and his team way over delivered. They continue to support us even after the process and we will certainly be using the Ginger Team again!”

The Video Premiere

There was only one thing left to do… An event to launch the video. An event was held to premier the video that had been created. Everyone that had an involvement inBollox The Movie was invited to come along to witness the first screening, and see what had been produced.

You can visit the Bollox website. Purchasing one pair of Bollox boxer shorts will cost you just £12 and you can buy two pairs for £20 with 10% of profits going to charity.

Take a look at our finished video here!