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Precinct 13
Bering and Wells 80’s Cop AU!

Teaser pages from Precinct 13 episode “Drop Your Weapon” (season premiere) airdate Sept. 20, 1984

This episode marked the debut of Jaime Murray as Det. H.G. Wells; these first two pages of the script, featuring her notes, are from the August 1984 table read—her first as a member of the cast.

[Disclaimer: Precinct 13 is a historical fiction, as are the versions of the actors cast in it. I will tell you that in all notes on this project, I refer to them as “fake-JM,” “fake-JK,” etc. Thus not only is Precinct 13 an AU, but the actors are AU versions of themselves; everything except their names and faces (and, I guess, voices) is made up. Because the real ones aren’t even ten years old yet in 1984, so honestly, this is as fake as can be.]

words by: @apparitionism
image vetted and approved by: @beatricethecat2

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I have not drawn her in a long time and this was a lot of fun to sketch out, I really enjoy how it turned out! Thank you for the suggestion anon!