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For some reason the Kageyama-Tsukishima office window was suspiciously dirty all the time despite being repeatedly cleaned

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Holtzbert at pride headcanons

me: *screams* 

  • its erins first time but holtz’ 3rd or 4th. patty and abby join them, bc come on no one in the ghostbutsters crew is straight t b h 
  • and holtz has like a cape flag, rainbow socks. the nerd goes all out and erin just walks out of their bedroom with little bi flags on  her cheek. holtz is just “??? erin did u even TRY” “excuse me I’m a pride virgin i have an excuse” 
  • patty and abby did the gb car up and had pride flags flying out the window with spray painted “we’re here and we’re queer” across the side of it. kevin tilts his head and squints with a “were here and we’re reindeers? its not christmas tho guys.” abby and patty are just “omg” 
  • oh man, while they’re partying and meeting new people and signing random peoples boobs erin hears someone behind her whisper “ugh, bi flags?? really??” and a “dude thats just so weird, why she at pride?”
  • turns out it was some stupid frat boys that live near by bc they heard the ghostbusters were in town. but erin still feels the ache in her chest bc once again, people think she’s faking. they think she’s not true to what she says or who she is
  • holtz hears it too, and is IMMEDIATELY (ง︡’-‘︠)ง︡ 
  • erin holds her gf back all “holtz its okay” “uhhh no its not?? this is pride?? I’m not letting some jerk ruin your first time” erin’s heart is just filled to the brim with love
  • erin and holtz get picked up by some random dude on a motorcycle wearing a rainbow full suit smiling all ‘THE GHOSTBUSTERS!! HOP ON” 
  • holtz just smiles so widely when erin laughs as they ride through the streets. she watches how rainbow confetti gets caught in her gfs hair, erin’s eyes shining, the flags below her eyes smudged from how many times holtz kissed her on the cheek.
  • she holds to erins waist tighter, 
  • she never lets go 

Hideweek is here again! /.w.)/

this is a little embarrassing but it’s supposed to be a set for the seasons prompts but I couldn’t finish all on time… enjoy it regardless? :’D

an incomplete list of Overused Shitty Classic Rock Fandom Jokes™ im sick of

  • literally anything about jimmy page first off fuck that scuzz
  • roger taylor/paul mccartney/whichever pretty man is gay/a girl/whatever shit
  • joking about anyones addiction/substance abuse problems is shitty
  • shitting on yoko 

we need more quality prog shitposting to compensate 

Some more Keyleth love this week, for Monday doodles ^__^ Hope you like it! 


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