elsie is queen

The Signs as Carmilla things

Aries: I will kill
Taurus: Tampons 
Gemini: How is Laura?
Cancer: Make room for LaF
Leo: Like someone cut a hole in me
Virgo: Queen Elsie
Libra: The Giraffe Shirt
Scorpio: Natasha’s Eyebrows
Sagittarius: Donna
Capricorn: “Stargazing”
Aquarius: Shady Perry
Pisces: Creampuff

“Why should I watch Carmilla?”
  • it is one of the few media representation of LGBTQIA+ people that doesn’t focus on their coming out story
  • annie briggs
  • it’s about a bunch of kids trying to save their school 
  • LGBTQIA+ diversity 
  • kaitlyn alexander
  • it doesn’t only focus on the romance 
  • it’s fucking fascinating
  • we are called the tampon fandom
  • the actors are so amazing and they are so open with fans, answering questions, taking pictures and just being incredibly nice in general
  • it manges to have a story that is mysterious, fascinating, moving, heartbreaking, hopeful and thrilling in two episodes a week that are less then 8 minutes
  • sharon belle
  • you can ask the charecters questions on social medias???? isn’t it the coolest thing ever???? where else can you do that?????
  • natasha negovanlis
  • elise bauman

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Happy Canada Day!

Here’s Elsie MacGill (1905-1980), “Queen of the Hurricanes,” the world’s first female aircraft designer, first Canadian woman to earn a degree in electrical engineering, first woman in North America to earn a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, first woman elected to corporate membership in the Engineering Institute of Canada, first woman to become chief aeronautical engineer at an airplane manufacturer, designer of the Maple Leaf II and Hurricane aircrafts, women’s rights advocate and activist, first woman to chair a U.N. committee. 

Later in life, she contracted polio and couldn’t walk, so she published articles about aeronautics and ran a hugely successful consulting business out of Toronto.

—Image from True Comics #8 (1942), writer & artist uncredited