elseworlds 80 page giant


Luthor’s brilliant, beautiful & bald daughter Wonder Woman, and other dubious stories, by Mark Waid, Ty Templeton & Dan Rasler. 1999′s Elseworlds 80 Page Giant was never officially released due to concerns about Kyle Baker and Elizabeth Glass’ tale of the infant Superman and his time in the Kent’s microwave. Only 400 copies of the comic ever made it into the wild and, thanks to the splendid Jon Browne, I ended up with one of them. I’ll post the remaining Waid/Templeton/Rasler faux-covers later this week.

“We’ll pay you double.” “Can you work next weekend?” [Elseworlds: 80 page giant: Letitia Lener, Superman’s Babysitter!]

By request the infamous: “Baby Superman in the Microwave”

Yes ladies and gents, the comic that got the entire run of the “Elseworlds: 80 Page Giant” pulled from the shelves and its $300+ price tag on eBay. It was a comedic gag better suited to the silver age, the modern censors didn’t look kindly on it for good reason.

Clark doesn’t looked too worried about his predicament, bless his little spit-curl.

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