A.G.R.A., graffitis, Polish trade unions and Thatcher

Anyone else notice this graffity? We know graffitis always hold some stong meaning or clue on this show. This particular one is seen when Mary is touring Europe while on the run. 

I don’t know exactly in which country Mary is at that time but going by the graffiti and it’s meaning it’s most likely Poland. In the 1980′s a non governmental trade union named ‘Solidanosc’ (engl. Solidarity) was brought to life at a shipyard. The Polish government went to great lenghts trying to destroy it, however it ended up having about 10 MILLION members by the end of the first year. The graffiti looks similar to this poster: 

But it gets better. High ranking members of the organization are known for praising Thatcher who in return was know to support them. (sources x and x)

A non-governmental organization with lots of members and supporters all over the world? Sherlock spending two years abroad trying (unsuccessfully) to dismantly Moriarty’s network? Finding out A.G.R.A. was in fact an acronym and also the name of a secret organization of assassins? Female members of the British government being known to support a foreign organization, allegedly using them for their benefits?

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