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Casting Wolverine...

*Logan is a 5′2″ Canadian ball of rage*

Marvel: Hey let’s cast this affable 6′2″ Aussie to play this small angry dude

*Affable Aussie can turn on a dime from being friendly and super nice to literally shoving claws into someone’s face with a snarl that would make you run for the fucking hills*

Marvel: nailed it

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“I regret it came to this, Will. But every game must have its ending. Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage. I think I’ll eat your heart.”

Stretch marks

It is okay to have stretch marks.

It is okay to show your stretch marks.

It is okay to be okay with your  stretch marks.

It is okay to dislike your stretch marks.


Everybody can get stretch marks. Men, women, literally anyone. Young. Old. Even celebrities get stretch marks (yes they really do). Freaking Shakira has stretch marks. You know who else has stretch marks? Hugh Jackman. X-Men get stretch marks.

Mostly they are caused by puberty or in women’s case - pregnancy. The former cannot be avoided and therefore it is not your fault if you have stretch marks.

Stretch marks are not disgusting. Stretch marks are not ugly. Stretch marks don’t make you unworthy of love/affection.

Stretch marks can be pretty. My friend has stretch marks on his shoulder and they look like a lightning bolt in a storm. How cool’s that? He’s been blessed by Thor!

Ya know, all the media and men praising big breasts and butts. The chance you’ll get big boobs and butt without getting stretch marks is practically zero. So embrace your boobies and butts and stretch marks!

Men can get stretch marks from growing muscles too quickly. But hey, it’s worth it. Who cares if you have stretch marks if you have muscles, another highly praised physical feature in the media? Now go lift that truck and kiss your stretch marked biceps for being awesome!

I have recently made peace with my stretch marks myself and let me tell you, once you get to that point, the world becomes a brighter place and you’re one step closer to loving yourself.

Stretch marks are okay.

Modern au I'm too lazy to write

They all are happy and well. (Do I need to say anything else)
•Fiona and Hugh both got an apartment in Oregon. Fiona works as an inspiring artist and worker in a flower shop. Hugh is a photographer. He and Fiona had met each other in the coffee he worked. They are both vegan, and in weekends they participate in events like cleaning parks and planting trees. Their house is filled with plants, and they have a cat, our maybe a bird.
•Claire is studying abourd in the us where she met olive. Claire is studying to be a nutritionist(don’t ask me why) and olive dreams of working in the NASA. They share the same dorm room, and they both dream of always being friends maybe during some years of their life share a real apartment.
•Enoch walks in the same uni as Claire and olive. He is studying to be a doctor(???). He met a boy online. And in a uni party they found each other, and Enoch invited that boy for a date and now they are dating. In a year when Enoch finishes his course he has planed to go live with the other boy.
•guess who is the other boy! Horace. Horace wants to go live in Paris or Italy, he is planning on creating his own clothing line. He suffers from insomnia, and during nights he creates most of his creations.
•Emma and Jacob are traveling around the world together. They were childhood friends, and during some years Jacob was secretly in love with Emma. But when they got back in their neighborhood, they both fall in love with their neighbors.
•Victor and Bronwyn bruntley are the new kids that changed home. Bronwyn and Emma are both in love with each other. And later Victor is going to find his feelings for Jacob and confess to him.
•Millard is a smart kid that wishes of being a teacher, when he was younger, there were some years that he was in love with Emma. But now that he is in uni and he has meet another girls and boys, he might be in love with someone else.

Note: The kids have very similar ages.