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((these were actually closed but I couldn’t resist drawing this, even if I misread the palette and did palette 43 instead of 33 orz))

((….also, please feel free to consider this the end result of the last comic ;3))

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So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

I’ve seen a few people saying that they don’t want to see Black Panther because Marvel are erasing Ayo’s sexuality and like, as a lesbian, I get why people are saying that and I get that lesbian erasure is really frustrating and if it were literally any other marvel movie I’d agree but like.. this movie is about poc, specifically black people. If people don’t buy tickets Marvel are not gonna chalk it up to them erasing a lesbian’s sexuality, they’re gonna blame it on the fact that the cast is predominantly black which could mean less chance of a sequel, or for any more superheros of colour in the future. I understand wanting to send a message to Marvel about straightwashing but this is NOT the way to achieve anything.

In conclusion: Please go and see Black Panther


Drew a sad little comic of a “Kakyoin comes back alive” AU. Not sure if this really counts as that kind of AU though.

(Been thinking about Jotaro thinking about getting to grow up and pursue a career and start a family when Kak died so young.)

Here’s a thing I noticed about the new taz: In the first lunar interlude, when the hunger showed up, Griffin specifically mentions the fact that they hear a cacophony of sound, like a thousand orchestras are playing at once. This is the exact way, almost down to the wording, he described what they heard in this episode. What do we make of this…


Picture 1: Keith’s bed in Season 1 Episode 2.

Picture 2: Keith’s bed in Season 2 Episode 4.

You see the discrepancy?

Now, a person might (mostly likely accurately) say that this is a simple mistake by the animators and they flipped the image or forgot how they drew his room before or something. Or - OR! sometime between S1E2 and S2E4 Keith switched rooms. S2E4 also established that Keith and Lance’s rooms are right next to each other.

Now, I’m not saying that Keith changed rooms to be next to Lance…

…But maybe Keith changed rooms to be next to Lance. ;)