“It’s Ok Elsa, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.  But you can hug me back you know.  Nothing that a warm hug can’t solve.” - The Truth about Snowflakes chapter 5

elsannainreallife had asked me awhile ago to draw something for them.  Specifically from this fanfiction.  After reading it and getting her opinions on which scene she wanted, I chose this one because it’s sweet and well just full of warm hugs.

I was more than happy to do this for them.

beyond-the-world  asked:

Hi! I am the author of The truth About Snowflakes, and Elsa in /elsannainreallife :) and I was wondering if I could (maybe) use one of your pictures for my fan fiction? It is this one /people-make-bad-choices-if-theyre-mad Not sure if I will use it or not, but just in caaase I wanted to ask you first! Amazing art, Anna and me totally love you xo

hi there, thanks for your asking!
sure you can use it ! (but plz don’t photoshop it or something)

btw I’ve seen you and your Anna’s picture about this ↓

that’s really cute! thank for make it!