elsanna all the way


The heartbreaking moment in Frozen when Elsa believes Anna is dead and she is responsible. The actual anguish she feels as her body gives way. Elsa’s whole life has been devoted to protecting her baby sister, even if it meant keeping her distance. She realizes that even though she hurt both of them in the process, there is no reason to go on without her. - My emotions

So, I just watched Frozen again.  

Now, I’ve watched it many, many times by this point, but for some reason this time was especially meaningful. It hit me again so hard, like I was seeing it for the first time. And god, people, this movie is brilliant. It is gorgeous and genuine, warm and clever, and a million other things. And it is, pound-for-pound, my favorite movie. The movie that has mattered more to me than anything else in my life, and will continue to do so until the day I die, I think.

I love so many things about it, but above all, I love Anna. As much as I truly do also love Elsa, Anna is my favorite fictional character of all time. She inspires me, and the love between her and Elsa is the guiding force of my life. It has allowed me to open up to the people around me in my own life (including my wonderful significant other, whom I am about to marry in January) as I never have before, and to chase my own dreams in ways that I never thought were possible before.This movie–and their love–changed my life, and it will be a part of my life forever.

So, here’s a thing: I frequent a couple of the major movie news websites–specifically Slashfilm and Hitfix, big sites that cover tons of movies and TV shows–and I think it’s accurate to say that I have probably read every single article they have written about Frozen in the last year. And one of my favorite things about all of these articles is the genuine puzzlement that the writers generally seems to have over the fact that they're still writing about Frozen. That there are still things to say about it, and that there is still new news to report about it, a year after it’s release. It’s like none of these writers can grasp the fact that they’re in the middle of a Star Wars-level cultural event surrounding this movie. It matters. It is inside people now, and the people who care about this movie will not stop caring about it. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about liking it, or about finding something truly powerful and moving in it. I know that there’s been a backlash–of course there has, anything this popular gets a backlash eventually–but that doesn’t matter. If you love it, you love it, and nothing can take that away from you. So keep on letting it make you happy. Keep letting it inspire you.

Thoughts on Once Upon a Time, Fall:

  • This show has a bit of a thing about curses, doesn’t it?
  • “You and your sisters, Elsa and Emma, alone doing who knows what.” Gold can smell the incest.
  • It’s been said, but why do y'all need binoculars to look at the cloud?
  • Also, can’t Elsa just build an ice staircase to get everyone over the wall?
  • Yay, the necklace is back! Sort of randomly, but it’s back!
  • “Is everyone into this hope thing now?” I love you, Regina.
  • Emma is surprisingly skeptical of this magic curse-vaccine plan. Lady, your entire life is mirror dust and faeries! You have no call to be side-eyeing that stuff right now. 
  • I’m so glad that Anna didn’t remain frozen until someone rescued her. She’s still here, still involved in the story, and still making her own way through it. I feel like I totally misjudged this show’s regard for Anna, honestly, and I’d like to apologize for that.
  • After last episode, I was really worried she was going to be sidelined until the end of the story, and that everything from now until then would just focus on the trumped-up, artificial bond between Elsa and Emma. Never have I been so glad to be wrong.
  • And Anna’s rambling banter here is beautiful. I’ve said it before, but I would absolutely love an entire show that was just Elizabeth Lail’s Anna going around and having adventures. Just babbling and inspiring people, getting into sword fights, having villains constantly underestimate her and then totally wrecking their shit by being Anna at them…it would be beautiful.
  • Oh good, she’s actually getting to fight people!
  • …a little bit.
  • I like how basically everyone seems to have forgotten that Marian even exists at this point.
  • Anna: “Pirates are better than wizards. You can pay off pirates!” Damn, girl is sharp as fuck.
  • I really, genuinely appreciate how now that they’re THIS close to getting Anna back, Elsa will do literally anything to make it happen. Her love for Anna trumps everything.
  • But…but…finding the sister WILL save the town!
  • Poor Elsa…my poor baby…I know it’s a hard choice, but yeesh.
  • Oh, okay then. Elsa just takes the necklace and peaces the fuck out.
  • I don’t know, I feel like this is pretty much in-character. I think Elsa would do absolutely everything to save Anna, even if it doomed everyone else in the process.
  • So only a person of pure heart can use the Wishing Star. Yeah. That…definitely rules out their parents.
  • Blackbeard is so camp. I love him.
  • And now Hans is here, and I have all the questions. How the FUCK did he take over the kingdom? Who in Arendelle would follow him, after what he did? How does he know the exact location where their parents’ ship went down?
  • And I’m sorry, but the 30 year time jump makes no sense! I don’t even understand why it was necessary. Nobody seems to have aged, even people who weren’t frozen, like Blackbeard! And like, what happened to the rest of Arendelle while the castle was frozen? Or was the whole kingdom iced up? Because that’s going to be kind of hard to come back from. All their trade partnerships would be ruined…
  • The trunk scene: I feel like it’s pretty out of character for Anna to just give up like this…
  • Poor Elsa. My heart is breaking just watching her process her grief.
  • It’s really striking to me how even in this intense, emotional scene in the trunk, Anna and Kristoff don’t seem to have any romantic chemistry at all. Like, there's chemistry there, but it’s super, ultra platonic. All I see when I look at this is two really close friends who are terrified and holding onto each other because they think they’re about to die…not a pair of lovers who are only days away from getting married.
  • But it’s okay, because the necklace was randomly also the Wishing Star, and Elsa was able to use it to and pull Anna and Kristoff into our world!
  • And now maybe we’ll finally get one of the things I really wanted from this arc: Anna reacting to modern technology. Please show, I know the plot’s in full gear, but don’t hold out on me..
  • Literally everyone else has already said this, but it absolutely, 100% looks like they’re about to kiss after Elsa says “There’s something I have to do first.” My feels are on fire!
  • “What a funny looking world!” “Right?!”
  • Only a few minutes left. Time for a tiny bit more banter (David’s hair!), and a whole heaping of despair as our heroes discover that Gold and Hook have totally ruined the plan to save the town.
  • And so, the curse descends, everyone locks themselves up (they should probably also cover their mouths with tape so they don’t say anything they’ll regret later), and Elsa and Anna embrace like the world is ending and all that matters is that they get to hold each other one last time. Which I approve, though I do also appreciate Anna’s pained look at Kristoff…she cares a lot about him, and she hates to see him suffer like this.
  • Ooh, good cliffhanger! That last bit with Snow and David was actually…really chilling.

Final thoughts: some of the plot stuff in this episode didn’t line up, but what else is new? The Wishing Star was kind of random–both in that it had never been mentioned before, and that it turned out to be something they had all along that perfectly solved the problem at hand–but it facilitated maybe the gayest, most Elsanna-filled scene that the show has so far produced, so I can’t complain too much about it. Honestly, I’m just basking in the abundance of Elsanna this episode gave us, and I’ll be riding that wave of happiness all the way to the next episode.