Echoes of Words

“I like the thrill…”

“Go away, Anna…”

“Nothing’s going to make me feel this real, Elsa…”

She despised everything that Anna was–everything that Anna had taken away from her. The father that once loved her… only had the heart for Anna. What she could do to Elsa, the way she made her feel, was nothing that Elsa ever wanted. She hated her so much, yet… her heart that was once too broken and too numb, pumped loudly for her. Her heart that desired nothing else but her sister also desired her.

No words could ever describe how she’d felt for the woman. How desperate she was to grab her attention–to love her, like how Anna wanted her too. And the same time, how desperate she was to take that away… to make her suffer so Anna would no longer love her the way she did.

The night was warm–and a bit too heated with their lips breathing out lust, hands searching for desire. And Elsa was in complete intoxication of her–the way she danced in bed like there was nobody watching her. Her skin crawled for more of her touch, her tongue wanting more of her taste of love. It was just them with the echoes of silence surrounding them, and no one could disturb what they had. But what did they have?

Anna’s arms were wrapped around hers, head against her chest. Ah, she was warmer than the surface of the sun, and Elsa loved it. Loved her.

The woman gazed down at her fiery red manes, glowing as the moon shined upon them with grace. She glanced out into the city, lights shining like they were alive and well. The night was still young, with people searching for entertainment, cars driving to their destination. And for Elsa, tonight was nothing more than a night of regret.

She was supposed to hate her for what she had done to her life–so dedicated to finding her own sister. But all she found, was a woman that she no longer wished to be in relation with. Elsa despised her.

And here she was, making love to the woman that didn’t even deserve her love. No, Anna had always been chasing that, and now, she’d gotten it. Elsa struggled to get away from her grasp, but in no way, could she ever stop loving her. Of course, that was what Anna wanted. Right? Elsa… was a prisoner to her love.

She gazed at her slender back, finding her own fingers trailing up and down her middle with ease. Anna sighed softly, shifting closer to face her. The silence was deafening, and the way they continued to gaze at each other… wishing that one of them would say something first, was indescribable.

Elsa found herself letting go of her. “What are we doing…?” she whispered in question. “Why did you do this…?”

The woman shifted her eyes down, perhaps, in shame. “I… I love you–”

“I had given us weeks to get away from each other, and you… was it perhaps not enough time for you to forget about me?”

“How am I supposed to forget about you? We’re sisters.”

Elsa wanted to throw up. She shut her eyes, and pushed her away, allowing herself to sit up. She could already feel eyes driving up and down her bare slender back, but it didn’t matter… Anna had seen this plenty of times. The feeling of disgust was just… completely numbed by now. “We aren’t.” The woman gritted her teeth, clenching her fingers tightly on the side of the mattress. “You will never be family… not like this. Not with us.”

Anna took a deep breath. “I remember when you used to be so desperate to find your sister…” she muttered, chuckling. A hand reached for Elsa’s, and she knew… she didn’t have the strength to push her away anymore. She was in denial of her own feelings, but there had always been this spark that she couldn’t ignore. She gazed at their laced fingers coldly. “I remember when you used to tell me all about her, that I would tell you how hard it must’ve been for you… I’m here now.” The bed shifted, her skin crawling at the feeling of her breath against the back of her neck. Ah, it was pleasant. Elsa wished she could take her again… at the same time, wishing she would never see her again. “You want to go right now? Away from me?”

She tightened her grasp around her fingers. “Do we not wish to?”

An arm wrapped aroundn her middle. “Not anymore… I don’t want to run away from this feeling anymore… Now talk to me…”

Anna would always let her be open about her feelings. Why would she hold herself back from her own love? Or was it just lust? She turned to face her, staring into those glistening teal eyes. How desperate she seemed for her. How desperate she was to find Elsa’s love and hold it tightly once and for all.

She glanced down to her lips. Elsa couldn’t tell her–couldn’t even begin to tell her how hurt she was… knowing in just a few weeks, her father had given all the love that he had for Anna. That love was supposed to be for her… and her only. She chuckled bitterly to herself, prompting a curious look. Oh, how selfish she’d gotten. Anna didn’t even have a real father, to begin with.

“Elsa… how do you feel about me?” She felt a hand caress her cheek, only leaning into it when she realized how warm Anna was. She couldn’t get away from her. Not like this–not anymore after their rush for pleasure. Ah, it really was the night of regret.

“You make me too weak…” the blonde whispered, and all the hatred that had been whispering below her breath had all came out like poison. “I resent you.”

Anna leaned closer to her, her lips brushing close to Elsa’s. Ah, she smelled like roses and desire. And Elsa could not pull away, finding her eyes closing… and she laid a hand atop of Anna’s on her cheek.

“I love you too…” Anna breathed into her lips, allowing their kiss to linger, their touch to fill their greed for each other. The air grew heavy as if the fire that had dissipated between them had grown stronger. And those words echoed through the silence, and nothing seemed more genuine and heartbroken to hear her say that.

Elsa didn’t wish for this… didn’t wish to have allowed her sister in. Didn’t wish to lust after her. Didn’t wish… to have met her coincidentally. She was making a big mistake. She sighed into the kiss, pulling away to see tears falling down Anna’s cheeks, her teal eyes blank and empty. Oh, it really was sad.

“Please… don’t go… stay with me for the night.” Anna rested her head against her shoulder, and the only Elsa could feel was the lips that were worshiping her whole. “Stay…” Kiss. “Don’t let me fend off the night by myself…” Kiss. “Don’t leave me behind…” Kiss.

And no matter how much she resented her sister… she loved her. Elsa could never deny her from her wishes. She sighed with love, eyes gazing up at the ceiling, her fingers running through her copper. This was paradise… a sick, sick paradise.

“One night…” she whispered, eyes closed. “Just one night.”

The worst feeling is when you’re totally obsessed with something & none of your friends like/ know/ or care about such things that you end up crying alone.

How I feel about all my OTP’s 

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Love what you love. Find beauty in it. Every person is beautiful in their own unique way. Don’t let differing opinions or outright hate discourage you.

The world is wide and radiant. 

Reblog if reading fanfic is all you ever seem to do + you legit have so many fucking tabs open bc theres so many fucking good stories.

I mean… I feel like it’s not just me. And I want these stories to be true so my otps can just be happy together. The way it should be. 

Imagine your OTP (based on real life situation)

*me hanging out with crush*

Me: “I love it when I read some fem slash fan fictions.”


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