Hey you guys! As promised, another Frozen/Elsanna merch post here :)

1. A painting appropriately titled “Warmth of Love” by Jim Salvati. Beautifully done! And for a whopping $795 this painting could be yours! (because I certainly can’t afford it) It’s located at the Disneyland Gallery by the main entrance of Disneyland

(everything else is located in California Adventures) 

2. Another wonderful painting of the two sisters we love so dearly <3 

3. Elsa & Olaf photo frame

4. Frozen charm bracelet

5. Frozen Fever pin (I lost it when I saw this because there aren’t many pins with the sisters together as adults)

6. Frozen Pop Up Adventure book by Matthew Reinhart

7. Frozen Storybook Collection

Enjoy you guys! Until next time <3

Pink Mist
Sometimes one’s history holds too much pain. It haunts you, and dictates every action and thought. Anna Summers has suffered more than anyone and has chosen to express herself through questionable methods. Elsa, not entirely together herself, is the first and last person in any position to save Anna from her past, and must do so while battling her own growing emotions.(w/self-harm)

Author: SteelyGlint (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5866056/SteelyGlint)

Rating: M

Chapters: 18

Word Count: 64,578

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Once upon a time a writer went and wrote a thingy. Once upon a time a reader read and reviewed the thingy. *whispers* That reader is you. ;D Read and review!!!

Whoever you are

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Love what you love. Find beauty in it. Every person is beautiful in their own unique way. Don’t let differing opinions or outright hate discourage you.

The world is wide and radiant. 

if you’re using a problematic ship to cope, you should do it in a private place where it’s not going to hurt either other survivors or impressionable minors viewing the tags. 

i’m in no place to judge anyone’s coping mechanisms, but i’m pretty sure that even if i can’t say you shouldn’t do it at all, i can say that the moral thing to do would be to do it in a venue where it wont hurt others.

nobody is “evil” because they ship these things. shipping them does not make you trash. however, you should be aware of the impact that it has.

Imagine your OTP (based on real life situation)

*me hanging out with crush*

Me: “I love it when I read some fem slash fan fictions.”


Me: *narrows eyes* “Holy fuck.”

Stop policing what others ship 2k16.
Stop calling everything under the sun ‘pedophilia’, ‘abuse’, ‘homophobia’, etc. just bc you don’t like it 2k16
Stop calling shippers pedos and abusers 2k16.
Stop telling shippers to kill themselves 2k16.
Stop cross-tagging/posting hate in the ship tags 2k16.
Stop trying to control how others view fictional characters and their fictional relationships 2k16.