Here is my contribution to the elsanna positivity project’s monthly prompts. The occasion is the anniversary of when Anna sacrificed herself to save Elsa.  Since Elsa can’t physically give Anna the real sun, the moon, and the sky, and with the help of a little troll magic, Elsa gives Anna her very own sun, moon, and sky to look at whenever she pleases. 

hufflepuffpride82  asked:

Most Challenging Elsa you've ever written or toughest to write out?

Hm… Well, all my Elsas can have their own challenges. Mermaid!Elsa was actually the easiest, haha. But one I’ve found the most challenging is actually Teach Me/Mommy!Elsa. I’m not a mother, obviously, but I’ve worked with kids. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten. So trying to tap into the personal life of a woman who is 10+ years older than me has proved to be difficult. But I will say I love the challenge. And I enjoy writing her.

Beta Request

Hello there, Elsanna shipper! My name is Sam and I have been writing fics for a while now.
I am looking for a beta reader(s) for my fics.

My main writing is Elsanna, both romantic and platonic, incest and non-incest, but I might do other things.

My chapter length does tend to vary, but I do like to keep it somewhere between 1000-3000 words (but i have been known to write longer)

My expectations on review are for, spell checking, suggestions on changes in story and where I should add detail and whatnot. I am hoping my beta to get my chapters back to me in within 2-5 days, and to be someone who frequently checks their submissions for beta stuff at least twice a day.

I would be submitting things usually every week or every few days, or whenever I finish something.

If you are interested in being my beta, please send a message to me @masterfifty on tumblr or MasterFive on Once you have sent me a message, I promise I’ll reply as soon as I can.
A Musical Collection
A collection of unrelated oneshots inspired by the lyrics of songs from Frozen. They are all platonic/non-romantic sisterly fluff between Elsa and Anna. Canonverse.

Rated: K

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Family

Chapters: 10

Words: 8,205

Eyes are great because they allow you to read glorious works. Fingers are just as great because they allow you to review those glorious works. ;D

Imagine your OTP (based on real life situation)

*me hanging out with crush*

Me: “I love it when I read some fem slash fan fictions.”


Me: *narrows eyes* “Holy fuck.”

Stop policing what others ship 2k16.
Stop calling everything under the sun ‘pedophilia’, ‘abuse’, ‘homophobia’, etc. just bc you don’t like it 2k16
Stop calling shippers pedos and abusers 2k16.
Stop telling shippers to kill themselves 2k16.
Stop cross-tagging/posting hate in the ship tags 2k16.
Stop trying to control how others view fictional characters and their fictional relationships 2k16.