elsa's jacket


An Elsa Schiaparelli couture embroidered midnight-blue velvet evening jacket, Autumn-Winter, 1937-38

Paris label with date, richly embroidered by Lesage with gilt strip, gilt cord and sequins, blue and pink rhinestones, with three turquoise tinted metal star-burst ‘buttons’ with brass closure hooks, discreet pocket vents inserted at the hips, small shoulder pads, lined in blue silk

arendellecitizens  asked:

what do you Anna and Elsa would wear for their wedding to each other? does one wear a suit? or a dress? do they wear veils? this is for canonverse btw

Personally, I prefer both wear dresses. I also think they both prefer dresses, particularly Anna, seeing how her romantic fantasies always involve being swept off her feet and wooed by a charming gentle(wo)man, whereas Elsa stated she had never fantasized of such things because she only had Anna in mind. So if any of them is going to wear a suit, it’s going to be Elsa if she ever senses Anna prefer her in a suit.

Best solution? Dress suit. Because Elsa needs to wear her damn jacket.

Art by stubbornandsolo

A rare and important Elsa Schiaparelli ‘Hall of Mirrors’ jacket, 'Zodiac’ collection, Autumn-Winter, 1938-39,

Black silk velvet with shirred gathered panels over the shoulders, the front applied with baroque gilt strip cartouches, the strapwork in-filled with sequins in varying sizes, the centres with mirror mosaics held in place with gilt star-shaped glass studs, with four figurative moulded composition buttons, the neo-classical style heads with flowing tresses. 

This is arguably one of the most dazzling of all Schiaparelli’s creations. Her 'Zodiac’ collection, presented in August 1938, drew on two main themes - astrology and the magnificence of the Palace of Versailles. The seventeen massive archways of the Galerie des Glaces, each filled with twenty one mirrors, must have been the inspiration for the jacket decoration. Schiaparelli was a frequent visitor to Versailles where her friend Lady Mendl (Elsie de Wolfe), the celebrated American interior designer, had made her home at the Villa Trianon in the grounds.