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Elsa Train Tutorial Part 1

I bought 5m blue organza fabric, a lot of glitter (40ml in diamont colour)  and fabric glue (I took one to spray but I don’t recommend that because it never really dried and my train is now full of dirt and blurred glitter. It is not as bad as it sounds).

I didn’t made any pattern for my train but it worked out :D.

In total my train has 5 pieces, after cutting them out I sealed each one with a zig zag stitch with small width so the seam is not that visible. You have to be very careful with the fabric, mine unravelled fast. For the middle piece I took my folded fabric and pinned it to the middle of my puppets back. Then I just cut it out as I thought it would look good and like Elsas train, I unfolded the fabric and pinned it again to the puppets back. For the next two pieces I took the folded fabric (so I have the same piece for each side), pinned the upper edge to one side of the puppets back and the side of the fabric to the side of the middle piece so they have the same length. Then I just cut it out and sewed the two new pieces to each side of the middle one with a zig zag stitch. After that I did the same thing with the last two pieces.

In the second picture you can see my finished train.

I made a lot different fold snowflakes (while I was watching Dr Who). There are many patterns at google pictures how to cut out the folded paper. The easier ones I made up. Look out that the paper you use is not too thick because it gets hard to cut through all the layers.

But you can’t use those snowflakes for the lower part of the train. You have to use them as stencils to cut the snowflakes out of paper as you can see in the next picture.

First I sprayed the glue to the fabric and then put the stencil on it. Next I poured glitter over it and pulled of the stencil. With that glue it was easy to get the stencil off but I would try that on a different piece of fabric first.

And that is my lower part of my train.

After I started the upper part with the other stencils I ran out of glue and the convention was close, so I didn’t made it to buy a second can. 

I will post some pictures when I finished it and some of the pattern I made for the rest of the upper part. And I hope I can find a solution for my ‘the glue does not dry’ problem.

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Elsa Sequin How To

Things you’ll need:
Sewing needles
Your sequins
Scissors (NOT your fabric scissors!)
Thin CLEAR thread!!!

1. Start at the back of your dress, at the top, on either side of your zipper. From the back, poke the needle a little above the sequin, not going through it. Be careful, because if you don’t have enough light, you could tangle the thread. It’s very easy to lose/tangle the thread because it’s so thin and clear. Make sure you have plenty of light!

2. Once you’ve got your thread through, and have your sequin positioned, loop it through the hole and bam! Sequin in place!

3. This is a picture of a few sequins in place. You can see the thread in this picture pretty good. Like I said, you need plenty of light!

Your sequins should look a little like this. It’ll take a little bit of positioning to get them to sit how you want, but I’m not done yet! Stay tuned for more of this ‘how to’! I’ll explain later how to get your sequins to stay put and the rest of the detailing!


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Hey guys here is a quick simple write up on how I did the overlay. Sorry it took so long I’m just crazy busy. I would size it on drafting paper or newspaper and then test it out of spare fabric before committing to the real thing. I am not a seamstress so I just do everything like a puzzle. I hope this helps some of you! Send me pics of your cosplays when you finish I would love to see them :D 


Commission time! NerdyElsa wanted to see herself as a Disney character and I used Elsa and Roxanne as the bases to achieve this. ;)

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askadisneycharacter  asked:

Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do one of those information posts (makeup, poses, etc) about Elsa? I'm going to cosplay as her, and I think it would help my portrayal as her :) if you've already done it, don't worry about it, I just can't search on mobile. Thank you so much! x

Hi there!

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you’re still okay with this coming so, so late. I apologise for how long it’s taken to get to you!!


Whenever Elsa poses, she always has one hand up in the air, poised like in the movie poster and she’s gracefully floating snowflakes in the air. Her hand should be about level with her face. In this photo you can see as well her other hand stays down by her side straight, with her fingers directly towards the ground.


In this picture below you can see better how she positions her dress. Make sure the cape is splayed out behind, and you’re standing on an angle for the best shot of the dress and her hair (over the shoulder closest to the camera), and tilt your head on an angle so that the lighting hits your highlighter/sparkles the best.


In a profile picture that’s a bit closer up, like this picture below, instead of her second hand towards the floor, she crosses it over herself and rests her other arm on that arm. This is also a helpful pose if your arm’s getting a bit tired after a long day of posing!


A great dramatic shot - good for cosplaying photoshoots - is one when when she spreads her cape out behind her and then looks over her shoulder with her typical hand gesture.


If you ever end up cosplaying with someone as Anna, then they have 2 typical poses. This one is simple; standing facing each other, both hands joined, one leg sticking out.


The other pose is Elsa’s regular pose, but back to back with Anna and her arm that is down is holding onto hers, just like in this photo here.



Elsa’s makeup look is a lot of fun! Think cool undertones of purple, glitter, and lots of highlighting for that Elsa-angled face. This picture here is a great one to work off. Elsa’s lipstick is also good to work off here. Definitely use liner, and some decide to line a bit of a sharper point at the middle point of her bottom lip to help with Elsa’s smile a bit. Most often Elsa wears a blush pink lipstick.


In this picture here you can see that she doesn’t use too much blush to keep the pale, natural Elsa look. And she uses a pigmented highlighter or just plain sparkles in a ‘c’ over the top of her cheekbone and under her eyebrows. Don’t be afraid to pack on the sparkles! Primer is helpful to make sure the sparkles/highlighter stays on for longer - especially if you have a long day cosplaying.


This photo here is good to see her eye makeup properly, which is important as it defines the Elsa look. She uses a basic purple over the lid, and a darker indigo blended into the crease. It also helps to outline the extended cat eye look. This is then the base for the liquid eyeliner across the whole lid and extending past that. You can extend the eye for a dramatic look, like here, or go for a much softer look like the photo above. It really depends on how it looks on you. You can also lighten the tones in the colours and bring the shadow in the crease down a bit for a bit of a lighter, more natural look. Usually Elsa wears false eye lashes, as well. This more dramatic look is usually her parade look as her makeup needs to be seen from further away, but it may be a look that works better for you; experiment and see how you go.


Makeup Tutorials

This makeup tutorial here is an easy, simple look which is great to start off with if you’re new to cosplaying or makeup.

I love the eye makeup in this tutorial, I think it brings Elsa into more lifelike state.

And this is the glamorous tutorial for Elsa’s makeup. If you’re really into makeup and want a dramatic look, then this is a good one to go with. This is also the tutorial that will give you the best parade-style Elsa look above.

Or you can always blend some together and create your own look! Play around and see what you like and what works best for you; taking into account your colouring, the shape of your face and what you feel best in.

Tips for Portraying Elsa

  • Elsa is the epitome of a queen. She holds herself tall, walks with purpose, and her movements are light. She’s extremely graceful; think about how graceful her powers are, they’re a reflection of her character. This video of her in the parade is great to get down her walk - especially the way she uses her cape to add a little drama.
  • When she’s standing still, if she’s not talking or gesturing the pose she’ll come back to is folding her hands neatly in front of her.
  • She loves to laugh and play games with Anna and the kids who come to visit them.
  • Anna is her best friend; they share jokes, laugh a lot together, tease and look out for each other; that’s the basis of their relationship if you’re ever cosplaying with Anna.
  • When Elsa’s with Anna they’ll often talk about chocolate, making ice sculptures or ice skating
  • Otherwise Elsa likes to tell stories about her adventures with Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.


  • This video is great to note down Elsa’s movements, especially when she’s talking.
  • This one’s good to emulate her voice and her conversation topics, especially with Anna.
  • This is a great classic Elsa to note down her posture and movements and conversation
  • And here’s a mixtures of meet and greets to watch for some more tips, and just for fun.

I’m sorry this has taken soo long to get to you; I need to learn to minimise the amount of requests I get otherwise it takes a million years for me to get back to you! But I hope this is still helpful. If there’s anything I’ve missed please let me know! Thanks for the request and have a magical day! :) x

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Reuploading these two WMEs, but this time together. :D




Last October I created a series of Twisted Disney Princesses for the Velour Lashes pop-up event. Many of you have requested tutorials for each of the looks.
I have already produced a tutorial for Belle from Beauty & The Beast, which can be found on my channel. And next, I’ll be showing you how to achieve my Cinderella look!

Enjoy x


Hi! Here’s how I did my Elsa crown! 

(First of all sorry for my English and my poor explanation but I hope it helps you) :)

1. I looked for many Elsa’s reference pictures and in my search I found the crown template, and now I leave it here for you. (credits for the one who made it.)

2. Then I checked the size of the crown and made it the right size for my head.

3. Later I passed it to a cardboard and cut it. BUT WAIT, after this i covered the crown with contact and then added glue because it makes the cardboard hard and resistant. **It can be harder or easier (the way you find it easier) to cover it with contact before cutting the cardboard.**

*YOU can skip both steps (glue and contact), use only one or use both.*

4.After it dried I painted it gold. 

5. After all this I looked for a shining plastic and cut two diamond shapes (for the front and back) and pasted them. —Also, you can only paint it if you want to.—

6. FINALLY I pasted the crown to the special comb with hard glue in the front (don’t paste it above the comb; paste it in the front. If you paste it in the front, the crown would hide the comb.)


See you!


Elsa stole another famous queens outfit. ;)

The making of THIS edit! :D