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Have you seen a trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure?
Elsa’s new dress looks gorgeous! I am not super thrilled about the majority of the short movie dedicated to Olaf, but I am excited about seeing Frozen sisters again :D
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Likeness 101: Why Natalie Dormer would be the perfect Elsa!

There is a general consensus among many fans about the fact that Natalie Dormer’s resemblance to Elsa is quite uncanny. Allow me to give you a visual demonstration and let’s break it down esp for those who beg to differ, shall we?

Notable Lineage

[When asked about her lovely cheekbones]

The kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen is set in Norway. Basically, Elsa is Norwegian and so is Natalie. Go figure.

The A-Z of Embodiment

Ocean blue eyes and mad eyebrow game


Adorable Smile Factor

Yes? Yes.

Fierce you're about to die Gaze


Body Language & Facial Expressions

Uhh, I would say so.

More proof?

Bow Down Bitches, I am the Queen Demeanor

Her royal highness, majesty and grace

Down To The Last Detail 

In Frozen Elsa’s prophecy states “Fear will be your enemy” and it is the one crucial emotion that holds her back. Natalie has a tattoo on her forearm: “Fear is the mind-killer” {A litany against fear from the classic novel “Dune” by Frank Herbert} which she expressed is a reminder to get herself “out of the comfort zone and be brave." 

If you are not yet convinced that Natalie Dormer would be the most perfect and promising person to embody Elsa then you may want to consider checking your eyesight some time. 

Jokes apart, Ms.Dormer is an actress of phenomenal magnitude who delivers her roles with great depth and finesse especially when it comes to bringing out heavy emotions. She would flesh out the exquisite character that is Elsa (in all her poise, beauty, inner conflicts, complexity, compassion and resilience) to us with flying colors if she were to be cast for the role of the Snow Queen.

I rest my case. 


First time doing a stop motion. Hope you all enjoy! Love her so much! ❄️ #Elsa #anna #frozen #princehans #hans #snowqueen #sisters #dolls #disney #disneydolls #disneyparks #disneystore #disneysfrozen #disneyprincess #realactionheroes #disneydesignerdolls #medicomtoy #disneylimitededitiondoll #love #instagood #stopmotion #love #disneylove #dollstagram #disneymagic #disneyland #disneylife #disneylandparis #disneyside #rah #olafsfrozenadventure

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