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Shane, Elsa + Oliver  ✦ ❝  shelsiver ❞

As though it were rehearsed Oliver and Shane groaned in perfect unison, their heads turning in an eerily synchronised way to look at Elsa who stood in the doorway. “You’re going to ditch us again?” Oli asked bluntly, not bothering to sugar coat it. 

“Are you forgetting that we are team Shelsa?” Shane was cut off by Oliver clearing his throat and rushed to correct herself. “Sorry team Shelsiver.”


Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You is a project where superheroes are drawn based on the costumes of young girls.

This unbelievably cool superhero is a 14 year old named Shiver, who has the power of creating and controling ice, and freezing people and objects.

This submission was drawn by the amazingly talented Cathy Hookey! If you would like to buy prints of Shiver, you can find them on Cathy’s Society6 store. You can also follow her on Twitter: @cathyhookey

What Started With Excitement

Pairing: Elsanna

Warning: Incest

Rating: M

Words: 1850ish

A/N: I’m experimenting with format, so I wrote this more like a poem. Does it work? Maybe I’ll hold on writing like this for the next ones…

She was excited.

She really couldn’t help herself.

It had been so long.

Like an ache numbed over the years, a dull dagar inching across her skin.

She’d lived in fear of touching,

And being touched.

The trails of doubt still lined her mind,

So she maintained the distance she grew accustomed to as a child,

Except with Anna.

It was different with Anna.

She didn’t feel like anyone was going to be harmed when the warmth of her sister touched her.

So she touched her.

They hugged,

They sat next to each other.

They held hands and had slumber parties, making up for the times they’d missed as children.

It was exciting, so exciting being able to feel another living thing and know,

know deep in her heart that it would not freeze.

So like her slow melting fear of physical contact, so did the barrier of her emotions creepingly drip away.

After years,

Long long long years,

Of only crying and sitting alone and wishing for someone to hold her without fear daggering heart ache and penting up emotions, she finally felt more at ease with expressing herself,

At least around Anna.

She didn’t have to be Queen around Anna,

So she was less careful around Anna.

The new range of expression,

the fresh sensation of life still continuing even after her hands met it,

it was a lot to handle,

and they were alone,

and it was late,

and Anna was just so warm,

and alive.

She wanted to feel her everywhere.

Her hand came up to Anna’s cheek, brushing the soft lips with her thumb, as she lay beside her during one of their sleep overs.

Anna already knew how much Elsa liked to feel things. 
She didn’t mind a soft brush on her face, as long as she was helping her sister learn to be comfortable and happy. She never give the action a second thought,

Until the thumb on her lips turned into her sister’s lips.
She broke away with a gasp, but the lips were on her again,

So much warmer than Elsa’s usually cool skin.

It took Anna longer to pull away,

As those soft lips joined hers once more.

A hand,

Needy and exploring,

Splayed on the curve of her hip.

“Elsa- Elsa, wha- Wait-”

Her words struggled like waves breaking on the shore as Elsa steadily deepened the kiss.

She felt Elsa’s body move closer to her, pressing their thighs together as that hand on her hip moved upwards towards another set of warm curves.

“Elsa, wait!”

Elsa broke away,


The words finally reaching her ears.

With the withdrawal of her body came the withdrawal of the warmth.

Elsa’s mind swam,

And she gasped herself.


She pulled even farther back.

Her countenance drank from a concoction of shock, disgust, disappointment, fear,

All mixed into a special blend for herself.

“Anna, I’m sorry- I- I don’t know what came over me. I- you’re just so warm.”

Her fingers coiled into her palms and,

Her arms drew into her chest,

As she waited for her sister to flee in disgust,

Shouting at her,

Tallying one more thing that would make her a monster.

“Y- you… can do it again.”


“I wanna help you feel comfortable around people,
Comfortable around me.

You- we can do it again.”

"Anna… no. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done th-”

Lips touched again, and the nicest sensation of heat radiating between bodies was pressed into her thigh as Anna moved closer to her.

Elsa moaned in her sister’s mouth, reveling in the heat that was coursing through her,

Particularly between her legs.

Anna was tenative, letting Elsa quickly take back control.

Hands slid along hips.

Hips rocked into each other.

They both found their fingers tugging the other’s hair,

And much to Elsa’s glee,

Anna wasn’t frozen.

She could even dared to say

Anna was on fire.

Anna’s hands pleaded of her behalf.

They must have been.

Her tongue was too busy duling Elsa’s,

And her throat was too distracted surrendering involuntary noises,

So her hands must have been tasked with begging,

Insisting that Elsa feel more of her.

With the way her hands dug into Elsa’s side and tugged at the bottom of her night gown,

It must have been so.

In a whip of moments, both of them found themselves in nothing.

Slinking her long leg over her sister’s smooth ones, Elsa rested atop Anna, relishing in the heat of the exposed flesh beneath her.

Her kisses found Anna’s cheeks.

Her kisses found Anna’s nose.

Her kisses found Anna’s chin,

And her jaw,

And a spot under her ear that sent a tremor down her sister’s spine.

“Hnngh, Elsa!”

Anna’s hands traced her sister’s body,

Who was always so cold,

But in this moment it really didn’t bother her,

And in this situation there was so much that should have.

Elsa’s breath sent tingling puffs of air against Anna’s sensitive skin. “Anna, ohh, keep touching me.” She couldn’t get enough of those slender fingers caressing her, 

Kneading passion and excitement

On the slope of her back,

Into the dip of her waist,

Against the curve of her behind.

Anna felt like her sister was everywhere.

There was a mouth on her collarbone and hands reverently massaging her breasts,

Thumbing over her nipples,


And tugging,

Simply making them feel good.

She let her legs crawl up, bending them at the knee, letting one of Elsa’s legs slip between hers.

Maybe this was going too far,

A little thought rattled in Elsa’s mind.

Maybe this should stop.

You’re both just tired.

You’re both just learning how not to be alone.

You’re both sisters.

They jumped around, those thoughts.

They jumped and shook, appearing in the in-beween moments when a hand was in the air before landing in a new area of skin,

When there was space between one kiss and another,

Or when the field of thought was cleared from the fog of passion for a few seconds.


Wrong had been when she shut her door in her sister’s face.

Wrong had been in the days she went without the tangibility of love.

Wrong had been what she thought her powers- what she thought her life was for years.

This may have been wrong too,

but in that moment, suspended like the snow flakes she could conjure,

It was right.

Elsa’s slid farther down Anna’s body,

Silently gasping as her center dragged over her sister’s leg.

They both shuttered at the sensation.

Elsa’s breath came quicker,

Breathing through her nose alone was not an option.

Her nostrils flared,

And her jaw hung.

Anna’s second delicate pair of lips were before her.

The firey desired wafted around her senses.

Elsa’s panting breath mingled with the rising heat,

But she didn’t delve.

Not until she Anna looked her.

Elsa wanted to drink in the desire of her sister’s eyes as much as she wanted to take in the glisten desired between her legs.

“Elsa” Anna looked up when her sister paused, ready to question her, when Elsa locked their eyes,

Stilling her with her ravenous stare.

Then her tongue plunged and Anna’s hips quaked, overcome by the suspense.



Deliriously skilled,

Elsa’s tongue wriggled against Anna’s pearl. She hummed low from her throat,

Sending rumbling sensations through her sister’s core.

“Elsa! Unh, Elsa- I’m so- uuunh!”

Anna bit her wrist,

muffling her moans.

Her legs slammed around her sister’s head,

Trapping her between her heat,

Not that Elsa cared.

It actually excited her more.

Elsa guided Anna through her climax with gentle swishes of her tongue.

When Anna finally released her, Elsa crawled back up her body,

letting her sister suckle her juice off of her tongue.

Treated with a surprise, Elsa was flipped onto her back.


Anna took her turn assaulting her sister with caresses and nips of the skin.

It was like a flame lapping at her all over,

Spreading like wildfire,

Seering and steaming in contact with ice.

Anna found Elsa’s puffed lips,

Pouty and wet,

Ready for fire to consume them.

Reaching around and under her sister’s legs, Anna fanned her fingers along the flat expanse of her sister’s stomach,

Lightly scratching

And circling around her navel.

“Anna… I can’t wait…”

“I know.”

With smirking lips, she grazed her teeth on the apex of Elsa’s thigh,

Dragging her warm tongue over the tender flesh.

Elsa growled in frustration.

“Shussssh.” The air the funneled out through the hush only served to tease Elsa more. She growled again.

Her hips lifted of the bed,

Searching for friction on her own command.

Anna only granted her a pecked kissed before she pulled away, smugness in her eyes.

“Uuugh, Anna! Please!”

With a giggle that turned into a moan,

carried from the bottom of her throat

and out through her sister,

Anna finally let her tongue explore the older woman’s need.

Elsa pushed her self up onto her elbows, wanting to watch her sister’s mouth seal over her.

Her head rolled back when Anna slid one slender finger into her sopping center,

Curling upward,

Hitting a sweet spot inside her.

“Ah! Right there!”

Elsa was going to combust.

She could feel it.

Deep down

In the pit of her stomach.

Anna was trying to light a match inside of her

and any second the right strike would sent her ablaze.

“Anna! Right mmmh! There!”

Anna clamped her mouth around Elsa’s bud, as she kept her finger focused on that spot.

“Gods, Anna!”

One firm sucktion on her clit, and Elsa exploded.

A shivering mess,


And writhing.

Anna only just noticed the sight of her breath,

And the ice on the bed,

And the snow flakes that were finally allowed to fall;

Their creator too distracted with bliss to fight againt gravity.

Over and over again,

Elsa panted Anna’s name.

It was the only thing she could remember,

The only thing she could feel,

Or taste

Until, Anna fed her tongue into her mouth,

returning the favour of tasting herself.

Slowly swimming back to reality,

Elsa felt the slight shiver of her sister, who rested on top of her. With a sloppy wave of her hand, she sent the snow and ice away.

They were both snuggled under the covers,

Which took more effort than it should have.

“Comfy?” Elsa asked as she drapped her arm securely over her sister.

“I should be asking you the same thing…

Elsa, if you ever need some warming up again,

I don’t mind helping.”

Elsa didn’t say anything,

only snuggled closer to her sleepy sister.

Before her mind could shove back in her face how wrong this as supposed to be,

Or that this was an unsilghtly action for a queen,

Or even that she should have been regretting this,

drowsiness started tugging her down as well.

The last thought she would be able to remember before sleep truely took her was that,

Even if the cold didn’t bother her,

It was so much nicer being warm.


The castle halls were abuzz with activity as the sun approached its highest point in the sky.  Princess Anna practically skipped down the hall towards the dining room, hoping to catch her sister in between her meetings for an early lunch.  Anna wondered how the Queen could even stand to be indoors on such a beautiful day, when the warm summer afternoon beckoned.  She stopped and inhaled deeply and thought she caught the aroma of Lapskaus—along with lingonberry nut bread.  Her mouth began to water and she picked up her pace when—

As Anna rounded a corner an arm reached out from behind a drape and grabbed ahold of her arm.  But before she could squeal a hand was placed over her mouth and she was dragged behind the curtain.  Anna was prepared to punch her assailant but soon found herself face to face with Elsa, who was looking rather desperate. 

Anna blinked.  “Elsa?”

The Queen just stood, rooted to the spot, not saying anything, and her breath seemed to be strained.  “Anna…”

The princess recognized the look, and she smirked.  “What have you been thinking about, Elsa?”

Elsa placed a hand on Anna’s chest and pushed her against the wall.  “I’ve been in meetings all morning and what do I find myself thinking about—all morning—but you.”  She used her body to hold her sister firmly.  “And last night.”

Anna gulped at the predatory look in the Queen’s eyes.  “You were extraordinary, as usual.”

The Queen placed her hands flat against the wall on either side of Anna’s head.  “And you—well, how does one say it?  Insatiable…” Her body was flush against Anna’s and their lips barely touching.  “I need you.”  She ran her hands down Anna’s sides.

The princess’s head rolled to the side as a wave of intense arousal hit her.  “Come on, let’s go.”

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“What?”  She moaned again when the Queen’s lips ghosted down her neck to her shoulder.  She shivered.  “Elsa, please—don’t tease.  Your room…”

“As I said, we stay right here.”  Elsa held Anna’s hips and lightly thrust against her.

Anna tried to control her breathing, but was failing.  “Someone will hear us.”

Elsa chuckled.  “I certainly hope so.  I want everyone to hear what I do to you—how I please you with my every touch.”  Her left hand squeezed the princess’s bottom.  “How you moan so sweetly just for me.”

Anna could stand no more; she threw her arms around Elsa’s shoulders and roughly pulled her head down.  Their lips crashed together and both groaned into each other’s mouths.  But the Queen had another idea.

Elsa tore her mouth away from Anna’s, and her hand automatically went up to stifle any protests.  “Now none of that, my snowflake.  I told you—I need, and now I’m going to take.”

The princess pried away the offending hand.  “You’ve already had everything.  What more do you want?”

The Queen leaned down and whispered in her ear.  “We’ve never used my ice powers, have we?”

Anna’s eyes went wide.  “What?  How?”  Her breathing quickened, partly out of excitement, and somewhat out of fear.  “Elsa?”

“Do you trust me?”  Elsa began to caress the princess in a soothing manner.  “I would never hurt you.”

“With everything that I am.”

The Queen pressed her sister against the wall again and ground her hips into her.  “Oh, it’s going to be so good.”

And then Elsa moved her hands to the waistband of Anna’s skirt and unhooked the clasp causing the garment puddled around the princess’s feet.  The Queen leered at her younger sister, and gently sought entrance into Anna’s mouth.  The kiss was fiery, and ignited them both. 

Anna’s body, pinned against the wall, felt like it was on fire, and she moaned louder when Elsa pushed a leg between her own and began to grind in earnest.  The Queen hastily raised her arm and then twirled it, causing her own dress to melt away.  But as Anna began to adjust to Elsa’s rhythm, she noticed a slight difference.

The Queen broke from the maddening kiss and hissed in Anna’s ear.  “Wrap your legs around me.”

“Yes…yes…” The princess complied and was lifted against the wall when she did so.  But when Elsa lowered her she felt something as cold as ice graze her center.  It was hard. “What…oh, god, what is that?”

Elsa grunted, frustrated on having to stop.  “Do you like it?”  She wrapped her arms under Anna’s knees, supporting her weight.  “I told you…ice powers.”

“And you’re going to fuck me with that?”

“Oh, yes.”

The princess grabbed Elsa’s cheeks and held on tight.  “You’re just wicked; lovely and wicked.”

“Just for you.”

Anna closed her eyes and let her head fall.  “Gods, Elsa, fill me, please.”

“As you wish,” Elsa panted.  She adjusted her stance, and lowered the princess until she filled her completely; she thrust once, then twice.

Anna gasped and clutched at Elsa, wrapping her arms around her shoulders.  “More…more…”

And then Elsa thrust harder; each movement caused Anna to be slightly lifted against the wall.  The princess groaned with each plummet, and Elsa crashed her mouth down on hers, plunging her tongue in time with the thrusting of her hips.  A fine sheen of sweat developed between them where their stomachs and breasts rubbed together.  For the Queen, she felt as if she was actually inside the princess and she shuddered at the sensation; it was the same for Anna and it made her even wetter.

When Anna dug her heels into the small of Elsa’s back the Queen slowed her rhythm.  “Look at me, Anna.”

The princess kept her eyes closed.  “Just keep going…please…”

Elsa whimpered, feeling as if she were going to explode at any second.  “Anna…I’m close…”

“No, I—I’m not ready, please.”

The queen slowed again, her movements nothing more than a tensing of her buttock muscles.  “Stay with me, Anna.”  After a few long moments of this torture Elsa could hold back no further and began to buck wildly against the princess.  Anna’s mantra of ‘yes, yes’ her impetus towards release.

Anna’s nails ran along Elsa’s back, leaving their marks.  “Elsa…come on, faster…”

And Elsa accommodated her sister and thrust in wild abandon.  “Now…I’m…” She threw her head back and screamed out her orgasm, her ice phallus discharged and splintered away to nothing, and sent her and Anna towards the heavens.

After many long labored breaths, Anna opened her eyes.  “Oh, my, Elsa…Elsa…”

“Yes—wait.”  Elsa shuddered one last time and rolled her hips slowly.  “Ah…”

Finally, their eyes locked and both blushed profusely.  Anna grinned.  “Hello to you, too.”

Elsa forced her breathing under control.  “Hi.”  And then she lowered Anna’s legs to the carpet.  “That was amazing.”  She nuzzled the princess’s neck.  “You’re amazing.”

Anna lifted a hand and peaked around the curtain.  “Do you think they heard?”

The Queen nibbled on Anna’s earlobe.  “I don’t care.”

The princess playfully pushed her sister away as she buttoned her shirt.  “You are so bad.”  When Elsa reached down and lifted her skirt, Anna smiled.  “Next time, I get to be on top.”

“Oh, Anna, anything you want.”

“Anything?”  She leaned over and whispered in her sister’s ear.

Elsa’s eyes went wide and she automatically conjured another ice dress.  “In the Throne Room?  Now?”



From Ashes - Season 6

“People aren’t just disappearing Scott, they’re being erased from reality. It’s as though they never even existed.” Elsa ran a hand through her hair, taking a step away from Scott who was doing his very best to calm her down. “It could happen to any one of us, at any time. We wouldn’t even realise…”

“I could never.” Scott started, reaching out to capture Elsa’s slender wrist in his hand. “Forget you.” 

Fanfiction: Forte [1/1]

Title:  Forte
Sum:  Shenanigans ensue… in the piano room.
Disclaimer:  I do not own Frozen or its associated characters… I’m just borrowing them for a bit of fun.
Rating:  R/Mature/Explicit (whatever floats your boat)
Characters/Pairings:  [Elsanna]; Elsa, Anna
Warnings:  Incest.
Links:  AO3 ; FF.net
Notes:  Lol.  It’s sex on a piano.  No plot.  I felt smutty tonight.  No pianos were harmed in the making of this fanfic.

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In Class

A short g!p Elsa and normal Anna fic.

   There was the cute girl. It was time for Anna to strike. She watched from the corner of her eye as the cute blonde walked into the college classroom with her books held against her chest. Her ice blue eyes wandered throughout the room looking for someone to sit beside. When her eyes locked on Anna, the blonde grinned as the redhead waved down at her and patted the seat next to her. Elsa started over and made her way up to Anna. She sat down next to the woman and set her books down heavily on the table.

   “Alright.” Elsa said softly, “You ready for this course?”

   “Not really.” Anna replied truthfully, “I’d…rather be out doing something interesting.”

   “You along with everyone else in here.” Elsa replied with a sigh, “I mean you’d most likely be out on a bike trail doing god knows what while I’d be at home reading a book.”

   Anna put her head in her hand and watched Elsa talk. The blonde woman was beautiful and only recently did she become good friends with Anna. Despite this, Anna was determined to become more than a friend to Elsa in the near future. Everything about the young woman made Anna smile. She hadn’t smiled half as much in the weeks before she met Elsa. For the few weeks the two had been talking, Elsa had charmed Anna, and Anna had charmed Elsa in turn.

   Elsa wasn’t sure how she felt about the redhead. She was conflicted on whether or not she wanted the woman to be her girlfriend or just a friend. Anna certainly had a beautiful face, a wonderful, seemingly never ceasing sense of humor, good timing (like the time when Elsa had texted her at four in the morning after a nightmare and Anna had responded almost immediately with comforting words.) and just a generally good person.

   However, there was a secret that Elsa was hiding that she was certain Anna would find unattractive and or scary. If the two were to be more than friends, Anna would half to know about it sooner or later, and Elsa never wanted Anna to find out in her fear of losing her as a friend.

   As the two talked on and on about nothing in general, just happy to be in each other’s company, people around them noticed and smiled at the two. Elsa and Anna were known throughout the class to be the perfect couple and everyone secretly wanted the two of them to start going out. They looked so cute together seated next to each other every day in class…

   Both women frowned when the professor walked in and started class. Anna leaned over and whispered in Elsa’s ear, “We’ll talk later.”

   Elsa’s neck tingled as she felt Anna’s warm breath tickle against her ear. The blonde nodded in reply and smiled shyly at Anna. The redhead winked at her and sat back in her seat, playing with the pen in her hand, ready to take notes. Elsa turned her head to observe their professor as he began his lesson. She sat forward in her seat and opened her notebook to the page where she had last left off in her notes for that class and tapped the tip of her pen on the page, listening intently…

   But a few minutes into the lesson she felt herself slipping away into a daydream…she invited it openly and was surprised when she felt herself beginning to imagine Anna in her bed…

   Elsa’s eyes widened and brightened a fraction as she imagined Anna’s and snaking over the sheets to rest itself on the bulge in Elsa’s pants. The blonde’s eyes half closed and her lips parted as she imagined Anna’s gentle fingers tracing along the seams of her pants, then slipping down inside to brush against Elsa’s dick, plucking at the straps of her underwear. Unbeknownst to Elsa, in class, her penis began to harden in her arousal upon the heavenly images flashing through her mind.

   Meanwhile, the redhead’s eyes were wandering around the room in her boredom. She had always had a short attention span when it came to sitting still and listening to one specific thing for a while so she had resorted to bouncing her knee, playing with her pen and letting her eyes and mind wander. Anna’s eyes fell to her notebook, then down to her lap, and then over to Elsa’s.

   Anna’s mouth began to wet itself when she saw the tent in Elsa’s jeans.  The redhead drew her tongue over her lips and she bit her bottom one lightly, turning her head fully to stare down at the erection in her love interest’s pants. She looked up to see Elsa staring off into space, her lips slightly parted, her eyes distant.

   “What are you imagining…” Anna thought, slowly, timidly reaching down and working at the button with her forefinger and thumb. She got it loose without Elsa noticing, then began to unzip her pants. Fortunately for those around the two, they couldn’t see under the table they were seated at so that made Anna all the more confident.

   As soon as Elsa felt a slight sensation below she snapped out of her daydream and looked down curiously to see a hand tugging at her zipper. The blonde stiffened, her shoulders tensing and her lips pressing together in realization as to who’s hand it was. She slowly turned her head to look at Anna who slowly unzipped the zipper and pulled out Elsa’s thick cock.

   “God damn.” Anna breathed, wrapping her hand around the length and squeezing gently, “I can barely get my whole hand around it!”

   Elsa shivered in her shock and was too embarrassed to say a word. The things Anna was saying combined with her teasing fingers made Elsa’s sensitive cock twitch and pulsate with pleasure.

    “Does it feel good when I do…this?” said Anna as she slowly lifted her fingertips to play with the very tip of Elsa’s dick. The blonde lifted her hands and covered her mouth, suppressing a moan of forbidden pleasure.

   “How about this?” Anna asked softly, tapping the very tip, the pre cum that had dribbled out sticking to Anna’s finger. The redhead lifted her finger to her mouth, looked Elsa in the eye, stuck out her soft pink tongue, and slowly lapped up the thick liquid, licking her lips when it was gone.

   Elsa, horrified, but insanely turned on at the same time, looked at Anna’s lips with wide eyes. Anna licked them again and looked down at Elsa’s twitching cock…

   “What were you thinking about that made you like this?” Anna whispered huskily, taking the thickness into her hand and beginning to stroke slowly, “Were you thinking about…something naughty?”

   Elsa bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut.

   “Are you a naughty girl, Elsa?” Anna asked in a teasing tone, desperately wanting to kiss Elsa’s neck or ear. Elsa gripped the pen in her hand and set her jaw, blinking rapidly, lips quivering. The feeling of another, especially one of the most beautiful girls on campus, giving her a hand job in class while saying those things was making Elsa go absolutely crazy with pleasure.

   Anna looked up to see Elsa’s chest heaving silently and her eyes seeming to be much brighter and more excited than usual. The redhead watched, her underwear slowly beginning to get damp as she saw Elsa swipe her tongue over her lips and shut her eyes tightly, opening her mouth slightly. From below, Anna saw a gush of milky white splattering against the underside of the table and Elsa’s shoulders lifted.  Anna looked up at the gorgeous girl as she let out a heavy breath in her orgasm. Elsa came down from her high and sighed slowly, her entire figure relaxing as well as her penis.

   Anna looked up into Elsa’s icy blue eyes and saw love behind them.

   “…I like you.” Elsa whispered.

   “Are you saying that because I just gave you a hand job?” Anna asked, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

   “No,” Elsa breathed, tilting her head and smiling adoringly, “I was trying to decide  whether or not I should ask you out on a date because I didn’t know if I liked you or not, but after what you just did, it convinced me that I like you…a lot…Anna, will you go out with me?”

   Anna opened her mouth to reply when suddenly, from the front of the room, the professor cleared his throat and both women turned to look at him, a look of guilt already showing on both their faces.

   “Is there something you would like to share with the class?” asked the professor, tapping his shoe impatiently.

   “…N-no sir.” Anna said ashamedly, “Sorry.”

   The professor sighed tiredly and turned back to the blackboard, droning on about microphysics. A few moments later, Elsa let out a tense breath and looked down at her notes to see a folded over piece of paper sitting right where she was supposed to be writing.

   The blonde looked at Anna out of the corner of her eye and saw that the redhead was grinning at herself. Curious, Elsa reached down and opened the note. Inside was a word written in loopy lettering and a heart at the bottom: Yes. <3

The Reluctant Queen

I don’t write anything for a little while, and then I do this when I have plenty of other projects to work on. Oops?

This basically stemmed from the idea of “Oh hey I haven’t tried a sad!fic yet”.

Notes: Major character death

Rating: K+

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters, side Kristanna

Summary: Anna never expected to be queen. 


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Canon elsanna drabble


It should have been sinful, the way she thought about Elsa, the way she looked at her, the way she made her feel. But by god in heaven above how could it have been when what she felt was so pure, strong and unequivocally wonderful. What was it? Lust? Infatuation? Passion?


The first time they kissed, it was as though every part of her once shattered world was coming back together, piece by piece. Seated on a rooftop terrace, overlooking shadowy waters and watched over by a multitude of stars burning in the night’s sky, Anna brushed her lips over her sisters.

It was an impulse, not deliberated over, and unplanned. But despite the rashness, it was every shade of right. Especially when in turn, Elsa clasped her hand that rested near hers, and intertwined their fingers. When they pulled away, Elsa was all flushed and frazzled and bewildered, but once she had composed herself Anna had never seen her sister smile so wide. Never seen her face filled with such joy.

Anna’s world as she knew it was like a garden come to life. Like a rose buried under a thick blanket of snow, budding in the light and warmth of spring. Her favourites were the times she could spend with her sister, like the day she skipped, straw hat on her head and basket over her arm and collapsed into a thick bed of grass. She heard a soft chuckle come from above her, before a familiar body snuggled into her side and a bare arm draped over her middle.

Elsa had fallen asleep, as Anna sat cross legged next to her, idly undoing her sister’s braid and running her hands through its silken length. She never did wake, even when a fly landed on her nose making her nose do this cute little twitch, until Anna kissed her. Just softly, on her forehead, but it made Elsa’s entire body shiver.

Elsa composed herself quickly, because that was what she was good at, sat and took Anna’s cheeks in her pleasantly cool, but never cold, hands. She firmly but ever so gently pulled Anna’s face toward her before she felt the softness of her sisters lips, as she kissed her lovingly and tenderly.

She brushed her lips across Anna’s jawline, before letting her head rest in the crook of her neck, and wrapping her arms tightly around her. She felt the warmth of Elsa’s breath across her ear as she sighed.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I know,” she whispered back, tears threatening to escape her eyes. She’d have to tell Kristoff sooner or later, and staying with Elsa would have consequences of utmost risk. They would have to be so careful.

But when they’d finally released one another form their tight embrace, and she looked right into Elsa’s tear stained face, her bright blue eyes red and smudged, was when she knew, it was all so worth it.

Because this was love.

This was happiness.

This was joy.

Elsanna Week Day 1- Kissing You

An act of true love. An act of true love. True love. Love.

Elsa watched her ceiling. It wasn’t moving or doing anything out of the ordinary for a ceiling, but Elsa couldn’t sleep and while laying on her back, it was all she could see.

That phrase kept skipping through her brain. It’d been almost a month since the Thaw and Elsa finally had some time to herself. The country was healing and while people still needed her input, they didn’t need it as much. Elsa hated that.

She didn’t go to bed exhausted anymore, so her mind wandered. Inevitably, her mind wandered to one subject. A very confusing subject, albeit a happy one.

Elsa sighed and turned over. Her door stared directly into her soul. Elsa grimaced and turned over again. This was getting ridiculous. Elsa threw off her covers in disgust and rolled to her feet. If she was going to be awake she may as well do something productive.

She trailed her hand in front of herself lazily, an ice gown materializing, immaculate from practice. Her hair was unruly but she probably wouldn’t run into anyone and didn’t bother to fix it before heading toward her door.

She didn’t lock it anymore. The reason for which lay slouched against the wall, snoring quietly. Elsa stared, why didn’t she come in? She’d requested the door remain unlocked, something the staff were rather aghast over, so the reason was one of want not couldn’t.

Elsa knelt down, no one was around at the moment but eventually Elsa would have to wake her sister. For now though, she wished to be alone with the subject of her thoughts.

Anna had the same blanket tossed over her that Elsa had seen Gerda use on her a multitude of other times. Elsa smiled and rubbed the fabric between her finger and thumb, it was soft. Their parents really had left them in the best of care.

Anna’s chest rose evenly as she slept. She didn’t wear the worried frown that Elsa had become painfully acquainted with after the Thaw in her sleep anymore. Elsa smiled, the sword lessons Anna requested weeks ago did much for her.

Anna carried herself with a confidence it’d taken Elsa years to master. She smiled genuinely now, unless she was speaking to a drab dignitary, Elsa chuckled. Her gaze continued to Anna’s neck and she swallowed, the lessons did more than boost Anna’s confidence.

Her arms flexed and a wicked smirk crossed Anna’s face, Elsa’s breath caught in her throat. She pressed forward and then Anna twirled and her hair cut through the autumn sunshine as surely as her blade would slice flesh. A vibrant clash and Elsa finally drew breath again.

Anna was stunning in her practice breeches and blouse, a slight sheen of sweat on her brow. Anna’s gaze met Elsa’s and she smiled so carnally it sent shivers through Elsa that had her retreating to the quickly chilling confines of her room.


Elsa frowned, did Anna know? Had she guessed at Elsa’s feelings when Elsa gazed slightly too long? Or when her hand strayed to Anna muscling arm?

Elsa shook her head but couldn’t rid herself of that smirk. Anna’s lips, when had they become an object of Elsa’s attention? How many fantasies trickled through her walls about them?

“You could just kiss me you know?”

Elsa gasped and jerked away from Anna. “Wha- how long have you been awake?”

Anna smiled and opened her eyes, those eyes that held Elsa as steadily as an arm around her waist, “I think I was fully awake after your third sigh.”

Elsa blushed, “Well I was just heading to my study and saw you sprawled out like a miscreant and decided to check on you.” Elsa rose and brushed the imaginary dust from her gown.

Anna quirked an eyebrow, “Miscreant? I’ve only committed one crime your Majesty and I don’t think it deems me that title.” Anna stood as she spoke and took a step toward Elsa.

Elsa would normally blubber under such a stare, but the Queen in her, stickler to rules, demanded to know what crime a member of the royal family had committed. “Crime?”

A hand landed on Elsa’s waist but the Queen did not move. “Why, isn’t it obvious my queen?” Anna’s voice dropped to a mere whisper and deeper than her usual happy calls.

The Queen of Arendelle frowned. She did not like games and a potential criminal was pressing closer to her. She took a step back and looked into Anna’s eyes, all the ice of the North Mountain swirled in her gaze, “Anna what have you done?”

Anna merely chuckled and replied, “I’ve stolen the Ice Queen’s heart of course.”

Elsa blinked and Anna smirked, gone was the queen and Anna knew the look in her eye, oh Anna knew. Elsa stepped back again, far enough that she was in her room and Anna advanced upon her.

An avalanche down a steep hill, Elsa knew she would not get away as Anna closed the door.

They stood about two feet apart, Elsa’s eyes wide and Anna’s smile turning soft. There wasn’t anything else to say. Their cards were on the table and it was Anna who made the first move.

She stepped forward and cupped Elsa’s cheek in her hand. Elsa still flinched at physical contact, but she was getting better. Anna took another step forward so they were mere inches apart and touched their foreheads together.

Elsa’s breathing hitched and she tilted her head down, away from Anna’s lips.

“Hey,” Anna’s eyes remained closed but Elsa glanced back up. “There is nothing wrong with this. We are both consenting adults, you’re doing nothing wrong.”

Elsa sighed, “it’s not that simple An-“

Anna’s other hand came up and cupped Elsa’s chin, the look in her eyes took Elsa’s breath away. It was fire and determination and anger, “it’s exactly that simple Elsa. Sometimes thing are just black and white.”

And Anna leaned up and Elsa’s eye fluttered shut again. She smelled like sunshine, but Elsa couldn’t place the taste of her lips. Anna, she was just Anna and Elsa had the maddening desire to twist her fingers into those strawberry locks and never let go.

Anna all but moaned when Elsa tugged slightly at her hair and nipped at Elsa’s bottom lip in encouragement. Anna pressed forward and neither realized how much until the back of Elsa’s thighs hit the bed. Anna’s leg was between hers and Elsa had to pull away to breathe.

Unfortunately this caused her to fall back, splaying her hair across the bed. Elsa looked up in surprise and the gaze that met hers was anything but innocent.

“Elsa,” the rasp in Anna’s voice sent shivers straight to her core.

Elsa didn’t have a lot of experience but she knew where this was going, “wait Anna, thi-“

“I did thirteen years of waiting Elsa,” Anna’s hands slid up Elsa’s waist and the blond bit down on her lip to keep from gasping.

“Not tonight, Anna. Please.” Elsa felt her own conviction waver as Anna’s hands climbed further, but this was much faster than she’d ever imagined and what if they were making a mistake? Elsa had to be sure, and she couldn’t do that in her current position.

Anna’s hands dragged back down across her hips and a whine escaped the perfect lips that Elsa longed for, “It would be so good though, Elsa.”

The thumbs rubbing circles into her thighs left Elsa speechless, Anna rested her head against the icy gown Elsa wore and sighed. Every breath she let out ghosted over Elsa like a hand.

“Anna.” She glanced up and felt Elsa pull her up. Anna smiled and clambered up until she could drag Elsa onto the pillows.

“You’re not getting out of this you know.” Anna huffed against Elsa’s lips.

“I don’t want to.”

Anna smiled and pulled Elsa closer. She wouldn’t do anything to make Elsa uncomfortable, but the heat resting between her thighs was far too great to deny.

Luckily, Elsa couldn’t really control her ice gown while asleep and Anna woke up delightfully wet in more than one way.


It had been several years since Elsa Arendelle had been back to her hometown. Her parents had been pleased to see her, naturally but were busy. It seemed they were always busy. She didn’t really mind, though, as her friends were more than likely to welcome her back. She hadn’t spoken to them in a while, but luckily they weren’t upset. Well, they said they weren’t. 

Her friends were named Jessica, Jack, Dylan and Maggie- and were all wealthy, white, yacht-owning aristocrats her parents approved of. They all piled into one of their Mercedes, and went for a drive. Everything seemed fine at fist, Maggie even complemented her outfit- her designer shoes and sundress. Elsa thanked her earnestly, though confused as to why the girl was smirked.

As they drove, the streets seemed less and less clean, and more and more intimidating to someone as naive as Elsa. “Hey, guys, where are we going?" 

"D'you have fun at River View, Elsa?” asked Dylan from the driver’s seat. He had a harsh tone in his voice, and his eyes were glaring at her through the rear view. 

Her stomach churned. “W-where are we going?”

The car pulled to a stop, and as if rehearsed, Elsa was pushed from the car, landing sideways on the road. “Later, bitch,” snarled Jessica, reaching across the seat to slam the door closed as the car lurched forward, speeding away.

For a minute, she just stared after the car, then shakily got to her feet. Elsa shivered and looked around, finding the street deserted. She had no idea where she was, and this didn’t seem like a good place to get lost. Thinking it would be a good idea to get out of the open, she ducked into an alley. 

Almost immediately, snickering echoed from the darkness. The flickering streetlamps didn’t cast very much light into the little cut aways. She gasped and took a step back, walking into someone and earning a chuckle from the unseen faces. A match was struck, illuminating a face. That face didn’t look friendly, scarred and grinning cruelly.  "Whas’ a dahll like yew doin’ in a place like this?“ The peanut gallery laughed, though there was nothing funny about the statement.

"I’ve really got to get going-”

“Oh I bet, sweet haht.” She felt hair being lifted off her neck by an unseen hand. Elsa yipped and jumped away, the crowd laughing. 

“L-leave me alone!” She struck out wildly with a fist and connected with something, a loud crunch could be heard. 

“You fuggin’ SKANK!” Elsa tried to run, but was slammed by unseen hands against the wall. “You’re goin’ no-where, bitch. No-one hits Big Richie.” Big Richie’s breath smelt like ass.

She struggled like a wild animal. “GET OFF OF ME!” She commanded, her voice surprisingly strong.

“Sorry rich bitch, you ain’t got no power here.”

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Emma and Killian sharing body warmth (innocent or not, idc)

He carried her into the truck, nestling her on his lap as David helped Elsa inside.

She was shivering, quick little muscle contractions that jolted through her body like electric shocks. Each one tore though his heart as he tightened his grip on her frigid body. The fingers of one hand had slipped around the buckles of his vest and her head lay against his chest, her breathing shallow and shaking.

David and Elsa were engaged in conversation in the front of the truck. He could almost pretend that they were alone; the hum of the car providing a background of white noise that afforded a little privacy.

“Shh,” he hushed as she began to murmur incoherently, slipping into a strange kind of unconsciousness where her eyes flickered but she seemed unaware of her surroundings.

Slipping one arm around her waist, he buried his face into her hair, willing his body to provide her with much needed heat, feeling a small triumph as he felt a chill as the warmth transferred between their bodies. 

When his fingers brushed against the skin of her back where her t-shirt rose up, she groaned softly, before her eyes flashed open and locked with his. He smiled.


The dark patches under her eyes couldn’t dull their sparkle as she whispered, “Hey,” back. Moving his hand from her waist, he cupped her chilly fingers, pressing his around hers before bringing them softly to his mouth. His lips tingled when they met the cold skin and he held them there for a second, letting the kiss linger as a moment of understanding passed between the two

“Sorry,” she sighed, stifling a shaky yawn as her lids fluttered closed. 

“You’ve nothing to apologise for, love.“ His lips were now close to her forehead. But he resisted the urge to place a kiss there, instead running his thumb over her fingers, somehow a more intimate gesture.

Shifting a little closer in his lap, she relaxed a little, the shivers decreasing, her muscles slackening, “You stayed… Thank you.” The words were so light to be barely audible, but he cherished ever beat, every syllable.

She was drifting away again.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he promised, pulling her that little bit tighter, breathing in her scent, her essence, and wondering if he could now ever live without her.

On Intoxication

The first shot has Anna grinning and Elsa wincing, alcohol burning down her throat. She’s too old to party now, Elsa thinks, but she couldn’t find the heart to say no to Anna. Not when Anna has her lips pursed, and her eyes hopeful, not when saying yes means seeing her younger sister gasp and squeal and pull her into a hug.

The second shot is easier. Anna is making less of a face splitting smile and looking more mellowed by the minute. They’re at a house party, one of Anna’s many friends, and Elsa is supposed to be “mingling”—its some term Anna conspiratorially whispered to Elsa, breath hot against her ear and so close she’s sure Anna’s lips brushed against her. Supposedly, “mingling” is something people in their age did to interact with other people.

Elsa doesn’t need other people. Elsa needs Anna and her teal eyes and freckles and her rumpled red hair in the early mornings. Elsa needs Anna to smile, even if that means taking another shot that Anna’s pushed her way.

The third comes easy, her lips slightly numb and Anna is looking at her with lidded eyes. They’re both lightweights but Anna is an even lighter weight. Anna is also smoldering hot in her tight pencil skirt and dressy top with a neckline that dipped low enough to screams “I’m single and ready to mingle,”.

Elsa frowns. She finds she doesn’t quite like the thought.

The fourth shot follows the third quickly, Elsa trying to drown out her thoughts. Anna, ever the competitive sport, doesn’t let her older sister gain a lead and downs another even though she’s already leaning against the counter. There’s talking around them, the whole group busting out in laughter every few minutes but Elsa doesn’t say much and, uncharacteristically, neither does Anna. 

Everyone’s drinking too, so no one notices their silence or the way Anna’s eyes are half lidded and glued to the tight shirt that she put Elsa in. No one except Elsa who flushes warmly at the way Anna’s gaze had turned from adoration to hunger.

Its the alcohol, Elsa thinks and then takes another shot to try to forget the tension that’s been building around them for years now. One moment Anna is her younger sister, flat chested and gangly elbows, nervously rambling off her thoughts whenever a boy so much looked at her. And in the blink of an eye, her Anna is thin waisted, bright eyed, smiling flirtatiously not at boys but at Elsa.

She doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand. Perhaps her moral compass is broken and her skills at reading people are skewed to an exponential degree because Anna’s looked at her like she’s a girl who can be bedded for the past few years. Anna is looking at her this way now and it sends a jolt between her legs.

A thought, quick as lightning, flashes across her mind. She should remember this, the way Anna is situated on the kitchen stool, cross legged, eyes seductive, taking her bottom lip and biting it. Elsa should remember this look and this moment, it would make her masturbation sessions go by much quicker.

Just as quickly, guilt slams against Elsa. She takes another shot and Anna, probably noticing the frown thats creased into her forehead, steps off the stool and invites Elsa to follow her to the backyard. Elsa agrees after a half second of hesitation.

The open air is nice, the music and chatter becoming muted. A few people are lingering around the pool, but the early March weather is cold enough to make the outside uninviting. Anna finds a dark corner away from any prying eyes and makes it theirs. The cold’s never bothered Elsa, but Anna immediately shivers and presses herself against Elsa for warmth.

Two things happen at once, the first being Elsa’s natural response; wrapping her arms around Anna, pulling her into a half hug as they dizzily take a seat on a lawn chair. The second thing that happens, only happens inside of Elsa’s body, and that is the unmistakable sign of arousal; body heating, her lower belly gathering weight, wetness pooling in places Elsa wants to desperately ignore.

Years and years of delicate touches here and there make themselves known. Suddenly, she’s remembering the time she’s fixing Anna’s bra strap while fighting urge to gather the mound of flesh in her palms. The sound of sliding a zipper up a stylish dress echoes in her ears. Anna had asked her to help but Elsa only wanted to drag that zipper down and have the dress fall to the floor so Elsa can press Anna’s naked back against her front. So that Elsa can push her little sister down, face first, bent over the bed and shove two fingers inside of her.

Anna’s hand drops on Elsa’s thigh, close enough to her knee to make Elsa wonder if its intentional or not.The single action halts all logical thought process.

“Elsa?” Anna’s saying her name but Elsa can’t help but think how it would sound if she had Anna beneath her and wreathing in pleasure. Would she draw out the first syllable in Elsa’s name, or the second? Would she scream when Elsa curled her finger and pressed her tongue against her clit? Elsa wants to know, wants to desperately know.

The hand that’s on Elsa’s thigh begins to move, thumb kneading gentle, soothing circles. “You look sick, Elsa.”

She’s so sick. For all her perfection, her grades and her status as a valedictorian at an Ivy League university, all her grace and properness, Elsa feels as if it all exists to offset the emotions she has to Anna. She’s a disgusting creature full of darkness and carnal want dressed in a sheep’s clothing. A wolf inside a lamb.

“Its the alcohol,” Elsa answers, trying to smile. “Kristoff always gets the cheap stuff.”

At this, Anna giggles. The thumb keeps moving, keeps reminding Elsa at every stroke how much she desperately wants to pull Anna in her lap and kiss her. As if to drive her mad, Anna lays a warm and wet kiss on her cheek. “You always know how to make me laugh,” she whispers appreciatively. 

Anna’s not moved back and every word the girl breaths is brushing against the shell of Elsa’s ear.

What had she done in her past life to find the most beautiful girl in the world and to be denied the ability to court her, Elsa wonders. Did Anna know anything about personal space? Frustration builds on sexual desire, Elsa wants both to push Anna away and pull her closer.

“I just want you to be happy,” Elsa says, more to herself than Anna. A pause. The hand on her thigh squeezes assuringly. Alcohol buzzes in her bloodstream. Elsa looks around, trying to find a focus that wasn’t driving her crazy with arousal. 

Its wasted effort. Everything is deftly clouded and blurry except for Anna, who is, and always has been, bright and colored in Elsa’s dull world. “I love you,” tumbles out of her mouth before she can stop it. It’s said with a breathless, defeated sigh and Elsa doesn’t know if Anna will catch the hidden affection behind her words. 

“I love you too, you silly drunk,” Anna singsongs. Its a sisterly response. Anna doesn’t get it.

Elsa cranes over her lap, covering her face with her hands and breaths in deeply. She feels sick, with love, with desire, with the need to push Anna’s hand away and at the same time pull it closer, higher, and even higher. 

“Hey,” Anna sounds worried, “alcohol that bad huh? Is there anything anything I can do?” 

Let me drive us home, rip off your cloths and scream my name, Elsa wants to say.

Theres a tic of silence where Elsa doesn’t know how to respond because her thoughts are so loud and, in the very same moment, quickly realizes that Anna’s hand has stopped moving.

Elsa turns so she’s facing her little sister, squinting against blurry vision to get a good look at her. Anna’s eyes wide like a deer in headlights, cheeks red and lips parted.

Did she just answer Anna out loud?

Drabble: Letting Go

A/N: I blame clockadile for this. Once it was in my head, I couldn’t get it back out, until I wrote the thing.

Letting Go

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A gust of wind swept across the harbor. Next to her, huddled in her cloak, Elsa saw her sister shiver. She’d made certain her sister dressed very warmly to receive the vessel that was approaching Arendelle’s port. Her advisors had warned her that it was bitterly cold this morning, and although Elsa had never been bothered by the cold, being immune to it by virtue of her magic, she tried to protect Anna from its effects as much as she could.

“You don’t have to wait with me, you know.” Elsa peered over at her sister. “You can go inside, get warm.”

“N-no,” Anna insisted with a shake of her head. Red braids swished back and forth across her shoulders. “I’ll w-wait with you.”

“Anna, be sensible,” she urged. “Your teeth are chattering.”

“W–what if it’s Rapunzel and Flynn? They’re our only family left. I want be here to greet them.”

“Anna, if it’s Rapunzel and Flynn, I think they would understand if you’re not here to meet them at the harbor on a day like this. The last thing that they would want is for you to catch your own death of cold the week before your own wedding!” Anna cast her a conflicted gaze, wavering, and Elsa pressed her advantage. “Kristoff would never forgive me if I let you come down with pneumonia.”

She sighed, her expression glum. “F-fine,” she agreed. “I’ll g-go inside.”

“And have a warm cup of tea,” Elsa encouraged. “By the fire.” Anna shot her a narrow look, as if re-considering out of sheer contrariness. “What?” she inquired innocently. “It might do you some good. Relax you, if nothing else; get rid of some of that pre-wedding stress.”

“Hmm,” was all Anna said. She turned on her heel, and pressed a kiss to Elsa’s cheek. “I’ll see you back inside.”

Elsa watched her sister disappear safely inside Arendelle castle and then turned back toward the sea, shielding her eyes from the blinding sunlight that refracted off the waters. The ship was much closer now, and something about it looked quite familiar to Elsa, although she could not quite place it. She studied it as it drew steadily closer, and after a time some of the finer details became more apparent, but still its familiarity nagged at her, proper identification eluding her.

After a time, the ship pulled into port, and Elsa watched as crewman scurried about on deck. The Jolly Roger? Elsa thought, puzzled, as she stepped toward the gangplank, bodyguards following behind her. The name didn’t sound familiar at all. Perhaps she was mistaken, had confused it with another ship. Elsa had nearly convinced herself of such when a tall figure, clad in black leather from head to toe stepped into view, watching her from the top of the gangplank, as if hesitating.

“Welcome to Arendelle,” Elsa called up to him in a clear voice. “To whom do we have the pleasure of making acquaintance?”

“I’d hardly call us acquaintances,” the stranger intoned, his voice weary as he walked down to meet her. Elsa’s eyes widened. His black hair was cropped short compared to the last time she had seen him, and his naval uniform was nowhere in sight, but she would have recognized those startling, cerulean eyes anywhere. “After all, we were practically family.”

“Killian!” she shouted joyfully, running forward as he stepped off the gangplank onto the dock. She swept him into a hug. His embrace was polite, almost wary. Patting her on the shoulder awkwardly, he pulled away, and she peppered him with questions. “Where’s Liam? What happened to your uniform? Did you get your own ship? Are you a privateer now?”

He watched her, his expression joyless and quite unlike the Killian she had known all her life. For although he was still a young man in appearance, something was different about Killian Jones. Something had happened. Something had changed him and forced him to grow up, not simply into a man, but into someone whose soul was burdened far beyond his years. “Elsa…we should talk,” he said quietly.

His tone told her all she needed to know. The news wasn’t pleasant. Dread and suspicion mingled together, taking root in her. “Liam? He’s not with you?” Killian shook his head. “Were practically family?” she whispered, as her fears began to take root.  Frost began to creep along the dock surrounding her feet, and Elsa fought to contain her feelings, her fears. She couldn’t let herself lose control, as she once had. Her people might have forgiven her for setting a blizzard upon them once, but twice? She wasn’t foolish to believe that their forgiveness might stretch that far.

“Then where is he?” she finally asked, unable to look him in the eye. It would only make the blow that much harder.

“Dead,” Killian said flatly.

The silence stretched between them as Elsa fought to stay calm while she processed the news. The one man who had ever meant anything to her in a romantic sense was gone. Taken from her, from this world, without so much as flicker of warning. Somehow, she had always assumed he would return despite the inherent dangers of his profession. He always had before. In her mind, she realized, he’d been immortal, untouchable.

“How long?”

“Four months.” He stepped closer to her. “I came as soon as I could. I know you and Liam had an understanding–”

“I’m fine,” she said, stepping back. Killian eyed her with a gaze that was both concerned and skeptical. “How?” she demanded.

He frowned. “That’s rather a long tale. And a complicated one. But he died–” He swallowed with visible effort, his gaze sliding away. “He died in service to his king, trying to do what he thought was right.”

“And was it?”


She absorbed his words, with all of their troubling implications. “Has it been taken care of?” she inquired in a low, urgent tone. Killian gave a nod, brief and emphatic. “Good.” Satisfaction flared in her, and Elsa smiled with grim smugness.

“Elsa, are–will you be all right?”

Her eyes snapped up to meet his. “Of course.” Killian glanced down. Ice glazed the dock beneath their feet. “Really.” She straightened her shoulders. The world was dull, colorless without Liam in it. Almost…cold, she thought, if the lack of warmth, the steady flame of affection for Liam that had buoyed her these past years, was any indication. Never again would she see his face, or feel the gentle press of his hand in hers, or sense his dependable presence lurking in the background, ready to aid her as needed.

“Liam loved you a great deal,” he murmured.

Something flickered to life in Elsa again. It wasn’t hope, exactly. It was something different, indefinable, but she wrapped in its warmth anyway, like a cloak, to ward off all her fears. Liam had loved her, whatever else might be said. There was comfort in that.

“Yes,” she answered as the ice started to thaw on the docks. “I’ll be fine.”  The cold never bothered her anyway.