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‘why does everything have to be romantic? why must everything be gay? why can’t they just be best friends?’

is like saying

‘why can’t the grass be green? god, it would be so nice to just have green grass for once. this pink grass just cheapens the purity of the green. protect the sanctity of green grass, for the love of god’

when LITERALLY EVERYONE IN HISTORY has waxed poetic about the lush greenness of grass; when grass LITERALLY is always green; when grass probably always WILL mainly be green; and a small hopeful handful of people merely dream dreams about pink grass. if they ever get pink grass it’s like a strip along the edge of the green, never the whole garden.

much of the earth is covered in green grass. can’t we just have a few acres of pink?

sometimes i randomly burst of laughter thinking about how much of a drama queen Elsa is

like, when she had a panic attack she fled her kingdom and everyone she cared about, but she didn’t just walked a little hundred meters away and hid y’know, noooo


how I feel about Feanor, short version
  • Em: like I genuinely? sympathise? even when he goes off the rails it's like
  • Em: ok it's pretty much exactly the moment in Frozen when Elsa storms off to the middle of nowhere to build an ice palace of emotion
  • Em: and you're like: this is a terrible idea that will solve none of your problems, BUT,
  • Em: this is the best song in the movie
Phan HC #7

Think about Dan and Phil on plane rides. Dan mouthing the lyrics to the Muse song he’s listening to. Phil looking over and thinking about how cute Dan is when he’s in his own little world. On overnight flights, Dan’ll be on tumblr or reading because he can’t sleep on planes, but Phil can’t keep his eyes open and almost always falls asleep on Dan’s shoulder, and so Dan puts his book aside and just stays quiet and still so he doesn’t wake his angel bean.


6 free to use Queen Elsa icons.

Credits are appreciated but not required!
I didn’t put any credit on them, unlike usually,
knowing some people don’t like that on their icons.


Frozen modern!AU in which… well nothing really changes Anna is still a huge dork

Bonus :

“What do you mean, your heart wasn’t frozen?”

“I threw it away.”

Or: the Moana/Elsa thing no one asked for wherein world-renown wayfinder, voyager, sailor, leader and heroine, twenty-one year old Moana, goes up north in search of the mysterious Ice Queen who lives atop the tallest mountain and brought about a great freeze upon the land. Rumors tell of a way through the Arendelle Isles straight through to dozens of trade routes, and of a legendary ‘frozen heart’ that drove the Queen mad the day of her coronation. Only Moana sees these two women, these events, are one and the same. And she intends to do something about it.

The blue stone in the crown is Elsa’s heart but, after all the sorrow having one brought her, she decided it was better for the world if she never had one again. Moana is wise enough to know that the permanent freeze Elsa can’t undo is linked to the heart she threw away, so she voyages with Elsa through the frozen islands to find it, if only for the good of the people. With each passing hour and mishap, though, Elsa finds herself warmed by Moana’s kindness, generosity, optimism and bravery, as Moana chips away at her defenses to find Elsa is not the monster she thinks she is underneath all that coldness.

True love thaws the frozen heart and restores the balance to the world.

And then I wax on about winter having a harsh side and a necessary/gentle one just like Elsa and I sing the praises of Moana being the most competent and likable Disney character in years for like 30 chapters and at some point they kiss and it’s epic.