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Janelle Monae as Elsa

Kiersey Clemons as Anna

John Boyega as Kristoff

Khylin Rhambo as Hans

Things I Noticed In Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Trailer

I needed to wait until I got home from work before I could post anything about this trailer. Fortunately, I was able to watch the trailer at work (hey, I was on my break, okay?) so I could jot down a few notes about some of my observations.

First, Anna and Elsa look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they?

I love the colors: Elsa a deep blue, Anna a lavender shade (and yes, I’m probably off but cut me some slack, I’m colorblind). Both Elsa and Anna are wearing new headpieces, though only Anna’s is visible here. Looks a bit like holly. And check out the bells on Anna’s neckline.

Oh, and bells are everywhere. More on that in a moment.

One thing that noticed about Anna’s jacket: it closes left over right, like a men’s shirt. I remember reading eons ago that the reason why men’s shirts and jackets buttoned left over right (as opposed to right over left, like we see in women’s fashion) was to help facilitate the drawing of a sword. A man could reach up and undo the buttons with his off-hand, allowing him to draw his sword with his dominant hand the moment the jacket had opened. Maybe this isn’t actually true. But wouldn’t it be cool if Anna’s jackets were designed this way because she regularly carries a rapier or something similar?

Remember when I said that bells are everywhere? Check out the trailer. They’re on the banners, Anna’s dress, the castle has one ringing, people are carrying staffs with bells atop. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the food was in the shape of bells. But bells aren’t the only thing in abundance in the trailer…

The Yule goat shows up everywhere. In fact, it’s about as abundant as the bells. They decorate the bottom hem of Anna’s dress, they dangle from people’s doors, they hang from the aforementioned bell staffs. And in an amusing twist, there’s also a variation of the Gävle goat. Y’know, the giant Yule goat that gets sets ablaze each year despite every attempt to keep that from happening? And what happens to them?

Yup. Crispy critters. Nice one, Disney.

A couple of other things:

Olaf’s bow tie is actually the same petals that comprise the majority of the wreaths that are hanging around the castle. It gets changed later, though.

His bow tie is now partially Elsa’s signature snowflake. Oh, and you know this star-encased snowman is going to the top of the tree.

And finally, it’s nice to see that Arendelle is very much open to multiple denominations, faiths, and practices.

That looks like Hanukkah and Saint Lucy’s Day to me.

Here’s Elsa using her powers to string up lanterns/Christmas lights.

Skates? Elsa doesn’t need skates!

Oh, and the last thing in the trailer really made me laugh:

Seriously? Like, is Disney going to release an R rated Frozen anything? That’s what fanfic is for.

Anna’s reaction to Elsa’s new winter dress

(just because I wanted to hehe)
a little 400 words thingie.


« You couldn’t help yourself, uh ? »

Elsa turned around, recognizing her little sister’s voice.

The redhead was pointing at her, but not actually her, more like behind her.

« The trail », Anna said to explained what she meant as her sister’s face looked very confused.

« Oh », simply replied Elsa, and she smiled. She followed her finger and nodded.

« Yeah, » the Queen shrugged, « I really like trails, for some reason. »

There was a short silence.

« Maybe because it reminds me of the Coronation dress », she added.

Anna slowly nodded, agreeing. Elsa looked gorgeous in that formal dress a few months before, in her opinion, but she also remembered that Elsa told her that, in frustration, she unclipped her magenta trail and throw it away somewhere in the North mountain. Anna smiled at that memory, which was nothing compared to the bursting of laughs she had when Elsa blushed after telling her this anecdote.

« I like it », assured Anna. « It suits you well. »

Elsa smiled, don’t adding nothing else than a deep smile, still feeling weird about receiving compliments.

« Shall we go ? » invited Elsa, showing the open door.

Anna almost forgot they actually were awaited. She followed her big sister outside her bedroom and took a second to look back. She wouldn’t believe Elsa’s bedroom was wide opened now. Her sight curiously became blurry.

As they walked in the corridor to the main entrance of the castle, Anna looked again at Elsa’s ice trail.

« Hey, you changed the patterns ! » she noticed, and Elsa smiled.

« It’s holidays, I had to make something more… Winterly, you know. » Elsa justified.

Anna laughed, and her laugh echoed against the wood of the walls, resonating until Elsa’s heart.

« I realize it’s the first time in a while we’re going to have a Christmas celebration together », Elsa murmured, and her voice was totally different than her previous sentence.

Anna winced, but then put a reassuring hand on her sister’s shoulder, covered of white fur. Elsa got relieved to see, when she turned her head, a giant smile on her face.

« Don’t worry. It will be fine, I promise. » said Anna, beaming with joy.

Elsa put her hand in hers and squeezed it tight.

Then Anna remembered what her hand touched just before that.

« What is the fur for ? » she asked, intrigued. « You told me several times that cold doesn’t bother you. »

« I… I just like fur, that’s it, » stammered Elsa. « I… I just find it beautiful. »

Anna shook her head and got close to her, with her hand still in Elsa’s.

« You’re such a Queen. »

« Shush up », smiled Elsa, as they were reaching the entry gates.

The compliment that thawed the "good girl" and the "beautifuller" Queen's love-starved and frozen heart.

I was watching “Frozen” with one of my best friends last night (she’s never seen it…que horror!) and one scene caught my attention. I’ve read an analysis about it before, but it never dawned on me how heartbreaking and beautiful it was until I actually saw it come to life again while watching it. So, here’s my take on it. And whoever did this observation before, I can’t remember who you are, so if you’re ever reading this, I want to thank you for your beautiful and brilliant mind. 

This is the scene where Anna and Elsa had like, a three minute period of catching up and Anna was just so stoked and so excited that she had Elsa’s attention. I find this really magnificent because it was Elsa who actually initiates the conversation by saying the first “Hi.” It’s so apparent that she misses Anna and…maybe even for just a while, she’ll disobey her father’s orders and try to talk and connect with Anna even though she knew it would be fleeting and temporary. 

Just look at how excited, flustered, and…beautifully awkward Anna is. I know this is supposed to be a funny and quirky scene, but I was actually pretty heartbroken because look at Anna: she’s just so eager…and so hungry for her sister’s attention. She just doesn’t know where to start. She stammers, she blurts out the most awkward things, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands, and she’s just so completely caught up in the moment that she forgets that her sister…is also the queen. She’s just in awe of this moment she has with Elsa because really, what was the only thing Elsa would ever tell her besides “Go away, Anna?” This was something new to Anna. This was all Anna ever wanted. And consequently so, this was all Elsa ever wanted as well. 

And Elsa…standoff-ish, rigid, perfectly postured Elsa– Look at that gorgeous and angelic face break into a shy smile as she looks at how excited and flustered Anna is. Look at how she looks down on the floor, just sincerely and gratefully enjoying the moment…enjoying Anna’s presence and the fact that she thinks she’s “beautifuller.” Her eyes light up, and in that moment, you can almost hear the ice crack from the deepest recesses of her broken heart. 

Anna thinks I'm…"beautifuller?“ My Anna…whom I continually shut out  thinks there's….beauty in me? The one who hurt her? She should hate me by now, after all that pain I’ve caused her. All the pain I’ve caused us. But here she is, she’s so excited to be with me. To be next to me. I want to wrap my arms around her so badly. My little sister is eighteen now. She’s so beautiful and look at all those freckles on her face! She’s grown taller! I want to hug her…but…no…Papa’s right. I need to stay away. I need to protect her. But wow…she still wants to be around me after all this time. Anna doesn’t hate me….please, don’t hate me.

Guys, this is my point:

All her life, Elsa was being prepared and trained to be queen. That was all there is for her. From long hours of lessons with her tutors, etiquette, politics…and all her other monarch duties, Elsa never really had a real childhood. Sure, there was Anna with her to lighten the load…but when that accident happened, she was on her own. Her only real company were the King and Queen who were preparing her for the throne and maybe some other staff members who were allowed to be her tutors and teachers. It would be appropriate to compliment the young heir because…well…she’s the princess who will be queen.

"Well done on your geometry homework, Your Highness.”

“You have recited that French poem marvelously, Princess Elsa.”

“You look beautiful with that dress, Your Majesty.”

“Good girl, Elsa. Be the good girl you always have to be.”

All of these praises are given to Elsa because she has done something to earn them. She did her homework. She wore the dress that was mandated for her to wear. She was a good girl because though she was tempted to open the door for Anna, she didn’t. Yes, these are really nice things to say to someone making progress and being obedient. But they were also just as obligatory and robotic because she probably heard those words numerous times on the same occasion…because she always did what was asked and expected of her. 

This is why when it comes from Anna, Elsa is always undone. Elsa is caught off guard. She doesn’t nod and say a polite and recited “Thank you.” She smiles. She throws her head back and laughs. She thanks Anna gleefully. Because Anna doesn’t expect anything. Anna is not saying it because she’s required to since Elsa is queen. Anna is just being Anna. Her baby sister who loves her and could care less if she’s a queen or not. Her baby sister who still looks up to her and adores her after all these years, in spite of the rift between them. Anna, who loves her for who she is and what she is. 

This is why “Letting Go” is so important. This scene in particular ties in to what I was saying before. She’s been called a “good girl” so many times because she has done what she was asked to do: Be perfect. Be disciplined. Do this, not that. Stay here, not there. Wear this, not that. Be the good girl you always have to be.

Notice how she wags her finger while singing the part, “Be the good girl you always have to be.” It dawned on me that she was imitating her father. She was rehearsing and remembering what her dad was always telling her to do. 

After seeing this, the lyrics were rewritten in my head like this:

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”
Well, now they know

She was quoting her father.

Bottom line is: To be adored and complimented by the one person she’s been protecting and simultaneously hurting all these years meant the world to Elsa. Someone is excited to be with her not because of what she has to offer and the fact that it’s just right and appropriate to throw praises at her since she’s the queen. It wasn’t about politics or pleasantries. Someone whom she misses the most misses her back, too, immensely and desperately. Anna loves her and loved her right there and then in the coronation, when she revealed her powers, and even when she threw her out of the ice castle. Anna thinks her sister is “beautifuller” and that was enough to make the love-starved and lonely Queen know that in spite of all that happened and what else that may happen, the one person she loves the most loves her back. Always have and always will. 

                                       As ICE melts into RAIN
                                So can LOVE come from PAIN

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