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OMG Elsa in feminine armor! Wielding a sword too?


Elsa in armor is like definitely on my top 3 favorite headcanons for Frozen 2.

I JUST WANNA SEE HER IN A BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS ARMOR (not necessarely in ice tho, it could be beautiful iron or steel) AND KICKING SOME ASS

definitely amazing sword in right hand and using magic with her left hand. totally.

my favorite fanart would be this one tho !

Exolvo: “Surrounded” (Hermione Granger & Elsa Arendelle)

A/N: I was browsing my WIP folder and I figured to just give this story a chance to be published here. I like crossovers, and I like the (potential) tandem between the likes of Elsa and Hermione although they’re worlds apart. There’s a sense of familiarity whenever I write about these characters and place them in Hogwarts.

It feels like home. Isn’t that what fanfiction is about? Creating worlds until you find one where you can get lost in?

I never thought I could write for this fandom again or about these two characters together—but I did. 

Thanks, @blunaowl, for not letting me give up on this completely. And for torturing me with your thoughts for a potential second chapter. Blergh.


Hermione saw Elsa covering her face with her hands. It was a peculiar sight, and she wasn’t even supposed to head to that direction, but she figured she could use the extra walk to clear her head. She just needed a little breathing room away from Ron and Harry, Luna’s monologues, and her very own mind that needed to stop thinking. But thoughts of solitude eluded her when she saw Elsa Arendelle through a wooden door’s window, slumped in the corner of an empty classroom, enveloped in an overwhelming stench that seeped through the cracks of the door. The odor of overcooked and burning plants or whatever it was that was inside that room caused Hermione’s nose to scrunch up, grabbing her attention and eventually prompting her to find out what the Slytherin was up to.

She wasn’t sure whether the blonde was just resting her eyes or nursing a headache from the distasteful aroma, but it was the first time that Hermione had seen the usually regal and composed girl in a state of something that resembled defeat. So she waited, hugging her books closer to her chest, contemplating whether or not she should approach the other girl.

Arendelle, what’s going on? Hermione wondered, curiosity winning her over, as she carefully turned the doorknob to enter the room.

As if Elsa heard Hermione’s question alongside the creaking of the door, she finally lifted her head with an unfamiliar expression drawn all over her face.

Hermione had never seen Arendelle this frustrated. With her eyes bloodshot like she had just finished crying, Elsa met Hermione’s stare before straightening her shoulders and letting out a sharp breath.

“What are you doing here?” Elsa asked quietly—warily—as hoarfrost started to ascend her throat. A book fell to the ground. She didn’t expect company, and she was not ready for Hermione’s questions. Why the hell was Granger roaming the halls at this time of hour anyway? Why wasn’t she with Potter and the rest of her friends?

“I reckon you’re having a hard time with Potions,” Hermione shrugged while stating the obvious, ignoring Elsa’s question as she scanned the classroom. She couldn’t help but raise a brow. Plants were cluttered next to a tower of books, there was an empty mug laying on its side, and bottles and cylinders occupied the rest of Elsa’s working area. Elsa, bleary-eyed and in a state of disarray, still looked stunning as ever with a messy bun in place, her tie hanging loosely around her neck. For once, she unbuttoned the uppermost part of her collar, making Hermione realize that this was the first time she ever saw Elsa in an almost disheveled appearance. Almost. She still looked perfect nonetheless.

An awkward, momentary silence blanketed over the two of them, and it was heavy enough that Elsa hunched down her seat. The last thing she needed was for the smartest witch in her year to see her struggle with the simple task of controlling the temperature of a damn herbal potion. But she was already caught in the act of her incompetence and she knew Hermione was far from thinking of leaving the room.

Elsa could only press her lips into a line, hating herself just a little bit as she felt her face turn red.

 “Show me what you’re working on,” Hermione encouraged while plopping herself on the chair opposite of Elsa. “Maybe I can help you?”

The hoarfrost that was lodged in her throat descended by the barest bit, but she felt the light warmness it left on its wake. “Fine,” Elsa replied in a cracked voice, feeling a wave of exhaustion depleting whatever energy she had left. She didn’t feel like arguing with Hermione. “But whenever I touch it….I freeze the whole thing.”

 “Show me.”

Elsa nodded before casting her eyes back on her task. She carefully touched the surface of the cylinder with a finger, and the liquid inside it immediately froze, turning the whole thing into a tube of ice. She groaned as her elbows slammed the table, her face buried in her hands once more while missing Hermione’s concerned look.

Hermione sighed, extending her hand to touch Elsa’s arm, “Look, it’s okay, we can work on this–” 

Instinctively, Elsa yanked her arm away from Hermione’s skin, “S-orry, I don’t want to hurt you,” she stuttered as she shoved her hands under the table. 

 Hermione felt her heart break a little. No, she wasn’t offended by Elsa’s actions—she was reminded once again why the Slytherin was so guarded and so scared. Elsa was genuinely trying to protect everyone around her from her. But Hermione did not need that from her. She truly believed Elsa was not capable of harming another human being. “You’re not going to hurt me,” Hermione said in a gentle tone in hopes of easing Elsa’s growing anxiety.

But even with the gentleness and sincerity in her voice, Elsa was still rigid—guarded—and paralyzed in her seat. She wanted Hermione to leave and stay all at once. But she didn’t really have a say or choice as Hermione inched closer to the table, dropping her books next to the pile of herbs that was scattered on the floor.

As comforting as she would like to be, the evidence of Elsa’s mishaps were hard to sugarcoat that Hermione didn’t bother to placate the situation further. To divert Elsa’s attention away from her fears, Hermione picked up the rosemary that Elsa turned into a popsicle. Minutes passed and Elsa’s initial shock of Hermione’s ambush frittered away, allowing Elsa to finally open up about her frozen plants and current dilemma.

While Elsa started to ease into Hermione’s company, with her hands in the air as she rambled on, Hermione couldn’t help but do a double take. She honestly thought, for a split second, that it was the other Arendelle girl that she was speaking with. Had it not been for the green neck-tie, blonde hair, and clear, blue eyes, Hermione could’ve sworn it was Anna that stood in front of her.

Her mind started to play tricks on her. Hermione wanted to help Elsa analyze and come up with alternatives to solve her problem but weariness swept over her like a flood, finally beckoning her to sleep. It would’ve taken a simple spell to keep her awake, but how much more can a sixteen-year-old body take? So many nights were spent on mapping Voldemort’s potential whereabouts while trying to make room for studying for exams. She invested a huge amount of time and energy trying to accomplish so many things all at once, that she had forgotten what slept was and what laying on a bed felt like.

“—I just don’t know what to do anymore,” Elsa continued on with her tangent, gloved hands still flying in air while scrutinizing the potions book in front of her, barely noticing Granger’s unusual silence. Before she could lift her eyes to acknowledge Hermione, a pair of hands swept from below, pulling a stunned Elsa to sit back down on her chair. These hands weren’t so much as forceful, but they were firm and determined enough to keep the ice from Elsa’s fingertips from spewing.

Hermione, against all logic and Elsa’s pending protests, cupped her hands around a pair of cold and trembling ones, ignoring the sharp gasp that followed.

“Wh—what are you doing?” Elsa, with her eyes as wide as saucers, looked down at her hands in horror, and then raised them up to meet Hermione’s face.

I don’t know. I haven’t slept in days. Hermione could only reply in a noncommittal shrug. “I’m holding your hands…Elsa, just have a seat. Please?”

Elsa wanted to pull away, but the fear of ice darting from her fingertips at the sudden movement glued her in place. She didn’t want Hermione to feel the coldness that filled her body—the curse…the disease that crippled her and forced her to stay away from every single thing and person that she ever loved. She didn’t want Hermione to feel the ice that flowed within her veins, sustaining her and killing her at the same time.

Staying true to character, stubborn and headstrong like the Gryffindors that came before her, Hermione refused to give up—she refused to let go of her grip. She knew the risks. She saw how erratic and dangerous Elsa’s magic was, but not once did she ever cringe of showed any signs of discomfort.

Elsa dropped her stare on the warm-blooded hands that circled hers. How long has it been since someone touched her? How long has it been since she felt Mama’s kiss? Papa’s embrace? Anna’s hand around hers?

For a moment, the two girls sat in stillness with their knees facing each other. For a moment, they had forgotten the tasks and the thoughts that loomed over them. Potions that needed to be made. Voldemort’s whereabouts. The dementors that lurked nearby. Anna’s budding friendship with Harry Potter. 

Elsa fixed her focus on the brick wall part Hermione’s shoulder while Hermione rested her glance on their hands propped on her lap.The strange and lingering odor went unnoticed as their minds started to wander. Elsa, in spite of her anxiety, couldn’t find it in her to argue anymore with Hermione’s unorthodox gestures. She didn’t want to fight, and she didn’t have the strength to yank her touch-starved hands away. It felt…nice. Warm. Hermione’s hands were warm even against the fabric of her gloves, and she was starting to feel the ice in her chest dissolve. She was never going to get used to this, and she didn’t want to. This was something she would never deserve, but now, just for now, she let her guard down.

But sooner or later, every distraction that she had set up for herself to consume her mind were bound to vanish. Fatigue can only do so much. The one thing Elsa did not want to think about, that constant and throbbing thought that plagued her without mercy, was getting stronger again with each breath.

“I think Voldemort knows,” Elsa whispered as she avoided eye contact, breaking the silence between her and Hermione.

Hermione finally let go of Elsa’s hands. “What are you talking about?” she replied, leaning her face closer to meet Elsa’s eye level. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped, and there was vapor in her breath when she uttered her words.

Elsa balled her hands into a fist. “He…he knows about my curse and those Dementors weren’t sent for Harry,” she bit back, feeling the pain in her chest as hoarfrost started to fill her lungs again, “they’re here for me.”

Days of Future’s Past [3/33]

Killian, Emma, and Elsa all stood in stunned silence, looking to the two prone figures lying on the floor. The golden portal dissipated as quickly as it had appeared, a deathly silence replacing the loud wind generated by the presence of the portal.

Neither of the figures moved.

“Are they… are they alive?” Elsa whispered.

“I don’t know,” Emma mumbled, her hand still firmly gripping Killian’s arm. The black haired man was laying face down, the blonde haired woman on her side facing away from them. Emma noted with a small groan that they both wore clothes from the Enchanted Forest. The man wore all black – from leather pants tucked into the leather boots to the leather vest over a black shirt. The woman wore light brown leather pants, dark brown leather boots, and what looked like a simple white shirt under….

“Is that my red leather coat?”

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The signs appearance based off of princesses

Aries: Jasmine, fierce, confident

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Taurus: Snow white, classic, beautiful.

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Gemini: Rapunzel, wild, cute.

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Cancer: Ariel, youthful, sweet.

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Leo: Anna, bright, lively.

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Virgo: Belle, poised, kind,

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Libra: Elsa, stunning, charming.

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Scorpio: Mulan, sweet, powerful.

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Sagittarius: Aurora, bright, fun.

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Capricorn: Pocahontas, intense, confident.

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Aquarius: Cinderella, free, young.

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Pisces: Tiana, romantic, dreamy.

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Check Venus and rising as well as sun!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

One knee down and a breath in. “Elsa Iversen, would you-”

One version of my jelsa proposal headcanon where Elsa says yes way before Jack can finish his proposal. I just love Elsa being this forward to “attack” her freshly new fiancé. 

(Another version being Elsa being too stunned to respond and Jack starting panicking and rambling nonsense stuff before, yes the same, tackled down by the recipient of his proposal. And whether it is followed by a heated make-out session is fully your choice. Of course I’d say yes.)

Also, a big shout-out THANKS FOR MY 400+ FOLLOWERS. I don’t know how it outgrew a hundred in such a short time. It somehow seems like I get more when I was gone on vacation. World works in a weird way.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day to all my dearest followers and fellow shippers. Happy shipping and happy living~ 

I absolutely LOVE this shot of My Jack Frost cosplay! I, and Yuurisan-K as Elsa, looks stunning all thanks Jwai Design Photography! Thank you so much!

Jack Frost: myself (@ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zack-The-Ripper-Cosplay/127276354123383 )

Elsa: Yuurisan-K (@ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yuurisans-Cosplay/472355102808553 )

Taken by Jwai Design (@ https://www.facebook.com/JwaiDesignPhotography )


There were some jaw-droppingly awesome cosplays today! I only regret not being able to leave the Artist Alley to see the others that never came down there… Cosplayers, please come visit the Artist Alley… the artists who are chained to their tables want to bask in your excellence…

The Charizard was so cool, the tail actually lit up and the wings could flap. <3

Jack and Tooth were awesome, I can’t believe how much detail went into attaching all those feathers!

I wore my Utena hoodie, and just as planned the Utena cosplayers flocked to me like a magnet. Utena fans gotta stick together…

The coronation Elsa cosplayer was so stunning, this photo doesn’t do her justice. I told her she was the best Elsa cosplayer I’d seen all weekend and she said, “You’re not the first to tell me that” and swished away. Ice burn… But later she came back to the table and wordlessly thrust two giant handmade (?) chocolates into my hands (which had business cards attached) and scurried away before I could say anything.  According to anime rules that’s some kind of love confession, right?  it was a very confusing doki doki moment. Oh Elsa, don’t toy with my heart like this!