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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

One knee down and a breath in. “Elsa Iversen, would you-”

One version of my jelsa proposal headcanon where Elsa says yes way before Jack can finish his proposal. I just love Elsa being this forward to “attack” her freshly new fiancé. 

(Another version being Elsa being too stunned to respond and Jack starting panicking and rambling nonsense stuff before, yes the same, tackled down by the recipient of his proposal. And whether it is followed by a heated make-out session is fully your choice. Of course I’d say yes.)

Also, a big shout-out THANKS FOR MY 400+ FOLLOWERS. I don’t know how it outgrew a hundred in such a short time. It somehow seems like I get more when I was gone on vacation. World works in a weird way.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day to all my dearest followers and fellow shippers. Happy shipping and happy living~ 

The signs appearance based off of princesses

Aries: Jasmine, fierce, confident

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Taurus: Snow white, classic, beautiful.

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Gemini: Rapunzel, wild, cute.

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Cancer: Ariel, youthful, sweet.

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Leo: Anna, bright, lively.

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Virgo: Belle, poised, kind,

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Libra: Elsa, stunning, charming.

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Scorpio: Mulan, sweet, powerful.

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Sagittarius: Aurora, bright, fun.

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Capricorn: Pocahontas, intense, confident.

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Aquarius: Cinderella, free, young.

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Pisces: Tiana, romantic, dreamy.

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Check Venus and rising as well as sun!

Elsanna week: DAY 5! Roadtrip!

I’m actually making every day of Elsanna week! Joyous!!! … Okay, this fic is a bit NSFW (not really with what’s on tv nowadays…), but it was only because I didn’t know what to write with this roadtrip topic. Maybe I can write again! 

“Roadtrip across Europe!” Anna cheered. Her passenger gave an indulgent eye roll then leaned over, grabbing hold of Anna’s chin and forcing her head to turn towards her for a heated kiss.

“Taxi to the airport.” Elsa said to the stunned looking Anna, determination on her face. “Airplane ride to Germany for a weekend.”


Elsa leaned in again, this time slipping in a bit of tongue and making Anna groan into her mouth with appreciation. The redhead fumbled at her belt buckle, unbuckling herself to lean over to deepen the kiss.

“Airplane trip to Germany and we can go from there to Switzerland by train.” Elsa pulled Anna over the middle console by the collar of her jacket and the redhead followed Elsa’s mouth hungrily. “After Switzerland, France or Italy.”

“But I packed… everything…” Anna’s hands fumbled with the front of Elsa’s shirt, but Elsa stilled her hands, both of them breathing heavily.

“I… booked the tickets already.” Elsa nipped along the outline of Anna’s jaw. “We are not… driving across Europe.”

“What?” Anna looked dazed. “You went behind my back–”

“Shhh shh shhh…” Elsa shushed her girlfriend and pecked little kisses at the corners of Anna’s lips, successfully derailing Anna’s anger. “Your driving… is horrible, sweetheart. We’re taking short-haul planes and public transportation. I’ve booked everything.”

“O-Okay.” Anna gasped as Elsa’s hands clenched and pulled at her thigh, pulled them closer together despite the awkward space. “When do we leave?”

The blonde’s smirk was sinfully delicious. “We have three hours to make our flight.” Elsa popped the top button on the blouse she was wearing and gave a little fake scandalized gasp, drawing a giggle from the younger woman. “I think there’s time to show how much I appreciate your cooperation.”

As Anna descended on Elsa again, the redhead smiled into Elsa’s lips, not even mad that Elsa had ruined their road trip.