elsa is a badass


Couldn’t include all these amazing women on my last role model post so here’s another. Personal Disney female role models. There’s waaaay more than this but u fortunately tumblr (on mobile at least) only likes uploading ten photos at a time.

Shout out to Merida being bad ass, but I find her way too bratty for my liking. Also I’ve never watched The Princess and the Frog but I have watched the clip for Almost There and that’s inspiring enough to land Tiana a place.

Damn, I’m still missing so many.

Frozen 2 poster suggestion : Elsa and Anna in tactical war gears, Elsa in a badass armor with a fur hood and holding a sword and Anna with an ice harvester outfit that has protection pads additions and with a big-ass pick axe in hand

both standing close to each other, epic postures

and there’s a single snowgie standing on Elsa’s shoulder wearing a tiny pointy viking hat

bring it to me Disney

SBUK3: Sunday - Jared Panel
  • He would have loved to have more scenes with Jekyll and Hyde (x)
  • Jared would love to be the Dark One (x)
  • “I want Henry to be a hero and find true love” (x)
  • His happy ending for Henry would be for him to continue being an awesome author, and find true love (x)
  • Working with Jen is amazing, she and Lana are like his mom’s and Jen had lent him books and taught him things about life (x)
  • His dream is to be a writer and write his own animation. But as an actor he’d love to get a part in the star wars franchise (x)
  • If Jared was a Disney princess he’d be Elsa for the badass ice powers, Henry would be Belle because he likes books (x)
  • He appreciates that the fans like him for who he is (x)
  • If Jared and Lana were playing twister, Lana would win he says (x)
  • He just blew a fan’s daughter a kiss “I don’t know if I did that right” (x)
  • Taylor gave Jared pointers for the horse riding in S6 (x)
  • Bobby taught him how to focus when acting and with his anxiety. He says that cast has made him who he is today (x)
  • Josh Dallas is like an Uncle and when he has a problem he talks to him and he always makes him feel better (x)
  • Josh Dallas ran around with a nerf gun this season shooting everyone (x)
  • His favourite scene with Jen was their chat in the mines before they found Aladdin in 6A (x)
  • Dark Henry would be the most cynical person on earth and he would destroy people’s belief by destroying who they care about most (x)
  • If he could write the script for an ep he would write that Henry became the Dark One (x)
  • If Jared could be any villain he would be The Joker! (x)
    • @Jared_Gilmore favourite superhero is batman and the joker is his favourite villain (x)
  • Jared says he’s worked with so many different British cast members he understands the accents in the U.K. (x)
  • Jared gave us his catalogue of Star Wars impressions including Vader & Palpatine (x)
  • Jared danced for us and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (x)
  • The most challenging thing Jared has had to do as Henry is being mean to Lana (x)



therock: "Woman I am the cavalry..“ Muckin’ around w/ my homegirl @elsapatakyconfidential…a beautiful and talented chick who enjoys long walks on the beach, puttin’ up with my ego and being Thor’s wife. #OnSet#Furious7 #HobbsAndElena #TriggerDiscipline#AndDaddyLovesToMuck



María Mayor Fernández de Cámara y Pita, known as María Pita, was a Spanish heroine who fought during the defence of Corunna in 1589 against the English Armada. On the 4th of May, the English forces, already in possession of the lower city, attempted to seize control of the old city. María appeared on the wall, killed an attacking soldier, and shouted, “quen teña honra, que me siga!” (“Whoever has honour, follow me!”) Her shout inspired the defenders to push back and eventually the English were driven back to their ships. Her actions were honoured and rewarded by Philip II, and she was granted the pension of a military officer.

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OMG Elsa in feminine armor! Wielding a sword too?


Elsa in armor is like definitely on my top 3 favorite headcanons for Frozen 2.

I JUST WANNA SEE HER IN A BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS ARMOR (not necessarely in ice tho, it could be beautiful iron or steel) AND KICKING SOME ASS

definitely amazing sword in right hand and using magic with her left hand. totally.

my favorite fanart would be this one tho !


200th Post!

This is a special picture that I commissioned from the awesome comickergirl.  The drawing depicts badass Elsa at the climactic battle in my Frozen fanfiction story, Verðug dróttning stór which can be found on fanfiction.net if you click on the story title.

The story, of course, was inspired by this amazing drawing by A-KA, which can be found HERE.  Amazing that 40,000 words of story can be evoked by one picture, but there it is.

The number of incredibly talented artists that can be found here just boggles my mind, and I thank them for sharing that talent with us all.

ADDENDUM 12/19/2014

I added a crop that has a lightened version, so the fine detail that shows where Elsa had been pinned to the door by that sword.  She then reached up, created an icy coating so she could grab it, then PULLED THE SWORD OUT!  And now she’s going to freeze the jackass that did that to her!

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the flash

The character I first fell in love with: barry allen
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: harrison wells 2.0
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: catrina snow, i mean tbh everyone mostly hates her but i’m so angry that she still exists that i’m naming her anyway LOOOOL
The character I love that everyone else hates: no one thank god, the flash fandom has a brain.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: no one
The character I would totally smooch: barry allen and wally west
The character I’d want to be like: iris freaking badass west
The character I’d slap: knock off elsa, god someone vote her off the island already lmao.
A pairing that I love: westallen, quickwest, cynco and joecille
A pairing that I don’t: snowbarry, if you ship it you’re garbage i don’t make the rules.

send me a fandom

THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. Queen Elsa, after the movie ends, would end up being (in the eyes of foreign countries) the most terrifying leader ever. Let me repeat that for you guys, the most terrifying leader ever.

By the end of the movie, Elsa has complete control over her powers. She can make humongous castles without really even breaking a sweat, she has no limit as far as we can tell. If enemies attacked, they’d have infinite fortresses and gigantic walls built around the capital city.

Furthermore, Elsa isn’t just wicked with snow. She can create artificial life, she did so twice in Olaf and Marshmallow. Marshmallow is a terrifying guard monster, and Olaf has a fully functional mind. She could create entire armies and never endanger a single one of her citizens.

Finally, the most important point. If Queen Elsa was pissed at your nation? There goes your crop. She could freeze everything, and instantly, you have a famine on your hands. Still not submitting? Well, then she can embargo you, freeze up your port like she accidentally did to Arendelle. Elsa would completely dominate your trade, and clench her fist around your entire nation’s food supply.

Elsa is a force to be reckoned with. Despite her early struggles, her Allies are gonna have a hell of a time with diplomacy. Time to give everything you own to Arendelle! (sorry to go all game of thrones on yall…)

How to reconcile my love of Millian with my love of CS with my love of lesbians....

Milah leaves Rumple for Killian, but then when she’s with Killian she realizes she’s a lesbian (if you watch The L Word you’ll know where I got that idea from) and breaks up with him. Killian is upset because he loves her, but he loves her enough to let her go and is supportive of her coming out. He even gives her tips on how to flirt with women (because let’s face it, he’s the expert)

Milah doesn’t die some stupid really sexist death at the hand of her ex-husband because she didn’t love him. In fact, her and her new girlfriend (I’m gonna say Mulan because Mulan needs some love) defeat him and win against him and NO LESBIANS DIE IN THE MAKING OF THIS FIGHT SCENE and Killian cheers in the background because his platonic pirate queen has grown up so fast and now she’s taking on baddies all by her gay self

Milah eventually assembles a posse of queer ladies (the farther I go with this, the more it turns into The L Word) that’s comprised of Belle, Red, Dorothy, Mulan, Elsa, and Emma. And that’s how Killian meets Emma (because in this story she’s bisexual) and everyone lives happily ever after



I was so glad to see Pepper’s back-story in Freak Show. She’s one of my favorite characters. I wonder if she wanted to play with Lana bc she looked like Bette and Dot…

And the part with the magazine w/ Elsa… I totally cried…not ashamed to admit it… 

Also, I hate every single character Mare Winningham has played on AHS. Bad mom, wife and sister.