elsa in suit


“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” (x)

suddenly feels like drawing otps kissing at the prom while slowly listening and dancing to the song <3


Frozen characters for @sinnatagg‘s upcoming modern AU, including characters from CGI Disney (but not only) movies

I tried to make the height difference among them visible here, even though they’re placed all over the background texture (and Elsa’s probably wearing heels).

Anna has a t-shirt with Minion and duckling earrings (they may be not too visible, though) ^^ And I can’t help imagining Elsa with glasses, it suits her imho ~(˘▾˘~)

I bet Hans has ray-ban glasses and Kristoff… Kristoff simply doesn’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

Can you match vongola and varia to the disney princess movie stories they would suit? (frozen and moana included but instead of anna who would suit elsa) i wish all the admins the best!!

Tsuna: don’t know why but he strucks me as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Gokudera: Lion King

Yamamoto: Robin Hood

Hibari: UP

Ryohei: Tarzan

Lambo: Peter Pan

Mukuro: Beauty and the Beast or Frozen

Chrome: Moana

Xanxus: Brave

Squalo: Mulan

Lussuria: Tangled

Levi: Monsters Inc.

Belphegor: Cinderella his past just reminds me a lot of Cinderella even when he’s the one who…killed them all

Mammon: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Fran: Alice in Wonderland

Sebastian Stan x Hemsworth sis Part 3

hi sweetie! can you please write an imagine where the reader is chris hemsworth’s sister and she’s married to sebastian stan (but they don’t have kids yet) and they take care of his kids for a day ?

Part 1

Part 2

*Married for 14 Months*

“You have your bathing suit right,” you double checked with Sebastian before you two headed out the door.

“Yes dear. And, I have the towel you forgot on the bed.” He opened the beach bag and flashed you a glimpse of your towel that you had left upstairs.

“I knew there was a reason I married you,” you smirked. You two hopped in the car and started the drive to your brother Chris’ and sister-in-law’s home. “Ready to deal with the three minions,” you referenced your niece and nephews.

“Can’t wait. I love spending time with those kids.” You two spent the drive singing, talking over new movies, and coming up with ways to keep the kids entertained all day. Your brother and his wife Elsa were going to a premier and after party and wouldn’t be back until late that night. You pulled up to the beautiful home and, as soon as you stepped out of the car, heard the pitter patter of little feet running down the porch. “Aunt Y/N!!!!” You knelt down and opened your arms letting the three little bodies run into you.

“Hi my loves! How are you. Oh, I miss you so much,” you crushed them against you and placed a kiss on each one of their heads. “Uncle Stan,” they turned their attention to their uncle who was simply called ‘Stan’ since them trying to say Sebastian failed and they only picked up the tail end, “Stian” or as they said “Stan. But it worked out. You gave the big white dog that appeared by your arm a pat on the head before you stood up. As Sebastian hugged the kids you smiled at your big brother walking towards you and wrapped you in a hug, “Hello baby sister.”

“I can’t breath,” you swatted his arms that crushed you.

“Thank you for watching them tonight,” Elsa said as she hugged you.

“My pleasure. I love spending time with these little boogers.” You all walked into the house together.

“They haven’t had lunch yet,” Elsa told you. “Their swim suits are on top of the washer if you need those. And since we won’t be back until very late the guest room is all made up for you two.”

“I can handle lunch and everything. Don’t worry. You two go get your bags and get outta’ here. You don’t want to be late to the premiere,” you shooed them.

“Thanks again sis, Sebastian. Love you and see you later,” Chris gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Once the car pulled out of the driveway you turned to the three little Hemsworths. “You kids hungry?” You were almost blown away by the yells of ‘Yes’ towards you. “Aunt Y/N’s famous grilled cheese,” you asked and, yet again, received nothing but a loud yes.

“Uncle Stan will take two also,” your husband pleaded.

“Ok, you guys go play with Uncle Stan and I’ll make lunch.” The kids cheered and you began cooking.

The plates were filled with grilled cheese and you walked them all to the table and set up drinks for everyone. Following the loud giggles and shouts you entered the toy room and saw Sebastian playing Barbie/ G.I Joe with the kids. You looked at him playing with the kids and couldn’t help but smile. “Ok, kiddos, time for lunch.”

Lunch was halfway through when Sebastian asked the kids, “After lunch you kids want to head down to the beach?”

“Uncle Stan,” India asked with messed up words, “can we swim?”

“Of course, Indy!” Lunch wraped up and Sebastian looked to you. “I’ll clean up if you want to get the kids dressed. I’ll meet you after to see if you still need help.”

“Sounds perfect.” You stood up and kissed Sebastian before taking the kids, who gave you and Sebastian an ‘Eww’ when they saw you kiss.

You took the kids to their parents bathroom and got them all in their cute little bathing suits quicker than you expected. Sebastian commented the kids on their suits and went to get your bag from the car. Taking turns you two changed and loaded up the beach bags with toys, towels, and drinks. You had Sasha on your hip and a beach bag on your shoulder while Sebastian was carrying the other bag and Tristan in one arm and holding onto India’s hand.

You were sitting in the sand making a castle with Tristan watching Sebastian playing with Sasha and India in the water. He listed and dunked them under the water making them laugh endlessly. Hours passed under the sun and you all finally headed back to the house. The kids ate some chicken nuggets and settled on the couch trying not to pass out as they watched TV. You sat on the couch with your husband’s arm draped over your shoulder and with three kids laying on the two of you.

“Why don’t we get ready for bed kiddos,” you hinted. Sebastian reached down and picked up the boys while you grabbed Indy. You two took them to their rooms and got them in their pj’s and ready for bed. You two tucked them in together and the passed out almost right away. You and Sebastian walked back to the couch and plopped down.

You picked up the remote and looked through netflix for a movie. You settled for one and layed back into Sebastian’s side. “They’re pretty cute, huh?”

“The cutest,” you replied. “They’ll have to come to our house this summer and spend a week.”

“You know…today had me thinking,” he said.

“Oh, yeah? About?”

“Us having kids.” You looked up to him, “Really?” He nodded his head.

“Is it weird that I was thinking about that today too?”

“Is that a yes?” His eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Yes,” you smiled and gave him a peck. “But we aren’t starting here,” you joked with him and snuggled more into his side as the movie started.


You ask me how deep I love you

How much my love is

My feeling does not waver

My love does not change

The Moon represents my heart 

Listening to a song & thinking about your otp level: Teresa Teng