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Since the Release date for Frozen 2 was announced (November 27, 2019), the fandoms have come back to life and I included are now pumped! I can only hold my breath until it, a trailer, or even the cast list is announced goddamn it, cause my only hope is for my ginger son’s redemption!  If I find out Santino Fontana is coming back to reprise the role of Hans, I will cry of happiness!

So in honour of this hopefully not disappointing news, (it’s fantastic news but if it ends up not having my Son in the movie, I’ll end up disappointed, but until I can truly know whats going to happen, I have created this Helsa piece, maybe something I envisioned happening in the movie?

Also this is a historic moment, as I for once actually drew Elsa in her ice dress, which rarely happens. I’m also gonna be buying a dress form for better costume making, so Elsa Ice Dress here I come!
Also, I think this picture is meant to be Elsa is worried about something but is hiding it, but she can’t fool Hans since snow is falling all around her. hehe

Anyways! This has been the first long description in awhile! I hope you guys like, and HELSA FANDOM! Come back to the battlefront, we have a ship to sail, headed towards canon! (Hopefully )


ELSA / Conceal don’t feel

Finally got around to doing Elsa. So happy with how it turned out. :)

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Elsa Patterns

This post is a compilation of several patterns that may work for Elsa’s ice dress, depending on your personal interpretation. Some of them include a fuller skirt whereas others are more narrow with the slit, and they range from being widely available to vintage to extremely rare. 

(Reading from top to bottom, left to right)

Simplicity 5006

Simplicity 0281

Butterick 4338

Butterick 6766

Mccall’s 6894

Butterick 6402

Vogue 7371


The Best Dress

Now while I think that both of the dresses that Elsa wears from Frozen and Frozen Fever are beautiful, they still have differences that refer to Elsa and her personality. I didn’t forget about her coronation dress, but there is more I want to say for the other two dresses since Elsa makes them herself. You can read more about the color of Elsa’s clothes, and even those of Anna, here.

Besides the fact that Elsa made both of her dresses herself, they are also similar in their basic designs. They are off-the-shoulder dresses with a right knee-high slit, a crystalized bodice, transparent sleeves, and an attached transparent cape. Simultaneously, they also have some notable differences:

  • Elsa’s Snow Queen dress is crystal blue, while her spring dress is emerald green.
  • The cape of the ice dress is decorated with snowflakes, while the cape of the green dress is decorated with flowers.
  • The bodice of the ice dress is decorated with blue crystals, while the bodice of the green dress is covered in teal ice crystals that are patterned to resemble leaves. The top of the bodice is decorated with pink flowers.
  • The ice dress has long sleeves, while the green dress has short sleeves. Pink flowers also decorate the sleeves of the latter dress.

I have an explanation as to what each dress means, as well as their differences. In the film, on the day of her coronation, Elsa wears a dress that almost covers her entire body, including with its sleeves. Its purpose is to illustrate the confinement and repression of her powers, particularly because no outsider knows about them and she wants desperately to keep them a secret. But then when she sings “Let It Go,” Elsa embraces her powers once again. By that point, everyone finally knows about her magic, so she finally rejects her father’s advice about concealing them. She creates her Snow Queen dress over her old one as part of her way of rejecting her past and making a whole new beginning. Not only is her new dress prettier and sparkly; it is looser and fits more comfortably. The dress and cape are blue, a color that is often associated with winter, snow, and ice. Because her magic is all about creating those very things, not to mention she was born on the winter solstice, blue is an entirely appropriate color for Elsa’s dress.

Now in terms of the dress in the short, its green color is meant to represent spring. Spring is known for being a season of hope and new beginnings, and it is the time of year when flowers bloom. So this kind of dress is perfect for Elsa because she is making up for lost time by spending more time with Anna, and this planned birthday party is part of them having a new beginning as sisters and friends. Elsa makes a new dress that would be more fitting for such an event, and the addition of the flowers are a perfect choice of decoration.

The most distinct difference between the two dresses, besides the meanings of their colorful appearances, are the lengths of the sleeves. Although it may sound a little unusual, I believe that their lengths represent Elsa in regards to how she feels about herself and her powers. For starters, the sleeves on the green dress are much shorter than those on the ice dress. Now even though Elsa created her ice dress when she was feeling happy and free, she still undoubtedly felt insecure about her abilities, especially because she knew that they could cause people to fear and hate her. So I feel that the long sleeves represent how Elsa felt that she still needed to hide and be alone, away from people, yet she wanted to be who she really is. By Frozen Fever, however, things are going much better for her. Her family, especially Anna, and subjects love her, magic and all, because they have learned that her powers are not all bad. So the love she receives no doubt has made Elsa become much more confident about herself and her magic. As a result, she has much more control over them than she probably ever had in her life.

Since the release of Frozen Fever, printed media has images of Elsa wearing either her ice dress and her spring dress, depending on the story, including those in the book Spring Fever. For my personal thoughts, even though I love both of these dresses, and blue is my favorite color, I actually like the green dress a little more based on the descriptions I mentioned above. Regardless of which dress she wears, Elsa is always stunningly gorgeous. 😄

prompt from arendellecitizens

@arendellecitizens sent in the prompt “Elsa making Anna an ice dress” and I (very happily) ran with it.

But I also have questions about this. Does Anna need to wear clothes underneath? How doesn’t it melt from her body heat? Would she need her own personal flurry like Olaf? Here I go again trying to apply logic to a disney movie.

Annnyywayyy…it’s under the cut. Its got a bit of a chliffhanger-y ending so I’ll definitely be expanding this ;).

AO3 Link Here

“If you really wanted to check me out you could have just asked without a reason, you know.” Anna said, still confused to why her older sister woke her up before 10:00 and had her stand in front of her with only her undergarments on.

Elsa still stood there, hand on her chin, deep in thought. This had to be perfect. Anything for her Anna could not be short of it. 

It was approaching just about a year since The Great Thaw and a few weeks short of the anniversary of their relationship. Elsa had cleared up everything scheduled from Thursday to Sunday to spend this weekend with her beloved sister. Even though she is an actual princess, the queen never stops treating her like one.

She always noticed the younger woman admiring her dress (and her body in it). Now, with how much control and confidence she’s gained when it comes to her powers, she’s finally ready to make the princess an ice gown of her own.

Elsa’s steady gaze at her sister’s body shifted. “Ah!” The perfect design finally came to her. With a smirk, her hand started to glow blue. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when I wear this. I thought it was time I made you your very own,” the older woman said as she rather seductively walked closer, closing distance between her and her half clothed sister. Anna’s jaw hung and eyes drifted lower as Elsa got closer to her.

With the flick of her wrist, the dress began to form, starting from the princess’ ankles. Anna was always amazed by her true love’s power and the beauty of it, and this was definitely no exception. 

“Elsa, I-” Anna was at a loss for words for how her older sister created a dress that was so perfectly her. Elsa simply smiled and kissed her cheek, “You’re welcome, Anna.”

The princess looks down at her new attire. “Its gorgeous, enchanting! But, I have to ask…what will stop this from melting?” She hesitates before feeling the skirt. “Will I need my own personal flurry like Olaf? I mean if so, I totally wouldn’t mind because this is so gorgeous and surprisingly not freezing? Like, wow, how did you do that?”

Elsa couldn’t help but giggle. Her ramblings were one of her favorite and most endearing things about Anna. She’d never tire of them.

“Magic, my love,” the queen answered, weaving her fingers through the younger woman’s hair and leaning in for a kiss. Naturally, Anna kissed her back, deepening the kiss, but soon nearly whined when the kiss was broken too soon for her liking.

Elsa smirked again, fully aware of the affect she has on her sister. “As much has I’d like to see this dress on my floor, I really do love it on you,” Elsa said as she eyed her sister up and down, “but thats for tonight. Besides, I have a lot planned for us today.” she intertwined their fingers and beckoned them to the door, “Come on!”

Before following along, Anna glanced back at her nightstand. Within it was a box with her very own surprise for the older woman. Inside it was a diamond ring that she noticed her sister had been not-so-secretly eyeing in the jewelry store window during their walks around town.

While the queen had been at one of her many meetings, Anna had made her way to the store and purchased it and had Kristoff bring her to Grand Pabbie. The younger woman didn’t know everything about the extent of her sister’s power, so she had the troll enchant it to ensure that Elsa’s powers wouldn’t somehow harm it. 

Exactly what she’d say and how she’d do it, the princess didn’t know. All she knew was that it was happening this weekend while the pair visited the North Mountain.

I thought it’d be fun to do this! This is part one of two Outfit Swap drawings. My next one will be with Elena of Avalor and Anna switching. But it was quite fun to draw Elsa and her lovely ice dress again! I think Moana actually looks good in blue!


Moana: Elsaaaaa… This dress is FREEZING!!!

Elsa: Well, it is a dress made of ice.

Moana: How are you not cold in this?

Elsa: … Because I’m resistant to cold?..

Moana: *groans* Get this thing off of me…….

Hope y'all like this!!!


I’m going to start posting the ‘inspiration boards’ for my redesigned art nouveau princesses. This way you can see where my ideas came from, and also get constructions ideas for those who want to cosplay any of the dresses.

First up: Elsa

(I actually made a mood board from scratch because I originally intended to cosplay as her! But then I remembered I was poor haha)