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A few more shots of my new Elsa Ice Queen cosplay—-showing the side, front and back. The cape is approx 90″ long x 100″ wide, and made of an icy looking crystal organza embedded with her fractal designs and hundreds of various sized AB (aurora borealis) gemstones in the center of each snowflake. The bodice has iridescent sequins, just like Elsa’s in the movie—I was THRILLED to find them—along with hundreds of 17mm baguette AB gems and 2mm crystal gems cascading at the waist/hipline. I lined the skirt in royal purple this time, since I saw the LE Elsa 11″ Designer Doll had purple lining (as well as official artwork if you look closely), and hand dyed the sleeves. After I dyed them, affixed thousands of 1.5mm pale blue gemstones all over the sleeves and also 2mm AB gems in her snowflake/fractal patterns. I used a gorgeous AB 3mm stretch gemstone trim along the top of the bodice. The skirt is made of an Elsa-inspired fabric that has silver threads running vertically all through it. It’s a horrible pain to work with—it frays like no tomorrow! But it really looks like her skirt/ice, so it had to be used. Hope you like my updated cosplay!! I’m really pleased with it and now I think it’s finally satisfactorily finished and won’t be ‘redone’ again! What do you think?

there’s a convention in my country next week and i just found out i wont be able to finish the cosplay i wanted.. so i had to improvise something from my unfinished cosplays…. so i tried on my deadpool suit but i dont have swords… and just when i needed it….. let it go came on my playlist! so i got my elsa dress and tha dhaaaaa




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Fase 1 of my latest project is complete…

So, due to mu job, i have connections to sourcing agents in India. It’s always been my dream to design costumes, for either adults or children! Based on the massive popularity of Frozen, I decided to seize the opportunity and have begun the design of an “inspired by Elsa” quite authentic child costume!

I’m just in sampling right now- pattern making, fabric and materials sourcing, grading, etc, but am planning on having a 300 piece order and selling them through Etsy (and possibly eBay) for hopefully under $100!

The goal is for it to be a more kid friendly (and size variable) version of my larger elsa cosplay that i’ve been working on for myself- four pieces (leotard, skirt, bodice, and cape), but with elastic waist bands and smocking so it can fit a wider variety of kids without me needing to split it up into too many sizes! I’m also removing the train of the skirt and most of the capes train so they can run around easier. This will be made with no poly- i really dislike poly and feel it would be so much more organic and elegant without relying on plastic materials- this will raise the price a bit though.

There’s still changes to be made to the pattern and fit, but what do you guys think? How much would you be willing to spend on it for your daughter/sister etc.? Also, if you know a little girl who wants to be Elsa for halloween, how old is she?

Elsa FC’s parade winter dress is SO clever oh my gods

look at how many clothes layers she wears and it’s almost INVISIBLE

also her gloves please can we talk about her gloves

this is so high level ingeniosity there those are leather gloves (those keep your hands warm af) but like SUPER SKINNY so it really looks like her actual hands when you’re 3 meters down in the crowd


also can we talk about how ingenious this collar is ?

yes, you can clearly see she’s weary tons of layers (poor actress tho, it must be super freezing up there - especially in Paris in winter)


(also hahahah

better cover that #idontwannafallinacrowdofbloodthirstydisnerds cable in blue huh ?)

so yep basically this costume is AWESOME bye