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Heres a photo tutorial of Elsa’s train.

1. Heres the material used! regular glitter(white), extra fine glitter (white and blue), acetone(to thin the fabritac), Fabri-tac, pins to pin the fabric to the wax paper, and the bowl of mixed glue. All good projects have some sort of drink to keep you going!

2. Here is the tulle on the wax paper design of Elsa’s train. I just pinned everything in place to get started.

3. I went ahead and painted the fabric with the glue over the snowflake design. Be careful to make sure you have a fresh brush! I used a brush that was used for painting before and the acetone pulled the color out. The glue will also destroy the brush you use as a warning.

4. Sprinkle the glitter mixture on the painted area of the tulle. Lightly push the glitter around to cover all painted areas.

5. Carefully peel up the fabric from the wax paper and the excess glitter should all fall off with a few shakes.

6. You may have missed a few spots(like me). Just set the fabric back down, reapply glue and glitter, and repeat as needed!

7. Heres my repeat!

8. Heres the train with some new additions. All the flakes will end up being the lighter white/blue color. I sadly ran out of glue and the craft stores are all closed. I’ll have to pick up where I left off tomorrow!

I hope this helped anyone who was curious as to the process! Please feel free to shoot me asks or anything of the sort of you need help or are running into some issues with your project!


Elsa’s Classroom Visit

Yesterday I visited all the 2nd grade classrooms at the school where my aunt is a second grade teacher! It was absolutely MAGICAL!!!

I went to 3 different classrooms (1 ½ classes in the first two and two classes in the last room) and did the same basic thing for all of them!

Let me preface the story with the fact that, particularly at this school every single kid sings Let it Go and knows Frozen and Elsa and everything to a T!!! Some of the teachers sing it with them at the end of the day for fun and at one point this group of first graders was walking by (they didn’t see me because i was up high and they were all walking in a line) spontaneously all singing “Let it go”- Basically Frozen is a big deal! Anyway…

My other aunt was with me as my helper so she went into the classroom and had the teacher set up the “Let it Go” video on youtube. The kids were majorly into it and singing along and everything- then when Elsa transforms into her ice dress, my aunt opened the door of the classroom and I came in! It was the cutest thing ever!!! The girls were all squealing and gasping and it was soooooo sweet!!! I talked to them a little bit and then read them The Snow Queen and Frozen (both of which were pretty short!) After the books, i answered some questions from the kids and then individually took photos with them, promising to print them out and autograph them to be returned to them the next day! Every single kid was so sweet and kind!

One of the cutest moments was when I was walking from one of the classrooms to another and it was recess time right outside the door!! One of the kids saw me and was like “who is that…?” and all of a sudden the kids started running towards me!!! There’s a photo above where you can see the group of kids get progressively bigger!!! The teacher was trying to hold them back, but i felt really bad that i wasn’t able to go to all the classes and do photos etc. so i wanted to do something quick and fun with them! They were all shouting questions at me so i began singing “Let it go” (bear in mind- i am not a singer…) they all joined in and it was soooooo cute!!! (i’ll post the 5 second video we got of it in a minute!)

For my aunt’s class, we decided to get a group photo so all the kids wanted to help me hold the cape! It was too precious!!!

It was an absolutely amazing experience and I would do it again in a second!!! I wish that i could have done more classes!!!

My next real appearance as Elsa will be Philly Comic Con on the 20th i think… I may also visit one of my coworkers cousins on her birthday party for a bit this weekend but we’ll see how that goes…

(BTW- my costume was not entirely finished here. I still need to glitter the undershirt, do the shoes, finish the bodice, and finish the hem of the train)


While creating my Elsa cosplay/costume I came across tons of guides, tutorials and links that would help me along the way and decided to compile them into one big list. I will be updating it frequently so if you have anything to suggest or if there are any broken links, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. I hope someone out there finds this helpful. ^.^

I spent a lot of time putting this thing together, so please do not steal it! Thanks!


Full body: 1 2 3 4 5

Hair and/or Makeup: 1 2 3 4

Bodice/Corset/Upper part of dress: 1 2 3

Cape: 1 2 3

Shoes: 1 2 (concept art) 3

Gifs: 1 2 3

Disney Theme Park Mascot: 1 2 3 4


Elsa Wig Guide and Accessories by jellyfish soup - Pretty self explanatory. An AWESOME guide for Elsa’s wig as well as her accessories.

Wig Hairline Tutorial by Malindachan - Great for those who don’t want to spend lots of money on a lace front wig.

Elsa’s Braid Hair Tutorial by Morgan Stradling - For those that don’t want to buy a wig, styling your hair is also an option. This is a great tutorial for making your hair look like Elsa’s.

Recommended items to buy:

Suzi by Arda Wigs ($70 USD + shipping, Unstyled Wig) - Could serve as the perfect Elsa wig if you have the patience to style it. It is a lace front which already has the widow’s peak.

Frozen Elsa Wig by AlcblueyesCreations ($125 + $20 USD shipping, Styled Wig) - A prestyled Elsa wig which is already good to go. It is also a lace front.

Clear Snowflake Diamond Gems from Joann.com ($3.99 USD + shipping) - Only available online, these small gems may be the perfect base for your Elsa snowflake hair accessories if you prefer the white/clear look of her hair snowflakes, just attach one to a small pin or clip and you’re good to go.


Frozen Elsa Tutorial by ArisaChow - A great tutorial on how to achieve Elsa’s look.

Disney’s Frozen Elsa Makeup Tutorial by dope2111 - An awesome video tutorial on Elsa’s makeup.

Recommended items to buy:

Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation ($12 USD + shipping) - A great foundation choice, if you don’t already have Elsa’s pale skin you may want to pick a shade or two lighter, though be sure not to pick something too light that will conflict with your natural skin color.

Sephora False Eye Lashes ($10 USD + shipping) - False eyelashes are a must have for a character like Elsa, and Sephora eyelashes are exceptionally good, plus you can pick which style of eyelash you want and even get 3 free samples of random cosmetics/perfumes when you check out. Not a bad deal at all!

Super Pinky Blue Contacts on Honeycolor ($25.90 USD + shipping) - The color is beautiful and shows up well even on dark eyes, and make your eyes appear big like Elsa’s. And, if you need a prescription to wear contact lenses, you can buy them with you prescription too! Be sure to check with your eye doctor first to make sure your eyes are suitable for contact lenses, though.


Elsa’s Bodice Tutorial by katinka0921 - A good guide for making those annoying square sequins that Elsa has and attaching them to your corset. (P.S. if you don’t want to spend all that time cutting circle sequins into squares/rectangles, I’ve listed some sequins that are already rectangles at the end of this section that you can buy.)

The Making of Elsa Part Two by Angela Clayton/doxiequeen1 - An awesome guide of how another costumer made Elsa’s ice dress, this particular section covers the bodice. I will be listing the full guide at the end of this post since it is extremely helpful.

Recommended items to buy:

Cornflower Blue and Aqua Green Iridescent Rectangle Sequins (approx. 100 per pack) from Athena Beads (£1.25 each + shipping) - Now these may be almost perfect for Elsa’s bodice, however it is a UK based site so the currency is not American, of course this only concerns you if you live in the US like I do, but I believe if you use Paypal it will convert the pounds into USD for you ^.^ 

Cornflower Blue Rectangle Sequins on eBay ($2.09 USD + $8.70 USD shipping) - I’m pretty sure these sequins are the same as Athena Beads because they look the same and have the same name and description, however if you want the convenience of buying off of eBay, then go for it.

Sequins Turquoise Blue 9mm x 3mm ($2.12 + $2.82 USD shipping) - These are also on eBay but are a little bit smaller than the above sequins. However they could work.

Sequins Turquoise Blue Rectangle 18mm x 6mm also on eBay ($2.78 USD + $2.82 shipping) - Another sequin choice, they are a little dark imo but you may prefer that for your cosplay.

Jalie 2915 Sewing Pattern from Jalie.com ($12.99 USD + shipping) - Would have to be modified but could serve as a good base for your Elsa bodice. If you use the adult pattern (Pattern B I believe) and remove the straps and turn the bottom into a V shaped waistline it would work. If you don’t want to spend that much on a pattern, try looking online or in your local sewing/fabric stores.


Long list of scoop neck top patterns from AlleyCatScratch.com - Some are free but others you must buy. Pick one that most suits Elsa to you and then modify it to your needs. If you are sewing your shirt and cape, make both out of the same material since they both appear to be the same color.

Recommended items to buy:

Elsa-like top on eBay ($8.99 USD) - This top is very much like Elsa’s and could definitely work for her. I would recommended buying the ivory and dying it light blue, or the taupe and then bleaching and dying it, because another cosplayer who got the aqua stated that it was too green to work for Elsa. Then you would simply have to paint the designs on it with glitter or silver fabric paint.


The Making of Elsa Part One by Angela Clayton / doxiequeen1 - Remember the awesome guide I posted for the bodice? This is part one of it, which covers the skirt.

Recommended items to buy:

Elsa skirt fabric on Taobao (19.00 Chinese Yuan, approximately $3.05 USD per yard + Taobao services/shipping) - This is the fabric that I plan to get for my Elsa dress skirt, only problem is, you’d need to get a Taobao shipping service such as Taobaoring if you don’t live in China to buy it, meaning that shipping would be a hefty price, and take a while. This fabric is also selling out fast which means that you may want to check if other Taobao sellers carry it.


The Making of Elsa Part Three and Four by Angela Clayton/doxiequeen1 - This guide again! Both parts 3 and 4 cover Elsa’s cape.

Elsa Cape Pattern by katinka0921 - An awesome template for making Elsa’s cape, read the comments under the picture for more help on making it!

Recommended items to buy:

Lots and LOTS of glitter

Power Mesh fabric in white ($4.51 + $1.99 USD shipping) - A great fabric to use for not only Elsa’s cape, but her undershirt/sleeves as well.


Making Elsa from Frozen’s Shoes by Valravn Designs - An awesome tutorial on how to make Elsa’s shoes from a standard pair of heels.

Recommended items to buy:

Funtasma Clear Pumps on Amazon ($28.20 USD + shipping) - These shoes would work awesome for Elsa if you want the transparent shoe look, just cut the plastic top and back into an ice shard pattern. The only problem is the butterfly on the front of the shoe but it shouldn’t be too noticeable once you’ve cut up your shoe. Like the reviews say, order a size up since they run small.


Cosplay.com “Frozen Elsa help” thread - A great thread with many pages of resources and help for Elsa. If you have a Coscom account, feel free to post your own tips in there as well. :)

Make Elsa for Under $50 USD by rabidxtoaster - A lot of people may be intimidated by Elsa because her dress looks pricey to make, but it doesn’t always have to be. This helpful guide will give advice on how to make Elsa’s dress and cape for around $50.

The Making of Elsa by Angela Clayton / doxiequeen1 - I posted this before but it is really helpful. There are 5 parts in total, be sure to read them all!

Queen Elsa of Arendelle Ice Dress Construction Notes by Yuurisans Cosplay - Covers everything from wig to dress to makeup to contacts.

izzie-a-cosplays - A wonderful blog here on Tumblr with plenty of help for not just Elsa but also many other Disney characters! Just type “Elsa” into the search bar on the right.

Cosplay Tutorial List - Not much to do with Elsa, however it is extremely helpful for all cosplayers alike and covers many different topics.

Well, I hope you found my little list helpful. If you have anything you wish to add simply inbox me and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for looking!~


Miss Lane cosplayed as toddler Anna from Frozen at Disney today. Her dress and dolls were made by Mommy.  (I don’t know the original source of the second image)