My Elsa Cosplay!

Special thanks to my friend Sam for taking/editing these photos over the weekend! (I edited some of them as well except that I had no idea what I was doing can you tell the difference)

The photoshoot didn’t last long because we had to take into consideration that I am not actually Elsa and the cold is a bit of an issue, especially in the booneys of Québec

There might be more photos to come


#IAmElsa obviously! #FrozenCosplay #fahrlight


In the Royal Gardens

Yes! I can finally show some more photos of our 1840s Frozen coronation gowns. This time photos of me as Elsa and Laccali as Anna! <3 The day was great! We had fantastic weather and it was so much fun! Next batch will involve some pictures with Hans as well.

I can’t wait for MCM London next weekend! We’re taking these costumes there!

Photos - Caté Photosis

I had so much fun cosplaying Elsa yesterday, so many little girls were happy to see me <3 I’m glad I was able to make them happy. But what I wanted to share with you was an encounter I had with another black cosplayer. She asked me for a picture then told me she wanted to cosplay Elsa too but she wasn’t sure if she could pull it off because of her skin tone. Then she said that after seeing me she knows that she can do it. I was actually able to inspire fellow black cosplayer and that means the world to me. Anyone can cosplay and look amazing, it doesn’t matter what you look like. 


What is the idea!?::::
I want to visit sick children/children in need dressed as a dinsey princess, and who is the most beloved of them all right now?! Elsa from Frozen. I think the children will enjoy her the most and she is a good role model too, plus I feel like she is closest to my face shape and body type, so I can portrait her as realistic as possible.

How much money is needed!?:::
I will need a wig, the dress and a pair of shoes. I already found a good website that seems to be safe and highly recommended by disney fans, to buy the dress. I can’t make the dress myself because I am working to finish the cosplays that I promised to you guys for months now, so my attention goes to that / I will just BUY the Elsa dress. I will make the shoes myself, if I can, OR buy them too if I find a pair that looks like Elsas shoes.
The Wig needs to be styled and bought, I found the perfect one to buy and style. That or I will buy an already styled Elsa wig, but so far they look too cheap. Children notice if you don’t look like the real deal.
Here are the things I need to buy-
01 Dress 250$+shipping http://little-angel-secret.com/index.php…
02 Wig 70$+shipping http://arda-wigs.com/products/suzi (in blond!)
03 Shoes around 50$, but I will try and make them for less if I can!

How safe is it to donate!?
I will use the money ONLY for the Elsa cosplay, not for another cosplay. If I have more money I needed, I will use it to make the costume better, or buy little things for it like a plush Olaf or a storybook to read to the children, or a sing along CD, but the money goes to the cosplay. Not to ANY of my other cosplays I am working on.
How will you be sure about that?! I will post all bills and shopping-receipts for all items. As well as all the items I bought for the costume. I will post every order for an item for the costume in a folder called ELSA COSTUME, here on facebook, and update it weekly.
As soon as the costume and wig arrives I will make test-photos with it and get in contact with hospitals and institutions for sick children.
I will keep the donations transparent and fair and update daily on the money donated so far, and I will post screen shots.

What happens when the cosplay is finished, ordered and delivered to me::????
I will visits children and post photos of my trips and interaction with the children. I will do that at least once a month, with a hospital or social institution or library, kindergardens, church, and so on. if it goes well I will do it more often.

What happens if there are not enough donations::?!
If not, the money stays on my paypal till there are enough, not one penny will be used for something else!

go to paypal.com and send your donation, as a friend, to
galadraeluk@yahoo.co.uk !

Every dollar is welcome, and I want to make clear, I am NOT forcing anyone to donate to this idea, nor am I misusing the money I will get from you. But if you feel you want to help and make this possible, I am more than happy and grateful for it! 

Thanky you for your time,
FahrLightLOKI aka Fahr Sindram


Being Elsa in Times Square is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences in my entire life. Seeing the kids light up when they saw me as Elsa, it’s SUCH an amazing feeling! To them I WAS the character, all those dreamy stares and hugs made dealing the kinda creepy guys (one old man wanted me to make out with him) totally worth it. If you want feel like a celebrity, go to Times Square dressed as a  Disney Princess/Queen, it’ll work, trust me.

And yeah, some people thought Elise dressed up as the Mad Hatter was Anna, hahaha


My face is in a book now! 

This is the book, it’s focused on ice princess related children’s crafts but i’m in it too! There is a little Q&A about me and my Elsa costume along with a few photos of the process and finished piece. 

I don’t gain anything from copies sold, so I won’t be actively encouraging anyone to buy it…but I will probably mention this a lot because I find it exciting.