elsa baby


My baby girl, Elsa, came into my life from San Jose Animal Care Services and has since made everyday brighter with her beautiful smile and big, expressive eyes. ❤️💋


Well you and I’ve known each other a very long time.

And I understand you even without words.

I know all you ever wanted was a family.

So, you just remember no matter how far away I am, I will always be your family.

Now, here.

Here, my darling, is a kiss from me to you.
If you get lonely, you hold it to your cheek and I’ll be there, okay?


Anna’s first word

Apparently to have a free afternoon for finish a comic I started in December I have to sleep too much and lose an email from work… good to know.
“Elsa trying to teach Anna to say her name? Omfg it so sappy I could puke a rainbow, but how can I make it even sappier?” I thought when I had this idea. It may be one of the cutest thing I ever done in my life, and with the screenshots from Frozen Fever the last page is even better…
It was so much time I didn’t do a full comic, with pages and all… I should do it often.