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If you missed Saturday’s Live Stream of the #F8 World Premiere Red Carpet, then you can re watch and catch interviews with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez - plus Charlize Theron, Jason Stathom, Ludacris, and the whole crew.


Furious 7 was just brilliant. Anyone who has been a fan of the series will not be disappointed. The action is honestly unbelievable, and the new film truly elevated everything. The true message of each of these films has always been about family and that does not change in the new installment. I can not express how bittersweet this one is. Seeing Paul Walker play Brian O’Connor one last time will gut you, and the last scene is breathtaking. “I live my life a quarter mile at a time, and you do too. That’s why we’re brothers. No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter mile away or halfway across the world, you’ll always be with me, and you’ll always be my brother.” - Dominic Toretto

Ever After - Ch. 16/16 - Complete

Part Two of the Woods ‘Verse - Complete

Klaine, 2600 words this chapter (A03); it begins here (51k words).

After much soul-searching, Blaine and Kurt have reunited, and are ready to enjoy themselves together in New York while performing on Broadway in Into the Woods.  But they and their characters discover that getting your wish doesn’t guarantee happiness; although they are certain they want to be together, circumstances take a toll – the stress of performing every night, Kurt’s grief over the loss of his father, and Blaine’s struggle to give enough but not too much of himself away. This is the beginning of their “ever after.”

Canon compliant through end of season 5 (and the breakup as described in 6x01).  Tw: major character death in The Journeying (Burt); some discussion of past depression.


It’s early Thanksgiving morning, and the train is filled with people heading to celebrations outside the city’s boroughs.  There are more little children than Kurt usually sees, many of them looking uncomfortably overdressed.  Kurt vows to never put his child in something he wouldn’t wear himself – at least, material-wise.  Those lace collars simply cannot be what a four year old actually wants to have scratching her chin all day long.

Blaine is stretched out next to him, his head on Kurt’s shoulder.  He’s ostensibly reading something on his phone, but his arm has dropped down to his lap, and Kurt doesn’t think he’s swiped the page in the last ten minutes.

Mona is seated across from them, and there’s no question that she’s fast asleep.  Her head is propped up against the window, and Kurt wonders how she isn’t shaken awake by the jolting of the train.  Apparently exhaustion has won out over comfort once again, however.  Their two shows the day before had a manic feel to them, the crowds heavier than usual due to the approaching holiday, and cast and crew on edge with anticipation of their day off.  Kurt’s glad to have the time to think about something other than Sondheim.

He’s not as upset about Thanksgiving without his dad as he thought he would be, now that the day has finally arrived.  He wonders if maybe all the worrying in advance had actually done some good.  It probably also helps that he snuck in an extra visit to his new therapist last week, knowing that this week would be crazy schedule-wise as well as emotionally.

Blaine shifts against him and sits up, rubbing his eyes.  “Did I fall asleep?”  He’s adorable as he blinks up at Kurt, and Kurt can’t resist pressing a quick kiss to his cheek.

“Just for a few minutes.”

Blaine stretches and grins when he sees Mona slumped against the window.  “Guess I wasn’t the only one.”

 “Yesterday was a bear,” Kurt says, and Blaine nods in agreement.

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a Frozen AU – Kurt Hummel has just been crowned the King of Arendelle, but there’s a problem: he has two secrets to keep from the world and an entire coronation and ball to get through without revealing one or the other.

directly inspired by andrea’s amazing art of Kurt as Elsa

Kurt glances at the grandfather clock along one wall when he’s sure he can get away with it, then sighs when it shows that he still has three hours left to keep on smiling and accepting congratulations and pretending that he’s not hiding something terrible. Well, two somethings, really, but one is much easier to hide than the other.

He stands tall, falls back on assessing the wardrobe of those gathered before him in an attempt to remain focused on one thing. If his mind wanders, if he focuses too much on what will happen if his mind wanders, it’ll be a complete disaster. So, he puts himself on autopilot.

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Trailer: ’Furious 7' - Apr 3

Directed by James Wan, starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Lucas Black, Michelle Rodriguez, Kurt Russel, Elsa Pataky, Jordana Brewster, Djimon Hounsou and Tyrese Gibson.

Fic: Brotherly Love

Valentines fic prompt number three! This one’s for truffles, who never actually prompted me but approved of this idea I ran by her instead.

Cooper comes to visit the loft, but his arrival isn’t quite as joyous as he’d hoped. Brotherly Kurt/Cooper, Anderbros, and Klaine. Finn mentions and Frozen mentions, for anyone who’s not okay with those. Many cuddles.

~1200 words, PG for content, PG-13 for cursing.

Cooper bounded up the stairs to Kurt and Blaine’s loft (well, Kurt and Blaine’s and like seven of their friends’, and isn’t that against the fire code?) quickly but carefully, coming to a quiet halt outside their door. He hadn’t told them he was coming to visit for a weekend, so he obviously didn’t want to spoil the surprise now.

And three, two, go, he counted down internally before sliding the loft door open and screaming “Honies, I’m hoooome!”

The scene he came across when he walked in wasn’t exactly what he’d been picturing on the long-ass flight from LA, if he was being honest.

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