I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones (before you say anything, that’s just for now! I just need time to read and watch it), but I do appreciate a good cover and a great video to go with it.

So Ryan and his housemate made a cover of The Last of the Giants in preparation for the fourth season of Game of Thrones. I only have good opinions on this - the vocals and song itself are so damn good and the video fits in amazingly ;) You should all just give it a watch (and subscribe to Ryan!)


here is my Summer in the City 2014 video!

it was filmed and edited by the wonderful elryano and features a lot of you guys!!

this year’s sitc has been my favourite sitc so far. it was so wonderful to meet you all and hug you all and i’m just so happy that so many of you came to say hello. i’m so sorry that i ran out of haribos to give you so quickly i wasn’t expecting so many of you to want to see me!

i’m so insanely grateful for everything you guys do for me. it makes me so happy that you enjoy watching my content and that you actually wanted to meet me… at one point i was stood in the main hall and i had a line of people waiting to meet me and that was just the most surreal experience and i’m so so grateful.

i’m so happy that i got to hang out with some friends that i haven’t seen in ages and some friends that i haven’t ever seen before. i met so many incredible people this year and did so many incredible things and i’m just so so happy that i got this opportunity.

i cannot wait for next year.

anyway TL;DR…. thank you all so much.


Like last year, I’ve made a Letter to July (sneaking in just before the end of the month!)