And Elrond Half-Elven looked into the eyes of his daughter Arwen and said, ‘NO WAY, you CANNOT marry that human. Humans are gross.’

And to that Arwen replied, ‘But father, did not your brother Elros choose to live as a human and founded Númenor, the great nation of men from which Aragorn is descended?’

Elrond then said, ‘Shut up.’

—  J.R.R. Tolkien, somewhere in The Lord of the Rings, probably. 

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1.Iluvatar  2.Two Trees

3. Ulmo&Osse  4.the Fall of Fingolfin

5.Sun, Moon and Men  6.Ecthelion&Glorfindel

7.Maedhros&Maglor  8.Elrond&Elros

9. There and Back Again  10.The Fellowship of the Ring

“For Maglor took pity upon Elros and Elrond, and he cherished them, and love grew after between them, as little might be thought; but Maglor’s heart was sick and weary with the burden of the dreadful oath.”(The Silmarillion, “Of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”)

Watercolour and gouache on Canson Montval cold-pressed paper, A3 size.

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Elrond and Elros were the twin sons of Eärendil. The Valar gave each brother a choice whether to be counted among the kindred of Elves or of Men. Elrond chose to belong to the Firstborn, and remained in Lindon with Gil-galad, where he became known as a healer and loremaster, but Elros chose to become a mortal Man, and became Tar-Minyatur, a lord of the Edain and the first King of Númenor.