The Six Types of Middle-Earth Names

1. Characters whose Names are Secretly Insults: 

Samwise: means “Half-wise” or “Half-wit.” He is Stupid Gamgee

Faramir: Boromir’s name means “steadfast jewel”, but Faramir’s name just means “sufficient jewel.”


Denethor took one look at baby Faramir and thought “eh I guess he exists or whatever” which is very in character

 2. Characters who Have Way Too Many Names

Examples include Aragorn son of Arathorn son of Arador heir of Isildur Elendil’s son, descendant of Numenor,  Thorongill,  Eagle of the Star,  Dúnadan, Strider,  Wingfoot, Longshanks, Elessar, Edhelharn, Elfstone, Estel (”Hope,”) The Chieftain of the Dúnedain, King of the West, High King of Gondor and Arnor, and Envinyatar the Renewer of the House of Telcontar

Wait I’m sorry did I say “examples” plural

Cuz that was all one guy

3. Characters whose parents must’ve been prophets

-Frodo means “wise by experience.” His story is about becoming wise by experience
-A lady named Elwing turns into a bird (geddit)

4. Characters whose families were so lazy that they copy-pasted the same first half of a name onto multiple people

Éomer/ Éomund/Éowyn/Éorl
Elladan/Elrohir/Elrond/Elros/Elwing/Elenwë/Elendil/Eldarion (the laziest family) 

5.Characters whose Names are Expertly Designed so that Newbies can’t Remember Who is Who and Feel Sad

All the people mentioned in number 4
Celeborn, Celegorm, Celebrimbor, Celebrian
All the rhyming dwarf names in the Hobbit
Sauron and Saruman
Arwen and Éowyn

6. Name so nice, you say it twice

Legoas Greenleaf: Legolas’s first name means “Greenleaf” in elvish. Legolas is Greenleaf Greenleaf (thranduil really likes green leaves ok)

King Théoden’s name means King in Rohirric. Tolkien decided to name his king “King.” All hail King King

 this is what the fanbase means when we say tolkien was a creative genius with language

A Short Biography of Elrond
  • Elrond: Hi! I'm Elrond, and I live with my mommy and daddy and twin brother Elros. I love my family!
  • Eärendil: *sails away*
  • Maedhros and Maglor: Hello
  • Elwing: *jumps off cliff*
  • Elwing: *turns into a bird*
  • Everyone: WTF
  • Elrond and Elros: Mommy...
  • Maglor: Oh no, oh no, don't cry, smol baby elves, we'll be your new dads now!
  • Maedhros: Wait, what?
  • Elrond and Elros: Yay!
  • Elrond: And you'll never leave us, will you, new dads?
  • Maedhros and Maglor: ...
  • Maedhros and Maglor: *run off to steal the silmarils*
  • Maedhros: *jumps off a cliff*
  • Elrond: Wait, not again-
  • Maglor: *takes a long walk on the beach and is never seen again*
  • Elrond: Well, I guess it's just you and me, Elros-
  • Elros: Actually, I'm gonna become a human and die.
  • Elrond: Oh... ok, that's cool. That's cool. I'm just gonna become bffs with the new king Gil-Galad
  • Gil-Galad: *dies*
  • Elrond: Well, at least I have a beautiful new wife Celebrian
  • Celebrian: *get's attacked by orcs*
  • Celebrian: I must go into the West to seek healing.
  • Elrond: Of course, darling, don't worry about me, at least I still have our three beautiful children-
  • Arwen: Actually I'm gonna become a human and die.
  • Elladan and Elrohir: And um... we're not coming West with you.
  • Elrond: You know what? I'm done. Nobody fucking appreciates me in Middle-Earth. Sayonara bitches, Elrond out.

The twin sons of Earendil. 

Elros choose the Gift of Men and passed  beyond the confines of Arda after ruling Numenor for 410 years. The island kingdom was eventually sunk after Ar-Pharazôn ‘s rebellion but the loyal descendants of Elros escaped to Middle-Earth in nine ships. There they founded the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor. 

Elrond chose to stay within the confines of Arda as and elf and became lord of Rivendell and one of the ring bearers. He departed Middle-Earth at the end of the Third Age and joined the rest of his immortal family in Aman. 

anonymous asked:

YAY! Could you pls draw Elros in 'Saltwater tears?'

Headcanon time!: I usually draw Elros as always being very confident and strong minded, and he is! But when drawing this I couldn’t help but think about how young he was by the time he became king (technically a teen!) and that he had to build a whole new nation from scratch and leave his only remaining family behind (his own twin). I bet he must have had some very hard times in the beginning of it all. He must have felt very alone at times too.

Elros meets Fëanor during his brief stay in the Halls of Mandos.

It is, in Fëanor’s opinion, an inevitable meeting, as victims of the Kinslayings had found him before, to complain to him, to yell at him, to shout at him, and to do much, much more to him. They hate him for his Oath, hate him for the evils his sons have committed in its name—and they aren’t afraid to let Fëanor know (not that they should be).  

He doesn’t expect any less from Elros.

He knows what his sons have done to him; has heard of the Sacking of Sirion and the suicide of their Lady from victims themselves. He counts Elros as their representative, and braces himself for the verbal onslaught that is sure to come when the man finds him.

Yet, when Elros approaches him, he doesn’t shout in anger or hate. He does shout though, loudly. But it’s not at all what the elf expected to hear.

“You look like Maglor! So you must be Fëanor!”

Fëanor jolts when he’s pulled into an embrace. It’s the first bit of positive physical contact he’s felt since he arrived in the Halls.

Not even his sons visit him.

When he pulls away, Elros chatters freely for the next few minutes (though to Fëanor, it seems like an eternity).

Speaks only good things about Maedhros and Maglor, speaks only good things of his childhood

He calls the brothers, Fëanor notices, his fathers without a second thought. Tells him of their quirks (quirks Fëanor is so familiar with and misses too much), and their habits, and hobbies.

Tells him of Maglor’s voice that could put Morgoth to sleep, tells him of Maedhros’ swordsmanship that puts Eonwe to shame. He tells them about Maglor teaching he and his brother how to cook and speak, how to sing. And how Maedhros taught them how to read and write like lords and kings.

But most importantly, he tells Fëanor of the great love grew in between them all.

Fëanor crying before he knows it. tears stream down is face as Elros tells him of his life, tells him how good his childhood was because of the Feanorians.

“I know you haven’t heard this for years, but from one father to another,” Elros says, “You raised two wonderful sons. I should know, because they raised Elrond and I as if we were their only purpose for living.” 

Fëanor can’t stop himself when he begins to bawl. This is the greatest news he’s heard. He’d believed that he’d ruined his sons completely, that he’d stolen their happiness when they took the Oath.

But here’s Elros—his grandson—telling him how great his life was, telling him how amazing his fathers were.

When Fëanor pulls his hands away from Elros to wipe the tears from his eyes, the mortal continues.

Yet when he looks again, Elros is gone. Though the joy and relief he brought with him still lingers in the air, and Fëanor feels happier than he has in years.

-Also Elros suddenly leaves cus he’s gotta go kick maedhros’s butt and tell him to talk to his dad. Tbh I’ll probably write their encounter next.
-and it’s almost 1 a.m in the morning so excuse my bad writing.

Silmarillion thoughts:

NO BUT IMAGINE MAGLOR TEACHING ELROND AND ELROS “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands” AND MAEDHROS IS JUST LIKE, “Screw you, Maglor,” IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Elrond and Elros grow , they use humor to cope with their abandonment. It was a tip they learned from Maedhros.
As children, their mother leaving them had been a sore spot and every seagull they spotted flying in the air was another harsh reminder of their sad reality—that she didn’t want them.

As young elflings, the pain had been agonizing, they felt unwanted and unloved, and any trigger of their mother usually sent them into a silent fit where they closed themselves off from the world. Not even Maglor could get to them.

As they aged, however, they decided to stop being upset. Their mother’s neglect of them was a fact that would never go away. Their very presence in the house of the Feanorians was quite evident of that, it was a reminder. Everything was a reminder. So what was the point of being in a constant state of sadness?

Eventually the twins turn to humor to cope ( the idea, courtesy of Maedhros, who occasionally made jokes about his missing hand and gruesome scars in order to entertain them as children).  

They sugarcoat nothing, joking about their tragic lives whenever they get the chance. 

“You’re still here Maedhros?” Elros asks after a rather horrific skirmish with orcs, “The fighting was incredibly bloody and dangerous, and as the trusted leader of these men Elrond and I expected you to run and jump at the nearest cliff you managed to see.” The men (Nor Maedhros) didn’t  know whether or not it was appropriate to laugh at such awful satire, though found themselves chucking when the twins burst into a fit giggles of at the same time.

 Once they joke in the market, when Maglor is drawn to a particularly gleaming gem.

“It almost looks like a Silmaril, doesn’t it Elros?” Elrond gestures towards the stone, garnering his father’s attention at the name, “Quickly now, let’s avert father’s attention before he takes it and leaves us here in the market to fend for ourselves.”

Maglor chastises them that evening for their inappropriate humor, to which they reply, “Maedhros jokes about his missing hand all the time! Why is it a crime for us to joke about things that make us sad?”

“You’re not Maedhros”, Maglor corrects, then adds, “and it hasn’t helped him much!”

“But it has! He still hurts, yes, but he makes the best of it!”

“And laughing helps him! He isn’t sad when he looks at his hand anymore, he’s happy.”

 And Maglor can’t really argue with that. Not when the arrival of the twins has seen his own brother use his torment as a source of jokes (he remembers Maedhros’s “Elros, can you give me a hand? Because clearly, I’m missing one).

So Maglor permits it, keeping his mouth closed no matter his actual feelings towards it.

They have a tendency to sit and wait for the brothers as they hunt, often laying down and looking at the sky.

“Evening fathers,” Elrond addresses, “You had been gone for an hours more than usual. Elros and I here were looking at the sky wondering just what kind of bird you’d turn into, we saw three seagulls and since they tend to be typically good at abandoning their children, we figured that was you. But it we are pleased to see that it is not!”

 Eventually, Maglor finds himself joining the twins as well, though his jokes are never as specific as the theirs, nor personal as Maedhros. Though regardless it helps the twins cope, and essentially that’s all Maglor wants.

 It never eradicates their pain, their feelings of being unloved or unwanted, just like it never erases what happened to Maedhros. It makes it bearable though, and really that’s all they need.

tbh i had more hcs planned but i’ve been so busy that i just slapped this together, enjoy :D